Oct 18

Sims 3 Let’s Legacy #64 – The Wonky Water Taxi

Oct 13

Sims 2 Retro Legacy #40 – The Skilling of Gorgonzola

Oct 11

The Sims 3 Let’s Legacy #63 – This Freaking Episode, Man

Haven’t laughed this hard playing a Sims game in a long time! So much went hilariously wrong!


Oct 07

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #28 – Club Upgrades

Sep 30

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #27 – Legacy of the Vortices

Sep 29

Sims 2 Retro Legacy #38 – LTWs and Private School

Sep 23

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #26 – Aerith Looks for Love

Sep 22

Sims 2 Retro Legacy #37 – Isabella? Is That You?

Sep 21

Let’s Play List – 9/20/2016

Yay! I’m finally getting around to posting another Let’s Play List! It’s been a while!

Unfamiliar with what these lists are? Every week or so, I post a list of links to the latest episodes/chapters of let’s plays and written stories that revolve around one of Pinstar’s or my challenges (Legacy, Apocalypse, Wonder Child, Immigrant, Block Party) for the Sims 2, 3, or 4. I hope it’s a good way to help you all discover new creators out there that you would like to follow!

As always if I’ve missed anyone, please let me know!

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Sep 20

The Sims 3 Let’s Legacy Episode 60 – Sprucing Things Up

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