The Fantasy Legacy #50 – Rambling While Playing

Woo! Episode 50! I think this might actually be the furthest I’ve ever taken a Sims 4 Legacy Let’s Play, so this is a pretty awesome milestone for me. In this episode I tend to ramble a lot again, but I actually do manage to actually play the game this time. There is a birthday to celebrate and personality values to work on for H’aanit!

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The Fantasy Legacy #49 – Casual Gameplay & Discussing My Anxiety

I have another new Legacy episode up on my Youtube channel for you all today. This one is a bit of a departure from my usual let’s plays as I am focusing less on the gameplay and talking more about IRL and my struggles with anxiety. I wanted to be open about it and let you all know what has been going on!

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Mystic’s Sims Let’s Plays Return to Youtube

Hello everyone! I completely forgot to post about this last week with all of the Sim of the Month Challenge prep that I was doing. However, I just wanted to let you know that I have returned to Youtube with my Sims content and will hopefully be uploading a couple of times per week there. I have restarted my Sims 4 Legacy Challenge there and have also started up a Sims 1 Let’s Play series. I also plan on starting a Sim of the Month Challenge series there as well!

You can check out the most recent Legacy Challenge episode below.

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December’s Sim of the Month Challenge is Now Posted!

How is it December already? Didn’t 2018 just start? Holy plumbob! Well, with the start of a new month, Pinstar and I have an all new Sim of the Month Challenge for you to participate in! For this one, we had you all vote throughout November as to whether you wanted to see a holiday themed or Get Famous themed challenge for December. The majority of you voted for a holiday themed challenge, so we are giving you just that.

We give you December’s Sim of the Month Challenge – How the Simch Stole Winterfest!

Good luck, happy simming, and Happy Winterfest!

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Sales and Deals on The Sims 4

If you play any of our challenges, chances are there are some expansion/game/stuff packs that you’ll want to have in your library. Since today is Black Friday there are a lot of awesome deals on the Sims 4 right now and I thought I would share which stores that I found were offering deals on the games.

I hope this helps you find the Sims games that you are looking for! Please note that the Amazon link is an affiliate link which means that we get a small commission from purchases made there. If you’d rather not use that, then you can use any of the other links.


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Changes to the Extreme Start for Get Famous (plus a new, tougher optional extreme start!)

Yesterday I worked on updating the Extreme Start for the Legacy Challenge so that players can use Del Sol Valley’s newest 64 x 64 lot when starting out. With the help of other Simmers I was able to come up with a new set of rules for this new start.

First off, this lot costs A LOT more than previous 64 x 64 lots so it requires a slightly different set of rules than the original Extreme Start. The changes are as follows for the normal extreme start:

  • To use the new “Chateau Peak” 64 x 64 lot in Del Sol Valley use the cheat “FreeRealEstate On” to purchase the lot for free and bulldoze the house already on it. Once your Sim is moved in, buy the Knight of the Octagon Table and then use the money cheat to bring your Sim’s money to 0. Start in Winter as per usual. If you don’t want to do an extreme start on this lot, just buy the Knight as per usual and use the money cheat to bring funds down to §1800. Either way, be prepared for some VERY brutal weekly bills.

However, after much discussion, it was decided that some Simmers wanted even MORE of a challenge than the usual Extreme Start, so we have come up with the new Ultra Extreme Start! The rules for that are as follows:

  • Start the game in Winter
  • Use freerealestate on cheat to get the Chateau Peak lot for “free” (make sure to choose “Bulldoze lot when choosing Chateau Peak to move into)
  • Move Sim onto the now empty Chateau Peak Lot
  • Purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table and then use the money cheat to bring the Sim’s funds to 0
  • The lot must have the “Celebrity Home” Trait
  • In order to pay back the §35,000 “loan” for the lot, you must buy four additional Knights of the Octagon Table and one Viva La Landscape Painting before your founder dies (you may notice this will leave you $5 short on the loan, that’s because your Sim had $5 in their pocket when they bought the lot)
  • You can have your Sims get married while you are repaying the loan
  • Other objects may be purchased while your Sim is repaying the loan, just make sure all five objects are purchased before the founder’s death
  • The five items bought to repay the loan must be kept in the family inventory and not placed on the lot. This restriction is lived once all five objects are purchased and the loan is considered repaid.
  • Money can be spent however the player wishes as long as they make sure to save up for the loan repayment objects

Because of how difficult this start will be, it will be worth TWO additional points rather than one.

All rules for these new and updated Extreme Starts can be found on the main Legacy Challenge rules page!

Special thanks to KotabuckStormyDayzTigerLover78, and SimsMomChelle for the help!

If you have any questions about this update, be sure to either comment below or Tweet us your question!

I will be working on more updates to the Legacy Challenge rules and how to score it for the new pack over the next couple of weeks. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, it’s unlikely that I will be updating more until next week. But for now, you have the option to start a new Legacy on the Chateau Peak lot. Good luck!

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The Positivity Challenge and Our Challenges

We’ve been getting a few questions about the current in-game challenge in The Sims 4 called “The Positivity Challenge” and if it was allowed while playing our challenges. I wanted to give you all a general rundown of where this challenge will be allowed and where it won’t be. So here we go!

The Positivity Challenge is an official challenge for The Sims 4 and is running from November 13th to December 4th. For more information on how to participate you can get information in-game or by checking out the official Sims website.

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Get Famous Aspirations Added to the Random Trait Generators

Hello everyone! Over the course of the next week or two Pinstar and I will be updating some of our challenges for the new expansion pack, Get Famous. Currently we are still working on playtesting many aspects of the new expansion, so we don’t have any solid gameplay rule changes/updates yet. However, I did update the Random Trait Generators to include the two newest aspirations added in this pack, “Master Actor/Actress” and “World-Famous Celebrity”. So it is now possible to randomly get those aspirations when using the generators.

As always, if you do not own this pack, you can re-roll to get a different aspiration.

UPDATE: I just realized there was a new trait added as well (I need more caffeine today… I completely missed it at first) so that too has been added to the Random Trait Generators!

I will be keeping you all posted for any and all updates that we make to our challenges over the next several days, so stay tuned!


FTC: The Get Famous link is an Amazon affiliate link which gives us a small commission if it is used. If you'd rather not use that link to buy the expansion, you can purchase Get Famous on Origin.
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Help Us Decide December’s Sim of the Month Challenge!

Hello everyone! Pinstar and I have been trying to figure out what to do for December’s Sim of the Month Challenge. We have two ways we can go, and we’d like to get community feedback to help us decide!

Since Get Famous is releasing in a few days we could do a challenge that is related to the new pack (not sure what yet, but it would definitely involve the new fame system that is being added).

Alternatively we could do a holiday themed challenge (again unsure of the details, but it would be festive!).

Let us know which you prefer by voting on the poll below! We’d love to hear what you think! This poll with run until midnight EST on November 25th! (one vote per person, please!)

Do you want to see a holiday themed or Get Famous themed Sim of the Month Challenge for December?

FTC: The Get Famous link is an Amazon affiliate link which means we get a small commission for purchases made there. If you'd rather not use it, you can purchase Get Famous from Origin!
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The Return of The Sim of the Month Challenge!

We have some exciting news for you all today!

If you have been following our challenges since The Sims 3 you may remember a series of monthly challenges based around different Sims. Well we decided to bring this challenge back for The Sims 4!

Starting this month you can attempt these challenges (with a new one posted monthly) and see what your score is. These are shorter challenges and perfect for people that aren’t able to keep up with The Legacy Challenge. All rules can be found on the Sim of The Month Challenge main page. Be sure to read all of the general rules there and then head to the page for the November 2018 Sim, Bryce Shy for rules specific to this month’s Sim. Be sure to link us to your videos/stories/streams of the challenge if you create them! We will be linking to these at the end of the month! You can also tweet us updates!

You do not have to play the Sim just this month. If you start late or want to try again at a later date the Sim will always be available on the gallery to play regardless of what month you play them on.

Good luck and have fun!

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