Solid Color Build Challenge – Purple

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. During last week’s house build tour I asked about build challenges that you all recommend and several of you suggested the Solid Color Build Challenge. I decided to give that one a try and I had my community on Discord and Twitter vote on what color I should use. The winner was purple! So here is a tour of my very, VERY purple house. I’ll have a link to the gallery at the bottom of the post along with the necessary packs for it. Continue reading →

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Spring-Themed House Tour

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted a Sims 4 house build. I was actually inspired to start building again after watching Gitsie do some builds on her Twitch stream the other day. On top of that, I was also feeling the urge to see some flowers as I am getting awfully sick of winter and looking forward to spring, so I thought a spring-themed house build would be fun! This house is loaded with lots of flowers and spring colors. Click “continue reading” to see the full tour and get a link to the gallery page!

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Mystic’s Sims 2 Legacy Stream – Feb 8, 2018

Hi everyone! I am going to be trying to stream my Sims 2 Legacy more often on my Twitch channel and I thought I’d post the VOD links here for anyone interested in checking them out! I streamed this earlier today. It’s a bit shorter as I have been dealing with some personal stuff (anxiety/depression) and I was just trying to get myself back into the swing of things. The majority of this stream discusses plans for the future, but there is quite a bit of (very derpy) gameplay as well. I’ll be linking these on the stream from now on!

You can find the most recent Twitch VOD at

If you’d like to watch me play this family live, be sure to follow my Twitter and join my Discord server to find out when I’ll be live!

You can also check out some of the previous vods on my Twitch VOD collection. Sadly I don’t have all of the previous vods as they get deleted over time, but I’ll be more mindful to save them in the future!

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The Random Trait Generators should now be fixed!

Hi everyone!

Just posting a quick update to let you know that the random trait generators (all of them) should now be working and functioning as normal! I am so sorry for the downtime of both the website and the generators. It’s been very stressful over here trying to figure out what was wrong with them. Thank you for your patience!

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Update on Website Errors & Random Trait Generator

Hi everyone! I wanted to apologize for the website being down earlier. I’m not really sure what happened. It seems to be working fine now, however the Random Trait Generator is still not working. I have contacted the generator’s developer and I will keep you posted to let you know when it gets fixed! Sorry about this!

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Random Trait Generators Updated for the Cats & Dogs Expansion!

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that the both of the Random Trait Generators (the all traits at once and the one trait at a time generators) have been updated to include the Aspiration and two new traits included in the Cats & Dogs expansion. As always, if you do not own this expansion simply re-roll (click the Roll Another Child button) to get traits that you do have the expansion for.

Also, in regards to changes to the Legacy Challenge rules for this new expansion… there likely will not be any major gameplay changes. We will not be updating the rules to include a pet Legacy as pets count as part of your 8 Sim limit which will make it very difficult to run your regular Sim Legacy. Legacy families are allowed to have pets, but just keep in mind that they count towards your Sim limit which might be a problem if you have a lot of Sims in a particular generation.

There MIGHT be a standalone pet related challenge coming in the future, but no changes will be made to any of our current challenges to add pets sub-rules.

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Legacy Rules for the Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Will Be Delayed

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that updated Legacy Challenge Rules for the Sims 4 Cats & Dogs will likely be delayed for a bit. We are unable to purchase the game at the moment which means we won’t be able to do any sort of playtesting to see what we needed updated/add/change for the rules. We are hoping to be able to buy the game in a week or so, but until then, the rules will not be updated. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

I also have a challenge in mind for the new expansion, but again, it will need to wait until I can actually obtain the expansion to playtest everything. Hopefully soon! I just wanted to be up front and transparent about why there is a delay with the rules.

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Weekly Links List – November 7, 2017

Here is this week’s Weekly Links List for November 7, 2017! As always, if I’ve forgotten anyone (and you’ve updated in the last 7 days) feel free to comment below so that I can add you next week!

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