A Brief Update – Sims 4 City Living & The Legacy Challenge

Hey everyone!

I know I have been pretty quiet in regards to site updates lately, but real life has yet again gotten in the way.

I just wanted to give you guys a brief update on where we stand with Sims 4: City Living. We are in the process of updating the Random Trait Generator right now, though I am not sure how long it will take to get the new traits/aspiration in. We will NOT be making a 2nd random trait generator for the house traits. You can choose those as you wish for your Legacy families.

I have actually been taking a break from The Sims 4 for the last few weeks after suffering some burnout from it, but after watching some people play through all the amazing new content, I need to play it. I was actually worried that I wouldn’t like this new expansion, and it’s part of the reason why I haven’t bought it yet, but watching several Let’s Plays later, and I’m in love. I’d like to start getting back into it. However, we are going to Disney World next week for a week and I won’t have much time to play test anything for the Legacy Challenge until I get back.

I am unsure how much we will continue to update the rules for this expansion pack and future expansion packs. An issue that we have is that after a few expansion packs, the challenge becomes a bit of an overgrown monstrosity that one can’t easily keep up with. It happened with the Sims 2, but not really with the Sims 3 because we didn’t really update it past the base game due to real life.

What we might do instead is rather than update the base game rules anymore, we will start adding handicaps (so basically optional points you can earn for the challenge IF YOU WISH) based on each expansion pack. This will make it so that the challenge doesn’t become too unwieldy and frightening to new people wanting to try it, but can be upgraded with handicaps and option rules if someone wishes to do so.

Anyway, I just wanted keep you all posted! I hope you are enjoying City Living and all that comes with it!

Happy Simming!



My two cents 🙂
The Legacy Challenge is complete enough as it stands. Updating the Random Trait Generator would be helpful but I propose no rules updates are needed for the challenge. There could be a simple disclaimer stating players can incorporate any future game features at their discretion.


This is what I’ve been considering as well. To be honest, the Legacy Challenge is more Pinstar’s thing and he’s not really involved in the Sims anymore, so I’m not sure how far I want to take it. I’ve been working on my own, separate challenges that I feel more comfortable updating. I’m just afraid I’m going to ruin the Legacy Challenge if I start messing with it on my own.

Speaking of aspirations, the City Native aspiration requires you to live in an apartment of a certain worth at the highest tier. I assume only apartments, not houses, would satisfy that. I understand you’re not wanting to tinker with the rules much, but since where legacy sims make their ancestral house is a big part of the challenge, will you be making any ruling on how to deal with City Native? Thanks!


Hmm good question. I don’t want someone to be forced into moving their heir to San Myshuno if they don’t want them there. Most likely we’ll just remove this particular aspiration from the random trait generator. That way people don’t feel forced into having to move if they don’t want to.

I kind of agree with Crissylp89 below: it would be nice if there were some optional way to include it. Although you could avoid rolling it for an heir, what if a spouse comes in with it? Sorry to add to the burden – these are just things I wonder about. 🙂

Is it possible to leave the City Native aspiration in as optional somehow? I’m loving legacy challenges and City Living and I would love to be able to combine the two with the option of getting that aspiration. I think I am going to either set my sim up in an apartment with 1800 simoleons or bulldoze a penthouse and proceed as usual. Thanks for keeping this going 🙂

I think that sounds like a good compromise. Keep the premise simple and easy to understand and pick up for anyone new, but then add option detail that experienced players can use. Great idea! Thanks for all that you do, legacies keep me playing Sims 4!

I don’t have the game because I can’t find it! I’m on an IPhone 6S. Does it come on and iPhone? I really wanna play it from the videos I’ve seen from @MeganPlays and I really feel the need of wanting the game DESPRETLY so can someone give me a feedback and tell me? Thanks if you can ! -Anna😬✌🏽

Anna, Sims 4 is a PC/Mac game, only for computers. There is an app called Sims Freeplay but it’s not the same at all. Sorry.