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Legacy Challenge Rules Clarification: Who Earns Points

All of the Sims here can earn the family points as long as they remain within the Legacy Family house.

All of the Sims here can earn the family points as long as they remain within the Legacy Family house.

There has been a little confusion and a little ambiguity regarding spares, non-primary spouses, cadet branches, and the children of spares in terms of who can earn points for the family. I hope this post will clarify a few things. If this post contradicts any past rulings I’ve given on the subject, this update takes precedence. With Alien pregnancies, adoptions, and the plethora of different succession law choices, having an open rule like this makes it a lot easier to figure out scoring without fundamentally changing the challenge.

Anyone who is living in the Legacy House is eligible to earn you points, period. Be them heirs, spares, primary or non-primary spouses, spouses of spares, children of spares (aka cadet branches)…if they are in the active house, they can earn the family points. Keep in mind that certain distinctions are very important for other parts of the challenge. Who your eligible and ineligible heirs are (based on your succession law) is important for future generations, who your “Primary Spouses” are is important for the Love category of points.

What is important is that they MUST be in the Legacy family lot in order to earn you points. Keep in mind that any mod that allows you to exceed the 8-sims per household limit would be considered cheating, as it would give you an advantage over a player who was limited to 8 sims max.

You may move out Sims (besides the heir) at any time. When you do this, they cease to be allowed to earn you points. Any points they HAVE earned thus far can be kept, and you may do things like spend all their aspiration points for youth potions for points…but once they are out of the house, they cease to earn points. Parts of the family who have thus been moved out but who still live in the neighborhood are known as “Cadet Branches”.

Don’t forget that once a Sim has moved out of the Legacy household, they may never be moved back in.

There is no need to restart your current Legacies with this change. Just grandfather in the new rules as you see fit. If you want to keep the rules more strict, feel free to stick with the old way.

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The Mother’s Day Micro-Challenge

05-10-15_2-41 PM

Today is Mother’s day, and in honor for our dear hard working mothers who took the time, effort and strain to give birth to us, I present to you a special Mother’s Day challenge where your goal is to make a momma-to-be (Or alien pregnant papa-to-be) as happy as humanly possible.

This is a “Micro-Challenge” in that it requires very little setup, and only lasts for ~3 sim days. You don’t even have to start a new game or new family to play it, and can do it even while you are playing another challenge (such as the Wonder Child Challenge, Immigrant Challenge or Legacy Challenge)  So how happy can YOU make a mother-to-be?

You can find the rules right here.

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How to Engineer a Death by Laughter Easily

For those of you trying to get this ghost color for your Legacy families, I’ve got a handy dandy Legacy Challenge legal way to engineer it. Take a look at the video below.


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The Sims 4 Get to Work Immigrant Challenge

Just off the boat in a strange new country.

Just off the boat in a strange new country.

It’s challenge time fellow Simmers! With the release of The Sims 4: Get to Work, I knew a retail-focused challenge had to be made. Having been testing and polishing the challenge since the release of the expansion pack, I here by present to you: The Immigrant Challenge.

Written in a similar style as the Wonder Child Challenge, this time limited challenge tests you to build up a retail business while operating under loosening restrictions (though not as harsh as the Apocalypse Challenge). You are also free to use a pre-established young adult sim as your immigrant (Including a #WonderChild if you previously completed that challenge)

Check out the video below for a demonstration on how to get started.

And click this link for a list of the full rules and how the scoring works.

The Immigrant Challenge

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Get to Work Challenge Rules Mega-Update

Welcome back portraits. You have been missed.

Welcome back portraits. You have been missed.

I am updating ALL of my challenges with the new gameplay additions introduced with The Sims 4 Get to Work. If you are playing these challenges and have NOT bought Get to Work, simply continue under the older rules.

The Legacy Challenge

(Want to see some of these new changes in action? Check out my wife’s stream of her new Legacy family today at 2pm EST on her Twitch channel!)

  • Added a new Succession Law Category, “Species”, with the following options “Xenoarchy (Heirs must alternate between human and alien) , Xenophobic (Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder)  Brood (Heirs must be carried in a pregnancy by the previous heir, regardless of the heir’s gender), and Tolerant (The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status). Legacy families in progress may pick one of these to begin following them. (Even if past generations didn’t follow the rule)
  • The founder is allowed to be an alien at start and alien spouses are allowed under normal spouse rules. If a Male Heir is abducted and has an alien baby, that baby may be eligible to be heir (depending on your succession laws).
  • Funds from owned businesses count toward family net worth for the purposes of the fortune score.
  • If your family owns a business the 10th point of fortune (Needing 5.7 million) can been replaced with “Buy every business perk for a Legacy Family Owned Business”. This can be skipped if you do not have your family own a business.
  • Memorializing a Sim via painting is no longer done with a realism painting, but rather a “Paint from reference” portrait. Even though “Paint from reference” unlocks at skill level 3, you need to have it done by a 8+ skill painter for it to count.
  • You may memorialize a Sim with a photograph taken by a Sim with a 5 photography skill.
  • You are allowed to follow Sims to their jobs if taking the new Doctor, Detective, or Scientist careers. Since these careers do not branch, having a sim reach the top level will satisfy the ‘both branches’ requirement in the Nature category.
  • Baking the highest level baking dish can be done in lieu of gourmet cooking to satisfy the ‘Highest Quality version of Baked Alaska’ point.
  • A single Sim must now max Baking in addition to Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Mixiology to earn that point.
  • Reduced the required death types from 11 to 10. The 11th “Death by rocket ship crash” is now the same as death by fire.

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The Sims 4 Get To Work: Retail Then and Now

Sales Socials have changed, these three are just the the introductory ones, many more become available once the customer is curious.

Sales Socials have changed, these three are just the the introductory ones, many more become available once the customer is curious.

(Below are my first impressions of The Sims 4: Get to Work. If you’d like to see the game in action, my wife, ImaginingMystic and I will be livestreaming an early access version of the game from EA on her channel tonight at 8pm EST.)

When The Sims 4: Get To Work (aka GTW) was announced my number one point of excitement was the reintroduction to a *proper* business aspect. The Sims 2: Open for Business (aka OFB) is a stand-out in my mind as the greatest expansion pack of the entire Sims franchise because of the the gameplay it introduced. Comparing the old retail system of OFB with the new one introduced in Get To Work will be the topic of this article.

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A Springboard For Another Challenge?

Sims 4 Apocalypse ChallengeIt is no secret that when I made the Wonder Child challenge, I had the Apocalypse Challenge in mind already. In the original Apocalypse Challenge, you began with a new Young Adult sim in College who was able to spend their time there restriction-free and thus be built up before having to brave the harshness of life in an Apocalypse Challenge.

The Sims 4 didn’t have that sort of mechanic yet. Oh sure, you could just download a sim off the exchange but you would want a sim that was built from the ground up to have as many skill points and traits as possible to maximize the benefit you received from them starting your Apocalypse Challenge.

So now, thanks to the Wonder Child Challenge, we have a healthy crop of brilliant young adults out there, waiting to brave the end of the world.

What if… What if we used them for something else? I’m toying with the notion that the Wonder Child challenge could lead into a business-based challenge where the wonder child is the entrepreneur. Thus they could potentially use some of their starting skills and traits to gain an edge in the business world.

Now I don’t know ALL the details of Get to Work (Sadly I was not invited to Creator’s Camp for this pack, and thus don’t have any early hands-on experience with the game). I can tell you that it will be more than just “Reach a max level business.”

What do you think about having your Wonder Child start a business? Do you think it would add to, or take away from a Business based challenge? Let me know your thoughts!

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Getting Ready to Get To Work



Fan Email AssetIf you haven’t seen the trailers yet, or have been otherwise living under a rock, Get to work is slated to hit next month and with it will come some big things for the site. I will be updating all of my existing challenges to account for changes introduced by the new expansion pack. A brand NEW challenge will be introduced related to the business aspect of Get to Work.


Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. There will be a little bit more of a delay between the release of the Get to Work and the release of my new challenge as I was not brought in to attend the Creator’s Camp event for this pack, so I haven’t had a hands-on experience with the game yet. But updates will be posted as I progress in crafting and developing the new challenge.

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1.01 Rules update for the Apocalypse Challenge

02-05-15_11-14 AM

After some feedback from the community and some additional playtesting on my part, I have some updates to the rules. The changes are as follows:


  • All TVs are now restricted under the eSport gamer restrictions. If you have been using a TV up until this point, you don’t need to restart just stick it in your family inventory.
  • Rocket Ships are exempt from the “Must be under a roof” rule in the Space Ranger restriction. They must still be within your house’s 8X8 area if Villain hasn’t been lifted, but see the screen shot above to see how you can pull that off without lifting Villain first.
  • Items in the family inventory (regardless of size) are now restricted, tied to the bodybuilder restriction. You may place items INTO family inventory, but may not take anything out of it until bodybuilder is lifted. For those of you with active challenges, you may pull out any items from inventory on a one-time basis before this rule takes effect so you can ‘rescue’ important items that you thought were previously accessible.
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