Weekly Links List – June 26, 2017

It occurred to me this morning that our Links & Affiliates pages were greatly out of date (like… 2 or 3 YEARS out of date). Rather than go through and update it, I thought it would be nice to bring back my weekly links posts where I link to other sites, Youtube channels, and Twitch channels that play our challenges. This was something that I always enjoyed doing as I love finding new people to watch/read their stories.

There is a good chance that I am going to miss someone as it’s difficult to track down everyone that does our challenges, so please let me know in the comments below if I’ve missed you or someone else and I will add you next week!

NOTE: These links are ONLY for website/channels that are actively playing our challenges. I can’t link all Simmers as the list would be a hundred miles long. Continue reading →

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Chapter 1.1 – Meet Marle Retreaux (Sims 2 Legacy Story)

Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I sat down to write a Sims story. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do again for quite some time and now that I am no longer Twitch streaming (thanks ISP data cap!) I actually have the time to do so again. I got my start in Sims lit with writing a Sims 2 Legacy story about the Legato family way back in 2005. I never finished the Legacy (actually… ironically enough I have NEVER finished a Legacy), but I really do want to at some point. One thing that I thought would be fun would be to start with a Sims 2 Legacy and work my way up to Sims 4. Yeah, it’s going to take time, but since I’m not recording it or streaming it, I actually think it may not take as long as either of those two options would have.

So without further ado… let me introduce you to our founder, Marle Retreaux (pronounced “Retro”)!

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Eat Like a Sim Series is Returning!

Hi everyone! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all today! My recipe series inspired by the Sims, Eat Like a Sim will be returning! I started this series a few years ago and used Sims recipes to inspire real life recipes that you can make at home. Well that series will be coming back soon! I have moved all of the previous recipes back to this website (they were previously on my now defunct recipe website) and will be adding new ones soon!

Here is a list of all previous recipes made for Eat Like a Sim:

Got a particular Sims recipe that you want to see me make a recipe for in real life? Let me know in the comments below!

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Introducing the Alien Adoption Challenge!

Hello everyone! Pinstar has an all-new Parenthood-centric challenge for you guys to play! The Alien Adoption Challenge! Want to really put your Sim’s parenting skills to the test? This challenge is for you!

You will be starting with an Alien Toddler and will be unable to DIRECTLY control that Alien Sim until they reach Young Adulthood. The only way you can teach them things and meet their needs is by using their parent.

This challenge will require a couple of different packs (not just Parenthood) to work properly. You will need Parenthood, Get to Work, and City Living.

Want to see how to get started with the challenge? Check out Pinstar’s introduction video!

In other news, both the Legacy Challenge and the Wonder Child Challenge have had some minor updates with the release of Parenthood. Changes for the Legacy Rules can be found under the Gameplay and Scoring section! As always, these rule updates are optional and you will not need the pack to continue playing the challenges as you normally would.

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Mystic’s Sims 4 House Builds – Rory’s Build Challenge for June 2017

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve built a house in The Sims 4 so I decided to ease myself back into it by tackling the latest #RoryBuilds Challenge! I loved the layout of this cozy little beach house so I thought it would be a great challenge for me to do. I am always on the lookout for more build challenges to try (it seems I can’t play any aspect of the Sims without doing a challenge of some sort… I’m an addict!) so if you have any recommendations be sure to let me know in the comments below! Now, onto the house tour!

As you can see from the picture above, I tried to add a tropical feel to the exterior of the house by adding palm trees and plants that look like they’d be right at home on a Caribbean island somewhere. Continue reading →

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The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack Coming June 20, 2017!

Hi everyone! We have more good news coming out of EA/Maxis today! The Sims 4 Fitness Stuff Pack will be released on June 20, 2017!

We’ll be getting lots of new build/buy objects in this pack with a more modern & nature inspired style. There is also new gym equipment to try out as well as ear buds so that your Sims can listen to music while working out without bothering their fellow gym go-ers! Continue reading →

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The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack Announced!


Hi everyone! Long time, no see! I apologize for Pinstar‘s and my absence from the site as of late, we’ve been busy with other projects and haven’t really been playing The Sims lately. However! We just got an interesting bit of news that might be dragging us back to the game!

A new game pack has just been announced for The Sims 4 called The Parenthood Pack and we think it might add quite a few fun things for you Legacy Challenge AND Wonder Child Challenge fans out there.

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Introducing Mystic’s Sims 4 House Builds & House Tours

Hi everyone! Lately I’ve been getting back into house building in The Sims 4. I have kind of burned out on actual family gameplay in the game, but have been really enjoying building houses. I’ve become inspired by house plans that I have come across online and also houses that I have driven by in real life. So I thought it might be fun to bring a new semi-regular series to the Sims Legacy Challenge website where I build houses and then posts photos here to give you guys a tour of what I’ve built. I had thought about doing Youtube videos for this, but I am just not that great at editing house build videos. They end up looking a bit choppy.

All house that I will be featuring in this series are completely Legacy & Wonder Child Legal as they do not contain any career rewards or custom content.

The first house that I have built is fairly simple and it was inspired by a ranch/cabin style floor plan that I found online. I really like how it came out! This house will be available for download on the gallery. Information on where to find it will be at the end of this post.

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Sims 2 Retro Legacy #49 – The family that doesn’t annoy me… oh wait.

My Sims 2 family has, for the most part, been relatively unstressful compared to my Sims 3 family (not entirely their fault, but the fault of the game itself as it’s a buggy mess) or my Sims 4 Leet Family (So. Many. Toddlers.), but I guess they were feeling a little left out as the game and my Sims did a couple of wonky things in this episode. I can’t win.

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Site Issue Updates

So I think I may have figured out part of the issue that we’ve been experiencing with the website lately. If you have been noticing that the site occasionally changes it’s layout suddenly it’s because the theme that I am using is, for whatever reason, trying to use the mobile layout on desktops. Which looks… weird. I am going to fix that by changing to a new site theme/layout over the next few days. Expect the site to look wonky for a bit while I change everything up and prettify it.

The second issue is with the Toddler Trait Generator and sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s an issue on our end (which means we can’t fix it). It would seem that there is a caching issue with the generator where the site will just continually show the first trait that appears. That is why when people are commenting that it doesn’t work, it suddenly works (technology is so strange). So there are a couple of ways to fix this. You can either comment to kickstart it into showing a new trait, you can refresh a few times, or you can clear your browser’s cache (you can simply Google that to find out how to do that for your specific web browser). Sadly, this is the only fix that I have for this particular issue. Maybe my changing to a website theme that has been more recently updated will help, but I doubt it.

I will let you guys know once the site updates have been done!

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