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Jan 09

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #37 – Elsa’s a *beep*!

Welp. It finally happened. I swore during a Sims 4 Let’s Play. I edited it out of course, but still. Elsa is a *beep*.  

Jan 02

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #36 – Happy Birthday Cid?

Is it FINALLY Cid’s birthday? Yes? Maybe? I hope so. I don’t know how much longer he can possibly be a teenager.

Dec 19

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #35 – Cid is STILL a Teen

Is it me or has Cid been a teenager for approximately 8 million years now? Gosh.  

Dec 14

Two New Legacy Episodes Now on Youtube!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that there are two new Legacy episodes up on my Youtube channel today!   The first is the Sims 4 Leet Legacy Episode #35:   And the 2nd is the Sims 2 Retro Legacy #46: Hope you enjoy! Sorry that my upload schedule has been a bit …

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Dec 05

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #33 – The Creepy Get Together

Cid may have found a future potential spouse! Yay! Except she brought us to the creepiest possible hang out spot in the game. Uh. Hm… Suddenly I’m not so sure about this D:  

Nov 28

The Leet Legacy #32 – Romance Festival Let Down

Ahhh the Romance Festival… you’d think it would be a prime place for Cid to find his future spouse right? Wrong 🙁  

Nov 21

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #31 – Decorating for the Holidays

We’re getting close to Christmastime so I figured now was as good a time as any to get the Leet house decorated! If more Christmas decor is added to the game before Christmas I will add it in 🙂

Nov 03

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #29 – Deciding on House Traits

After a brief hiatus, the Leet Legacy is back in action! Also, stay tuned for a brand new challenge announcement here on the website later today!

Oct 07

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #28 – Club Upgrades

Sep 30

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #27 – Legacy of the Vortices

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