Fit My Needs Challenge November 2016 – Leah Gourmande



Welcome to the Fit My Needs Challenge for November 2016! This one will be fairly simple as it will serve as an introduction to the challenge so you can see what it is all about.

The Sim


Name: Leah Gourmande

Traits: Foodie, Outgoing, Perfectionist

Aspiration: Master Chef


Leah is an outgoing foodie that expects nothing but the best meal that money has to offer. If she is going to eat a meal it needs to be perfect. Most restaurants haven’t been able to reach her high expectations which means that she has to cook for herself, and she is a very, VERY skilled cook. Leah wants the very best kitchen that money can buy with all of today’s high end appliances. She also would love to live in an apartment filled with natural light in the spice district so that she can see the marketplaces from her window.


She loves the color red and would love to see it used as often as possible in her apartment, but is ok with other warm toned colors (oranges, yellows, browns etc) as well to fit her warm hospitality. Leah is extremely sociable and loves to host dinner parties and get togethers with her friends and family. When you visit Leah, you KNOW that you are welcome as everything is made for entertaining, pleasing, and cooking for guests. With this in mind, she requests that the kitchen and dining areas have plenty of space to entertain guests.

Challenge Specific Rules


  • Download Leah from The Gallery (search #fitmyneeds1 to find her)
  • start with §100,000 (you may move her into a cheap lot at first to use the money cheat (sims.modify_funds #) to bring her up to the right amount, and then move her into the apartment of your choice. If you end up with more or less than $100,000 after moving her to the new apartment, simply do the money cheat again to bring her to the right amount)
  • Leah can live in any house in any world of your choosing (apartments cannot be uploaded to the gallery so unfortunately we can’t choose an apartment like originally planned). EDIT –  If you still want Leah to live in the Spice District in an apartment, you can upload each room individually instead of the whole apartment. Just make sure you use the proper hashtag on all of them!
  • Whichever house you choose for Leah must be purchased unfurnished. You could also build a house from scratch if you wish.
  • rooms should be painted in warm tones (reds, oranges, yellows, browns etc)
  • dining table that seats 8 Sims
  • plenty of comfy living furniture (with a comfort 6 or higher) in the living and dining rooms that can seat 8 Sims (this only applies to the living room and dining room. All other rooms in the house can use whatever furniture you like)
  • House traits can be set how you see fit, but Chef’s Kitchen is required to be one of them
  • Chef Career Rewards are allowed to be used in this challenge

EDIT – It has come to my attention that you can’t upload apartments to the gallery. So unfortunately this challenge will not work as it was currently written. I have decided to change it to say that you can put her in a house in any world of your choosing, just keep the §100,000 maximum starting funds.

EDIT #2 – Alternatively if you want to keep Leah in the apartment you can upload individual rooms to the gallery instead. Just make sure they all use the proper hashtag so I can find them!


Want to see how I designed Leah’s apartment? Check out my video below:

As an aside. If you would like to continue playing Leah after you have designed her house, she already has max cooking, gourmet cooking, and baking. She also at the top of the Chef career. So feel free to entertain hungry Sims to your heart’s desire. You can also work on completing her aspiration if you wish!


Sondra Makkonen

I read that you can upload apartments but you would need to remove the doors and upload them as a room. I have not tried this yet as I myself am not really good at designing. However I would love to have more people try it so that I could use their apartments. Just a suggestion/what i read.

How fun, found this while browsing for interesting challenges to give my gaming an edge. Did a build and shared now even if its a November challenge for the pure fun! Thank you for the inspiration.

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