The Fit My Needs Challenge



Oftentimes people like to design their houses and apartments to fit their specific needs, wants, and personality. I thought it would be fun to make a challenge that revolves around this idea in the Sims 4. Introducing the Fit My Needs Challenge! This challenge is inspired partly by the Sim of the Month Challenge in the Sims 3 and partly by interior decorating challenges that you find on the Sims 4 Forums.


So what IS the Fit My Needs Challenge you ask? The premise is simple. Every month or so a Sim or family of Sims will be created with a specific set of traits and aspirations as well as a backstory and a list of preferences and wants. You will then be tasked with designing a house or apartment (depending on the specific rules for the Sim/family) that will fit the Sims based on their traits, aspirations, backstory, needs, and wants. You can also choose the house’s/apartment’s traits with what you think will fit the Sims best.

Some challenges will be more difficult than others. Challenges with a single Sim will be easier to complete whereas a challenge with a family of Sims might take a little longer as you will need to design a room for each Sim to call their own within the house or apartment (this can be a bedroom, office space, kitchen, anything you want, be creative!)

Creativity will be key in this challenge. You can then interpret their individual needs and decide how they best translate into a house or apartment design. You can build the house from scratch or use an empty house or apartment. The choice is yours (unless specifically designated by the Sim’s challenge rules)

Once you have completed the perfect house/apartment for the Sim make sure to post it to the gallery with the hashtag #fitmyneeds followed by the Sims’s name (a specific hashtag will be specified for each challenge)

A new challenge will be posted every couple of weeks. Once the previous challenge ends, I will be posting all of the houses/designs on the Legacy Challenge website and letting you vote on your favorites! The top 3 winners will be featured on the Legacy Challenge website with pictures of every room in the house/apartment and I will also do a quick video with a house/apartment tour of the winners and posting it on my Youtube channel.

The Basic Challenge Rules

  • Money cheats are allowed, and a starting total for each Sim/family will be specified each time a new challenge is posted
  • No custom content
  • Career rewards are only allowed if specified by the challenge you are playing
  • Sims must be fresh out of CAS and not be played prior to decorating the house or apartment
  • Feel free to make your own Youtube videos/written stories about your designs and share them with me. I’d love to see them! (and please make sure to link back to the challenge rules so that more people can find them and try it for themselves!)
  • Some of the challenges will require the City Living, Get to Work, and/or Get Together expansion packs.


Want to provide empty/unfurnished houses for Simmers to use in future challenges? Make sure you post them to the gallery with the hashtag #fitmyneedshouse

The Challenges

November 2016 Challenge – Leah Gourmande


Check out my video explaining the challenge. I also design Leah’s apartment as an example.



Just wanted to know when the vote on the November challenge would take place and when the December challenge would begin 🙂


Hi Winry, I haven’t had as much time to focus on this challenge as I would like as I have been more focused on the Movin’ On Up Challenge (which I have been enjoying more). And with the holidays my time is really limited as it is. I want to continue the challenge, but I just don’t know when I’m going to have the time to do the next month. Real life has been incredibly hectic!

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