Future Rules Updates… what would you like to see?

10-01-14_3-56 PM

Hey everyone!
I’m starting to go through the recently released patches and game packs and working on updating the Legacy Challenge rules accordingly. Because of how long of a hiatus I had to take from the Legacy Challenge and Sims in general, it might take a while to find everything that needs to change.

So this is where you, dear reader, come in! What changes to the Legacy Challenge would you all like to see added/changed/removed from the rules now that some new patches and packs have come into play?

Feel free to leave a comment below or post your suggestions in our new Discord server! I will read them and take them into consideration. I can’t guarantee that ALL suggestions will be implemented, but I’d love to see what you all have to say!

As for the other challenges… we aren’t really planning on updating the Apocalypse Challenge beyond the base game. We did that with the Sims 2 version and it became this huge monstrosity of a challenge that we feel was a bit too difficult to follow. Wonder Child might change depending on what changes have been added in the packs. I’ll let you know soon! Immigrant Challenge and Block Party will remain the same.


Hi! I haven’t played much with running a restaurant in Dine Out (although I’ve been enjoying going out to eat) but was thinking if it’s got a perk system or equivalent like Get to Work, maybe running a restaurant could be an option besides owning your own business for the fortune points. Might be a fun way to include Dine Out.

I’m gen 8 and LOVING this challenge. Thanks guys!


Definitely agree on this! I’ve played with restaurants much more than businesses, there are perks and I think it would work well. Plus I currently love my restaurant in one of my saves and would like a future legacy family to own one :).

I know you guys don’t want the Apocalypse challenge to become to unwieldy (and I get it, it IS a daunting read) but I think a ruling on some things may be needed because of the boosts they provide. Maybe just a footnote for the new game mechanics rather than updating for each career and object?

Like I don’t think DJ booths need a specific mention, but clubs certainly do – if used a certain way clubs can provide insane advantage because they come with emotional aura’s, skill boosts, and a rally the troops interaction that can boost needs! But we have so few aspirations the club one was hard to ignore – My rule for myself was to link the category of boost to the closest career restriction (emotional boost fall under Painter- Master of Real, etc) so basically I could have a club composed of household members only, meeting only on the home lot with only the homework perk or the club outfit stuff as unlockable, until the associated career restriction was lifted.

I have similar concerns for the Wonderchild challenge – I wonder if there is a way to nerf clubs without banning it because it is a great game mechanic?

And I agree with the posts above – would love to see restaurants included in both Legacy and if possible immigrant!

Looking forward to seeing you guys explore the new updates!


The biggest problem with updating the Apocalypse Challenge is that Pinstar is no longer actively playing the Sims and I do not feel comfortable messing with the rules of that challenge as I’ve never really played it myself. If he ever gets back into the game, we can go back and address some of that. But since he’s not actively playing it anymore, he’s not really able to know exactly how all of the new items, jobs, etc work with other elements of the game.

As for Wonder Child & Immigrant, I’m more comfortable taking a look at those as I’ve played them both and they are much smaller and easier to manage. I will try to do that once we get home from Disney World (we’re leaving in less than a week and I have tons of packing and planning to do still).

In regards to the Legacy Challenge, I am considering taking EuphorialQueen’s advice in another comment on this post (https://www.simslegacychallenge.com/a-brief-update/) and leaving the base rules as is and allowing Simmers to use any and all packs (expansion, stuff or otherwise) at their own discretion. Want your family to have a restaurant? Go for it! Want to move them to an apartment in San Myshuno? Fine! This is partly because, again Pinstar isn’t actively playing and I’m not sure how comfortable I am changing the rules on it and 2) the more we continue to update and add to it, the more unwieldy it becomes. It happened in the Sims 2. We didn’t really mess much with the Sims 3 Legacy rules because Sims 3 occurred during the years we had both of our kids so we had little time to focus on it. So it stayed small and people just added their own flair to it when new expansions came out.