Get to Work Challenge Rules Mega-Update

Welcome back portraits. You have been missed.

Welcome back portraits. You have been missed.

I am updating ALL of my challenges with the new gameplay additions introduced with The Sims 4 Get to Work. If you are playing these challenges and have NOT bought Get to Work, simply continue under the older rules.

The Legacy Challenge

(Want to see some of these new changes in action? Check out my wife’s stream of her new Legacy family today at 2pm EST on her Twitch channel!)

  • Added a new Succession Law Category, “Species”, with the following options “Xenoarchy (Heirs must alternate between human and alien) , Xenophobic (Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder)  Brood (Heirs must be carried in a pregnancy by the previous heir, regardless of the heir’s gender), and Tolerant (The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status). Legacy families in progress may pick one of these to begin following them. (Even if past generations didn’t follow the rule)
  • The founder is allowed to be an alien at start and alien spouses are allowed under normal spouse rules. If a Male Heir is abducted and has an alien baby, that baby may be eligible to be heir (depending on your succession laws).
  • Funds from owned businesses count toward family net worth for the purposes of the fortune score.
  • If your family owns a business the 10th point of fortune (Needing 5.7 million) can been replaced with “Buy every business perk for a Legacy Family Owned Business”. This can be skipped if you do not have your family own a business.
  • Memorializing a Sim via painting is no longer done with a realism painting, but rather a “Paint from reference” portrait. Even though “Paint from reference” unlocks at skill level 3, you need to have it done by a 8+ skill painter for it to count.
  • You may memorialize a Sim with a photograph taken by a Sim with a 5 photography skill.
  • You are allowed to follow Sims to their jobs if taking the new Doctor, Detective, or Scientist careers. Since these careers do not branch, having a sim reach the top level will satisfy the ‘both branches’ requirement in the Nature category.
  • Baking the highest level baking dish can be done in lieu of gourmet cooking to satisfy the ‘Highest Quality version of Baked Alaska’ point.
  • A single Sim must now max Baking in addition to Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Mixiology to earn that point.
  • Reduced the required death types from 11 to 10. The 11th “Death by rocket ship crash” is now the same as death by fire.

The Wonder Child Challenge

  •  One or both of the starting parents may be alien if you wish. (They must still be adults)
  • The first child born being the Wonder Child rule still applies even if the male is abducted, leading to the first birth being an alien Wonder Child.
  • The parents may take careers in the new doctor/scientist/police careers, but you may not follow them to work once the Wonder Child is born.
  • The new photography and Baking skills can earn points in the same way that existing skills do.
  • The Wonder Child and/or their family may start a business but business perks do not count toward the “10 points per trait” scoring. Once the Wonder Child is born, they must be among the Sims who travel to the family business lot if you decide to go there.

The Apocalypse Challenge

Because of the nature of the challenge, updating it for GTW would unbalance the flow of the challenge. As such the challenge update will be simple. I found in my past incarnation of the Apocalypse Challenge that trying to fold in new changes for each EP can render the challenge an overly complex mess.

  • You may not take careers in the new Doctor, Scientist or Detective careers. There are no restrictions related to them and they are not required to reach level 10 to complete the challenge.
  • Aliens may be freely incorporated into the family using the existing rules for adding sims to the household.
  • You may not purchase a retail business.

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[…] The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules have been updated to include changes arising from The Sims 4 Get To Work Expansion Pack. If you […]

miss charlie

Xenoarchy rule does this mean the sims 4 has alien in the game now or just create your own alien

miss charlie

don’t worry already figured it out but thanks

Pinstar Legacy

Since your family has been pure humans up until this point, adopting the law means that the next heir must be an alien.


Thanks for this!

“A single Sim must now max Baking in addition to Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Mixiology to earn that point.”….

I achieved this point 3 generations ago. Does it now become invalid? Or can I max Baking with another sim for it to count?

Pinstar Legacy

Maxing a baking sim will be good enough if you already did the vanilla point.

About photography scoring, I just realized that it’s max at level 5, do we still get 3 bonus score for maxing it? Or we only get 1.5 point because it seems too easy to max!

Pinstar Legacy

No bonus to photography skill. Hitting a skill of 5 just gets you 5 points.

Is there an updated score sheet out there for the Get to Work additions?

[…] The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules have been updated to include changes arising from The Sims 4 Get To Work Expansion Pack. If you […]