Introducing the Fit My Needs Challenge!


Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I have created a brand new challenge for the Sims 4. I wanted to come up with a short challenge that involved build/buy mode with a bit more depth than my original Block Party Challenge. The thought occurred to me yesterday that I could combine Pinstar’s Sim of the Month Challenge with an interior decorating challenge. The result? The Fit My Needs Challenge!

What the Fit My Needs Challenge is, is a building and interior decorating challenge where you design a house or apartment based on the traits, aspirations, backstory, and wants of specific Sims. There will be a new Sim (or family of Sims) posted each month with different needs. Each challenge will be different and you will have the whole month to decide how you want to decorate your house or apartment. Once you have designed it, you can then upload it to the gallery with a specific hashtag (specified in the rules of each month’s challenge). I will then compile all of the submitted designs and post them here on the Sims Legacy Challenge website and allow readers to vote on their favorites. Once votes are in, I will post the top 3 here on the website and also do a tour of them on my Youtube channel.

This will be a fun way to be creative with interior decorating! Also, if you are not a fan of building houses, you can use unfurnished/undecorated premade houses that either myself or other Simmers have made and posted to the gallery with the hashtag #fitmyneedshouse.

To see the basic info for the challenge head to the Fit My Needs Challenge page and then head to the rules for November 2016’s Fit My Needs Challenge. The first challenge will run until November 30th!



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If for some reason it’s still not working here are the links:

Base Challenge Rules:

November 2016 Rules:


I want to do the challenge but I want to know if you have decided to lower the confort requirement to 6 for the furniture as you mentioned in you video.

It’s true that there’s only one design of couch that has a comfort level of 8 and no arm chairs at all.
Thank you 🙂


Whoops! I forgot to change that in the rules! Thanks for pointing that out. It IS a level 6 or higher. Not 8. Sorry for the confusion!

Thank you 🙂

I finished the house and I posted a video on Youtube if you want to ckeck it out.

Yay! I loved Sim of the Month and am excited for this. Thank you!


Glad to hear it! I can’t wait to see what everyone came up with for November 🙂