Introducing Mystic’s Sims 4 House Builds & House Tours

Hi everyone! Lately I’ve been getting back into house building in The Sims 4. I have kind of burned out on actual family gameplay in the game, but have been really enjoying building houses. I’ve become inspired by house plans that I have come across online and also houses that I have driven by in real life. So I thought it might be fun to bring a new semi-regular series to the Sims Legacy Challenge website where I build houses and then posts photos here to give you guys a tour of what I’ve built. I had thought about doing Youtube videos for this, but I am just not that great at editing house build videos. They end up looking a bit choppy.

All house that I will be featuring in this series are completely Legacy & Wonder Child Legal as they do not contain any career rewards or custom content.

The first house that I have built is fairly simple and it was inspired by a ranch/cabin style floor plan that I found online. I really like how it came out! This house will be available for download on the gallery. Information on where to find it will be at the end of this post.

I’ll start out with the exterior of the house. As you can see it has a log cabin feel thanks to the wood siding. I also added some extra trees and shrubs to make it feel like your Sims will be in a more woodsy setting. I took a bit more time on the landscaping of this house than I typically do for other houses that I’ve built because I really wanted to have a lot of plants/greenery on this lot.

The interior of the house is much more modern and colorful with lots of natural light thanks to the large windows. This is a shot of the entryway/foyer. I think the blue shade of the walls and the painting add an amazing pop of color and feel super welcoming.

In contrast to the bright colors of the rest of the great room, I decided to experiment with a grayscale kitchen and used only whites, grays, and blacks. I love the contrast that it gives to the rest of the house and I really think that it makes the kitchen looks super clean and modern.

Here is another view of the kitchen. You can really see the contrast between the kitchen and the blue of the hallway’s walls. I love it!

The living room has the same color scheme as the hallway and, again, has a great contrast to the kitchen. I think the blue of the walls and the beige/tan coloring on the couches and rug pair really well together and make the room feel nice and homey.

The office is much more warmer in tone than the great room, but still feels just as homey and welcoming. Here is a view of the desk area.

And here is a shot of the other side of the office which features are large bookcase and a comfy armchair for reading.

The next room is the guest room/children’s room. I have it decorated fairly neutrally so that it can work either way.

The bathroom shares a similar gray tone to the kitchen. I decided to add a half wall between the toilet and bath/shower to add a bit of privacy.

Here is the other side of the bathroom. I really like the spa-style sink and think that it works perfectly in this room.

And finally we have the master bedroom which is full of natural light and a nice pop of blue with the curtains and the painting.

The other side of the room features a small wardrobe and a plant for some added decoration.

I hope you all enjoyed this house tour! You can download this house from the gallery by searching for user Pinstar1161 and looking for the house called Modern-Style Cabin. I will post a direct link from the gallery as soon as it is available.


Nice house! I would love walking into that house everyday! The blue colour, the butterflies and geometric hanging lights!

I look forward to your next house tour!

= )


Thank you! Brainstorming the next one now!

I love this house! The master bedroom is so beautiful, I would love to live in that room. The colors and all look great, amazing job 🙂


Thank you!