Introducing The Sims 4 Movin’ On Up Challenge for City Living!


Hello everyone! I’ve got yet another new challenge for you all to play. This one is focusing entirely on The Sims 4 City Living expansion.

The Movin’ On Up Challenge has you starting off with a single Sim, 0 money, and the cheapest, grungiest apartment (1313 21 Chic Street) in San Myshuno. It’s your task to get earn money to be able to afford gradually better apartments with the ultimate goal of moving into the Torendi Tower (the most expensive penthouse in San Myshuno).

The challenge starts off a bit like a Legacy or Rosebud Challenge, but deviates in that you will be moving into better/more expensive apartments as you are able to afford them. The challenge ends once your Sim is able to afford to move into Torendi Tower. It will probably take more than one generation to complete this. So sit back and enjoy!

Want to see how to get started in the Movin’ On Up Challenge? Check out the first episode in my new series on my Youtube channel!



<3 <3 <3 Fabulous challenge! And the best part is that before reading this I JUST created a Sim with this aspiration in mind. My twist is to start Rosebud style. My Sim will move into a very small empty lot (20×15 in Newcrest) with Zero Simoleons. She will have to earn enough money to get into the cheapest apartment *Without getting a job* Let's see how long that lasts. 😉


Ooh! Good luck! That sounds like it will be fun!


So far so good 🙂 Moved her into Newcrest (empty) and had her practice singing to start. Just happened to be in the right place and she won 500 Simoleons in a Karaoke contest!


Woo! Sounds like a great start!

Yay! I’m super excited about this new challenge. Thanks guys!

I’m playing the challenge and it’s interesting but I’m going through apartments too rapidly.

My sim is only 15 days into YA, 5 days away to become an adult and she’s already in the 7th apartment on the list.
I expect her to move into #8 and 9 pretty quickly too.
I bought better furniture and electronics to slow things down but still.

Maybe you should add a rule that the sim has to stay a whole week in each apartment?
Or maybe that all furniture must be sold and the money brought bach to the amount it was before the sell so that we always have to furnish from the start?
Or forbid to make money from painting / writing / gardening, etc?

There’s also a typo in the apartment list: 2B Jasmine Suites & 1310 21 Chic Street are §500 for rent and §1000 for deposit.

Anyway, going back to the game now 🙂


Yeah this is something I was worried about. I’ll have to readdress this after I’ve heard back from more people. Thanks for your input!

And thanks for letting me know about the typo! I’ll fix it right now!


I’m going to combine this challenge with the 100 baby challenge, just to make it even more interesting. I want to actually play while living in the penthouse…seems weird to do all that work to get there and then you are just done…maybe you should actually have to furnish the penthouse too, before it’s over.


Oh gosh! That sounds like it will be interesting! I’m really curious to hear how it goes!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this challenge! I’ve added extra restrictions, like not being able to magic sell anything from the inventory if it can be sold at the flea market, limiting the amount of travel/collecting my sim can do outside of the city, which slows progress a lot but makes it more fun for me.


That’s great to hear! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

I added a bit of a twist to this by adding Legacy Exemplar to the mix and not allowing any heir/heiress to hold any career. It is pretty fun so far but there was something I was wondering about the Movin’ On up portion.

I’ve gotten to a point where I make thousands daily just from making guitars. I’ve just hit adult stage and I can easily afford rent and deposit for more than half the apartment list and have excess furniture to fill them, even with most of them being the most expensive.

So, my question is do my sims have to spend any time in an apartment before they can move out? I can literally move in, use all the existing extra furniture I already bought to fill the apartment, then leave instantly. In fact, I think I could get my sim family to Torendi tower with the first generation with this amount of income.


I think I am going to probably need to update the rules to say that you need to spend at least a week in the apartments before moving. That way you don’t get the whole “Move in and then immediately move out” situation that you and a few others have mentioned.

Thanks for bringing this up! You’re not the only one that has so I think it’s time to update the rules!

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ChrissieC Sim

This challenge is so much fun! I love how it introduces me to the city living LP. I haven’t really played with the career branches yet either. For me, I have my Sim Coco Pierson start with zero simelons at every apartment. It adds a new start to it. The idea that she starts over every time. She barley has enough to move. Also,I added that she has to Decorate each room in addition to furnishing for functional items. And I also am going to try the new careers especially the critic and politician careers. This is So much fun. Love the idea and concept.


Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it!