A primer on The Legacy Challenge and emotions in the Sims 4

Sims 4 Emotions

Back in the Legacy Challenge in the Sims 2, there was a condition called “Social Bunnies need love too,” that could earn you points. If your Sim got so lonely, so desperate for attention, they could hallucinate an imaginary invisible friend in the form of a bunny. These bunnies came in three colors and if you got a blue and pink one to spawn at once (from two different sims) they would begin to romance with each other. It was a neat little Easter egg and it was also hard as heck to do.

Since then, very little about the Legacy Challenge has involved sending your Sim into specific moods other than the concrete benefits of a high mood on job performance. With the introduction of Emotional states in the Sims 4, this opens up new possibilities for challenging setups and possibilities to score points.

While we do not know enough about emotions yet to form concrete game-play mechanics within the context of the Legacy Challenge, this does spawn some possibilities. If there are some actions that can *only* be performed while under the thrall of a specific emotion, such things could be worth points. Likewise if there are some emotional states that are more difficult to achieve, like the aforementioned double opposite gender imaginary rabbits, those too could be worth points. Combine the two: A difficult action that can ONLY be done while under a rare emotion and you’ve certainly got a candidate for points. Managing your Sims emotional states will be important to the new Legacy Challenge.

Posted by Pinstar Legacy