Legacy Challenge Rules Update – City Native Aspiration


It has been brought to our attention that the new aspiration in The Sims 4 City Living, City Native, is going to be impossible to complete in a Legacy Challenge setting. This is due to the fact that the aspiration requires your Sims to move to San Myshuno. Since heirs can’t move out of the Legacy household, this presents a bit of a problem.

We have decided to remove the City Native aspiration from the Random Trait Generator so that Sims born into the Legacy Challenge won’t roll that aspiration.

If you marry a Sim into your Legacy household with the City Native aspiration you may reroll their aspiration on the Random Trait Generator (just ignore the new traits that pop up) and choose whatever new aspiration is given.


Can we start a new legacy in apartments


We aren’t really going to update the rules for apartments but if you want to do that, I don’t see why not! 🙂

If we marry in a sim with that aspiration, can we complete part of the aspiration and change it later? or do we have to change it right away? Would it be okay to just never change it?


You don’t have to change it if you don’t want to, but we are allowing people to do so if they wish!