Legacy Challenge Rules Updated for Get Together

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that the Legacy Challenge Rules have been updated for The Sims 4 Get Together. Here is a highlight of what the changes are and where to find them:

  • In the Getting Started section we have added in the optional Extreme Start
  • In the Scoring Section we have added the following changes:
    • The Nature Collection still maxes out at 13 completed collections even though there are now 16 possibilities. You now get to choose what 13 you wish to complete.
    • For the 10th Popularity point you now have the option of earning this by earning all possible Club Perks for your Legacy Club instead of earning a gold medal in all of the different party categories.
  • Legacy Clubs are completely optional and can be created at any time during the challenge. They have the benefit that if you choose to, you can use the Legacy Club Perks collection to finish up the Popularity category without getting a gold medal at the parties.
  • The New Extreme Start Handicap has been added to the Scoring section.

The Random Trait Generators have not yet been updated to include the new aspiration and two new traits, but should be updated soon!

Want to see how we came up with these new rules? Check out my Preview & Playtesting series on my Youtube channel!

Finally… we have a surprise for you guys! You’re going to want to check out the website around 10 am EST tomorrow to see what it is!


Just was reading the update you posted and want to say YES! Super job on it.
I did note a small typo “The Sims 4 Get to Work an “Extreme” start” in **NEW EXTREME START OPTION** a retro memory typo needs to be Get together.
I was messing around with a new legacy start using the clubs after enjoying your testing videos and came up with the exact extreme start you guys did. It took me till the next day gathering anything I could to buy the Knight. They are in mid week two and have a bedroom, bathroom and a yard for everything else lol.
Thanks again both of you for all you do for us!
Good luck on your move and buy/sell of homes!
Merry Christmas


Ack thanks! Fixing that now!

Merry Christmas to you as well! Hope you have a great one!

Lol I knew it was a ack the first comment only worried if it was the 10th comment.
I have to share, I am just to happy….My daughter is getting married tomorrow!

They grow up too fast don’t they!


I’ve started a new legacy with the Extreme Start and I am loving it. It is very challenging but I finally got my sim a mid level bed, cheap fridge, counter, and a small bathroom with toilet and shower. I think I’m past the worst of it. Really working on whims to get sleep potion/moodlet solver the first couple of days was a lifesaver.


Nice! Good luck!

Gotta say, with the club perks for earning skills faster and increased work performance, feels a bit like cheating.