Modern & Green Tiny House Tour

Hello everyone! I’ve been in a building mood in the Sims 4 lately. It’s definitely become one of my favorite aspects of the game given how user-friendly it is to build. I’ve also been fascinated by tiny houses and thought it would be fun to build one. I was inspired by a house that I found on and added my own spin to it.

I will say, this house is TINY. There is room for 1 MAYBE 2 Sims at most. However, it is still reasonably affordable at around §31,000 (so not a starter house, but close!). Now, onto the tour!

As you can see from the picture above, there is a small pool off to the side of the deck that your Sims can enjoy. I also made sure to include lots of landscaping to add some color. It kind of makes the house look a bit like a tropical oasis.

Here is a close-up of the covered porch. I wanted to keep it fairly minimal and clean with a white table and simple lights and artwork. I’m happy with the result!

Inside I stuck with the green theme and made sure to include lots of house plants. Here is a shot of the living space with a comfy couch and the kitchen off to the side. The table on the covered porch is where your Sims will be eating their meals.

Here is a better shot of the kitchen. I had the cabinets wrap around the wall corner to allow for as much space as possible in this small little house. I also added a pop of color with the painting above the stove.

Around the corner we have the bedroom. I kept the majority of the space painted white, but added a bright red accent wall for a pop of color. Also, I REALLY love that bedspread. It’s so pretty!

And finally we have the bathroom. You may notice that it isn’t quite as bright and vibrant, but I was trying to go for more of a relaxing/spa feel with dimmer lights and a more muted color on the walls.

I hope you enjoyed this tour! If you’d like to download the house, you can find it on the gallery!


Kimberlyn Salmon

Cool! You should really check out the Room challenge since you’re into building Tiny houses…😄


Ooh thanks! I’ll check that one out. Is it on the main Sims forums?

Kimberlyn Salmon

Yay! Yes it is! I hope you can do a Let’s play of it. 😀


For now I am just sticking to the website as I don’t have time to record with the kids home for summer vacation. But maybe once they are back in school I will get back to it!


Great build! I love all of the lighting choices you made, the windows as well as the interior lights. There definitely will be plenty of light and sunshine in there. It’s a perfect little home for a single Sim!


Thank you!