Movin’ On Up Challenge Rules Update

After hearing back from several people that the challenge is moving too quickly after your Sim starts earning more money I have decided to make the following change to the moving to a new apartment rule:

You must stay in every apartment long enough to pay the first week’s rent. You cannot simply move into one apartment and then quickly move into the next if you can afford it! This will prevent the challenge from moving too quickly.

I hope this helps everyone find the challenge more… challenging! Let me know how this change works 🙂


I think this is a great idea. I have started the challenge and after gathering up collectibles from every neighborhood, it didn’t take long for me to be able to afford to move out of the first apartment, and I wanted to stay longer to experience more of the problems at that apartment. (Roaches… and mice… and a mysterious odor stuck to the floor… and lots of broken things! :P) So, having to stay at least a full week at each place, will make it more fun 🙂


Glad to hear it!

Yes! Great update. I’m over halfway through the apartments. I didn’t make myself stay a full week in some, but I like that idea. Most of the initial ones have the same number of bed and baths; it costs virtually nothing to just blast through them. Staying a week will definitely help capture the spirit of the challenge.

I’m loving it so far!


Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it!