Myrna Carae – January 2014 Sim of the Month

headshot_originalThis month brings us Myrna Carae. Myrna poses a greater challenge but you have greater flexibility in how you meet her goals. You can download her here.


NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Pinstar’s Sim of the Month Challenge you can read the general rules, here.


Myrna Carae was a quiet young woman. Having graduated from high school a year ago, she still lived with her parents and had accomplished nothing of note with her life. She was as brilliant as she was lazy.

“When are you going to DO something with your life, you should have a plan!” her mother would urge. When your mother is the famous Mousea Twitchford – Carae, the brave yet terrified astronaut who saved the planet from a rogue comet, it can be difficult to live up to her accomplishments.

“When are you going to find a nice young man to settle down with?” her father would ask. She figured that being shot into space and saving the world would happen before she would do that. She wasn’t some militant man-hater, she just found that women, with their attention to details and extra care in personal appearances, were more attractive.

Myrna took after her mother in personality and father in appearance. She was always curious about her father’s side of the family. Apparently the Carae family were minor french nobility during the middle ages…but were quickly stripped of their power by other, more famous and politically powerful dynasties and were hardly ever mentioned in the history books. Myrna would often dream about being a French Noble woman, a REAL noble, attending balls and galas wearing beautiful period gowns and being served by a team of skilled ladies in waiting. However, up until this point, this was nothing but a vivid day dream.

“Local Man takes supernatural spouse; adopts Unicorn” read the headline on the local news website that Myrna checked each day. Normally, Myrna would dismiss such a headline as hogwash, but not in this case. She knew this man. He was a fellow player in her weekly Dungeons & Dragons group named Fred Fernberger. He had unsuccessfully tried to ask her out on a date, not knowing she was a lesbian. She was not his first romantic rejection and after she let him down as gently as she could, he declared that he was done with the human race and that his soul mate was something other than human! At the time she thought him to be insane. She now realized he was merely ambitious.

Seeing her friend accomplish his seemingly impossible goal as well as knowing her mother accomplished something equally improbable, Myrna finally gained the motivation to pursue her own highly improbable dream.

“What if,” she wondered to herself, “The Carae family actually held onto power in the middle ages. What if THEY played host to the great french monarchs and rulers of the middle ages?” If she could change the past…her dream of being French nobility, ACTUAL french nobility, could come true in the present. “Time to learn about French politics…and what happened to the Carae family.” she said to herself.

She already spoke French, but she knew that learning how to act and dress like a beautiful middle ages French noble, and maneuver in medieval politics would be key to changing the past. Well that, and actually figuring out how to get back to the middle ages. Like she did with most things in life, she decided that she’d sort those details out as she went along.

Packing her bags and striking out on her own, Myrna must now figure out how to accomplish her goal…and possibly find someone who might help her along the way.


Simply download Myrna and import her into your game. You’ll have to enter Create-A-Sim. She’ll appear on the list of pre-made sims. Save her as a family of 1 and move her into the neighborhood of your choice. You may move her into any unoccupied lot that she can afford, including pre-built houses. No cheats may be used for this challenge and she must remain your active sim for the duration of the challenge.

In addition to these standard Sim of the Month rules, here are the sim-specific restrictions you must abide by while playing Myrna


You may only move one adult sim into Myrna’s household (You may choose to move nobody else in, if you wish), and it must be done via social interaction. (Move In or marriage). You may adopt children and/or pets and they will not count against this one move-in limit, but adopted children must be infants. You may activate robot sims, but they must be built by Myrna or her housemate. The one adult sim you move in may not be part of a playable family.

If Myrna attends college, she must rent a house and cannot join a dorm or sorority. If Myrna graduates college, she must take the “Proper” trait as her bonus college-gained 6th trait. If you have a housemate living with Myrna when you send her off to college, they may (but are not required to) attend college along with Myrna in her rented house. You may (but are not required to) take the aptitude test prior to going to college to obtain credit bonuses and/or scholarships.

Myrna Prefers the fairer sex, and will only romance women if she decides to be romantic at all (Not strictly required for the challenge). There is no restriction on moving in a male non-romantic roommate.

Myrna may not become a supernatural of any kind. Myrna’s housemate may also not be, or become, a supernatural.

Myrna must always be part of the active household for the duration of the challenge. If you go on vacation or college, Myrna must be among the sims going.

You may not buy the following Lifetime rewards: Dusty Old Lamp (for Myrna or her housemate), Mid-Life Crisis (Restricted for Myrna only)


To complete the challenge, Myrna must accomplish the following:

  1. Have Myrna OR her moved-in housemate build and place a time machine using the invention skill. (You may not simply buy it from a consignment shop. The time portal from Into the Future does NOT count.)
  2. Obtain a Young-Again potion. You may either have Myrna/Her Housemate brew this as a potion, OR purchase it for 70,000 lifetime reward points (you can use either Myrna’s’ or her housemate’s points). You may not buy the potion from a consignment shop.
  3. Have Myrna complete a college degree in Communications OR reach level 10 of the politics career. You do not have to remain in the politics career once you obtain level 10, nor do you have to take a job after graduating.
  4. Obtain a French Relic. (Any specific relic will do, but it must be obtained while on a vacation to France). Either Myrna or her housemate may physically obtain the relic, but must be placed in Myrna’s inventory to complete the challenge.
  5. Have Myrna purchase the 15,000 point “Attractive” Lifetime reward.
  6. Once you have met all of the requirements. Have Myrna drink the young again potion. Place the French Relic in her inventory and use the time machine to visit the past. If you have the Attractive reward and have met the degree or career requirement, the challenge is now complete and you may now calculate your score.


Your score is the number of days that have elapsed from the day Myrna moves in to the day all 6 goal conditions are satisfied. Like with golf, a lower score is better as you are aiming to complete Myrna’s goals in the shortest time possible. Because Myrna’s trips to France and possibly college can mess with the clock, use this as a guide.

When in a normal neighborhood, add 1 to the number of days elapsed every time the clock passes midnight.

When you go on vacation, add the length of the vacation to your days elapsed.

If you go to college, add 7 days to your elapsed time PER semester.

In Closing…

If you have any questions about any parts of this challenge or if you want to compare strategies, notes or scores with your fellow simmers, check out our forums. I’ll be posting a topic specifically for this challenge.



Posted by Pinstar Legacy


I noticed there wasn’t a February 2014 SOTM. Is there going to be a March SOTM?


Not sure yet. Pinstar’s been on a bit of a Banished binge lately, so he hasn’t really had time to play the Sims.

Well, I guess I have plenty of time since I want to play through all of them sequentially… though I am sure I’ll bunny-ear them and change their skin tones. 😉

Aiko Shirabe

Ah.. ummm… the link you have for downloading her is not working.

Though I’ve only just started this challenge, I’m really happy to see that it, meanwhile, has been updated, and that there even might be a change that it will also be continued. 😉

Thank you very much!