Mystic’s Sims 4 House Builds – Modern & Sleek

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV reruns on Hulu while I work on my crochet projects. You can get a lot of inspiration for house builds while watching shows like House Hunters or Property Brothers. Today’s house build, which I have called Modern & Sleek, is inspired in part by a house that I saw on House Hunters (the interior color scheme and style) and also by a floor plan that I saw on I hope you enjoy this tour!

It occurred to me after I finished building this house that I’ve been forgetting to put lot traits on my houses… whoops! The traits for this house are Sunny Aspect, Romantic Aura, and Convivial. As you can see from the picture above, the exterior has a modern design with some simple landscape and large, windows to let in lots of natural light. I wanted to keep the exterior fairly simple to go along with the “sleek” aspect of this build.

Upon entering the house you are greeted with a view of the bright and welcoming great room. Above is a shot of part of the living area and kitchen. The majority of the decor of this house is done in the modern style though I do think there are some elements of transitional style as well.

On the other side of the living room we have a cozy fireplace surrounded by comfy, yet sleek, armchairs. Perfect for sitting by the fire and reading a book or enjoying a glass of nectar. There is also a desk and computer for your Sims to get some work done, or just enjoy a game.

Next up we have the kitchen and dining area portion of the great room. The kitchen definitely fits the sleek and modern aspects of the house with clean lines and modern appliances. There is also plenty of natural light to brighten the area.

I don’t normally go for super dark colored bathrooms when I design houses, but something that I noticed while browsing modern house decor, is that a lot of them tend to have dark bathrooms. So I went with it! I actually think this might be my favorite bathroom design yet! It feels very zen, but not SUPER dark either. There is a shower and toilet around the left corn as well as a large window to let in natural light.

And finally, we have what I think is probably my favorite room in this house. The master bedroom. I used quite a lot of design elements from the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, which has some of my favorite items in the game. I’m a big fan of decorating Sims houses with lots of art deco! On the other side of the room is another modern fireplace and some artwork.

A few things that the house also has, that I didn’t show in the tour are a walk-in closet that separates the bedroom from the bathroom, a pantry, and a backyard patio for grilling and outdoor get togethers.

I hope you all enjoyed this tour! Don’t forget that you can download this house from the gallery!