The Novella Movin’ On Up Story – Chapter 1

Hello everyone! Last week I introduced you to my new Movin’ On Up Challenge founder, Arwen Novella. This week will be taking our first look into her daily life at 1313 21 Chic Street where she will be living for at least the next Sim week or so.

A couple of things that I forgot to mention before we get started. The lot traits for her first apartment (two of which I chose) are Needs TLC (which comes standard with this apartment), Gremlins, and Filthy. So basically. This apartment is awful. I wasn’t about to make the challenge easier for myself by giving it two good lot traits. This isn’t SUPPOSED to be a nice apartment. So she’s going to be living in squalor for a while. Poor Arwen. Let’s see how she does!

Eww, you guys. Even the elevator is gross. I don’t know about you but if I was Arwen and was plopped down into this apartment and forced to live here for a week, I’d probably cry.

That view from the bedroom window though…

That’s something that I find very poetic about this challenge. The very first apartment that you start out in has an AMAZING view of the apartment that you need to end up in to successfully complete the challenge. I like to think of it as motivation for both myself and my Sims.

Speaking of motivation, the very first thing that Arwen needs to accomplish is to find a job. She won’t be able to pay her first week’s rent (in order to leave this apartment) without one!

I decided to have her go into the Social Media field. It’s one of the career tracks that I haven’t actually worked much with yet, so I was curious to see how it goes! I had originally considered having her get into the Critic field since she is a Foodie, but that was actually the job that I had my original Movin’ On Up Challenge founder take. So I didn’t want to be too repetitive.

With a new job obtained, Arwen heads over to the Willow Creek Public Library to set up her social media account (the first task that her new job asked her to complete). Afterwards I had her write a short children’s novel so that she can, at the very least, get a little additional side income.

There are a few reasons that I really like the area surrounding the Willow Creek Public Library for early Movin’ On Up and Legacy Challenge founders. The first of which is that it’s a great place to find collectibles, frogs, and plants to sell for some extra money. Arwen was able to earn close to §400 just by gathering collectibles!

The second reason I really like this area is… free food! Townie and NPC Sims are always cooking something on the public grills and share the food with other Sims. Arwen was able to grab a free tofu dog to satisfy her slowly decreasing hunger need.

The showers at the gym next door are also incredibly useful for early challenge founders as well.

Can I just take a moment from the challenge to ask… what the actual heck? Is… is that what Rainbow Brite is going to look like when she hits the age of 85?

Randomly generated townies always look so ridiculous.

Upon arriving back at her apartment, Arwen was greeted with the neighborhood welcome wagon. None other than Penny Pizzazz (the spouse of my former Movin’ On Up Challenge founder) was part of this group! Arwen may not look that thrilled in this picture, but she was happy to make some new friends in a city where she doesn’t know anyone yet.

It’s been a long day, and now that Arwen has a bed (from the money we made gathering collectibles) she can go to sleep dreaming of reaching that deluxe apartment in the sky.

One day Arwen. One day…



Hahaa! I cannot finish reading this before I comment!

Rainbow Brite!! *cracks up laughing again.*

Hehe, that was great! I’m enjoying this story.
And that view!!

I look forward to reading the next chapter!



I agree with MissPink, the Rainbow Brite comment was hilarious – and true! Maybe someday they’ll fix how townies spawn in such awful outfits???

It’s definitely a disgusting apartment that she lives in, but at least she has a nice view of what she’s working towards!

Kimberlyn Salmon

I like this but I hope you can get back to videos soon. It’s a lot easier to listen or watch on the fly than to find time to read the stories. Love the story though.


If I do return to Youtube, it likely won’t include Sims. I am enjoying keeping Sims here on the website and finding that I vastly prefer writing the stories than I do recording them. I’ll see though. Haven’t made any decisions yet! Can’t do anything until September anyway when my kids are back in school, so I have time to decide 🙂

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