The Novella Movin’ On Up Story – Chapter 2

Ahhh here we go. Another day in the life of Arwen Novella, a single social media grunt hoping to move up the ranks of her job so that she can escape a filthy, grungy apartment and move into something more suitable to her tastes. In the previous chapter, I had Arwen write a children’s book, but forgot to have her self-publish it until the following day, so that is what she is doing in the screenshot above. It will be bringing in a whopping §3 per day. We all have to start somewhere, right?

The other thing that I forgot to mention in the previous chapter is that Arwen was able to get her first promotion her first day on the job. She is now an Engagement Monkey. One of the requirements of this job is to have a Charisma skill of 2, so she is working on that by talking to herself in the public bathroom of the Willow Creek Library.

Meanwhile in the other part of the library, this guy seems to have confused “library” with “gym”. I guess he doesn’t mind her talking to herself in the bathroom if he’s just going to randomly start doing push ups in the middle of the reading lounge.

Here’s another Movin’ On Up Challenge/Legacy Challenge starting tip: If your Sim doesn’t have enough money to buy food/cook food on the grill and no other Sims have been kind enough to leave a tray of cooked food on a picnic table, the bars in the various neighborhoods offer chips for free. Sure it’s not the healthiest, but when your hunger bar is slowly ticking down, chips will do just fine.

Another money making tip for early challenge starters is, along with looking for rocks/frogs/produce etc, check for posters in the San Myshuno area. They sell decently well (usually for over §100). I was able to buy Arwen a toilet by finding this poster and then selling it.

And of course the same night that I purchased the toilet the darn gremlins broke both it and the tub. AWESOME.

Uh… Arwen? Why are you looking at me like that? And why aren’t you sleeping? It’s 3 am.

Arwen: I hate this apartment. Look over there.


Wow. Gremlins AND rodents in one night. Ok. I can kind of see why you are grumpy now. Well, providing we can get this place reasonably furnished and you can afford to pay your first week’s rent we SHOULD be out of here soon… ish.

Since Arwen had a pretty rough night and was still pretty grumpy the following day, I decided to have her work from home. The tasks that she needed to complete were “Check In at a Park” and “Level Up Writing Skill.” Easy peasy right? Welllll…. not really. See, I took her to the Myshuno park in San Myshuno, but… apparently that doesn’t count because it’s listed as a “Center Park” and not simply a “Park”. *sigh* Ok. (this is an important distinction to note if you happen to get this task. DON’T go to the park in San Myshuno… it won’t count). She can’t check in anywhere else for a few hours. Since we have some time to kill, I have her work on another children’s book so she can level up her writing skill.

Once Arwen successfully skilled up her writing, I had her head over to the park in Willow Creek and check in again. Lo and behold… it worked. That’s kind of frustrating honestly. One would think that ANY park would count for that check-in task. However, it seems only parks that are listed specifically as PARKS count. Which means probably only the one in Willow Creek and the one in Oasis Springs. Thankfully you can travel outside of San Myshuno for the Movin’ On Up Challenge, or that would be a problem (and I’d have to fix the rules to reflect that).

Well, Arwen has completed both tasks and is now rather exhausted. We’ll end this chapter here, but she SHOULD be eligible for another promotion the next time she goes to work. That will allow us to get more furniture and work on escaping apartment #1 on the list.

Happy simming!


Jude – JudesSims

Yes, those first days are tough – starvation and all that! And having to get that first apartment furnished. I love the Flea Market. It’s so much cheaper…um…less expensive 😉


I forgot all about the flea market! Thanks for mentioning it!


It seems silly that the park in San Myshuno doesn’t count as a park for the job. Good to know, though! It is always hard when everything is broken, dirty, and you don’t have the money for anything – then add mice on top of that and eeeek!


LOL yup

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