The Novella Movin’ On Up Story – Chapter 3

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on this story last week. I didn’t have as much time as usual to get posts up as I had houseguests. I’ve missed writing about Arwen! As you can see by Arwen’s face above in our last chapter we had a few issues with apartment pests, breaking objects (due to goblins), and not checking in at the right kind of park. However we struggled through and hopefully this chapter will go a bit better for our fearless founder.

As I mentioned, some goblins decided to break our toilet and bathtub last night while Arwen was sleeping. So the first thing we need to do is repair those so that Arwen can use the toilet and bathe before work.

Arwen only has a one in her mechanical skill, but since we don’t have the money to hire a repair person, she has no choice but to attempt to fix these by herself. Hopefully she doesn’t make things worse.

*sigh* And of course while she was fixing the bathtub the electrical system decided to short circuit! Thankfully she’s in good standing with her landlady so she was able to call her to come over and fix the issue.

Landlady: Oh my! You really do seem to be having a problem here!

Arwen: You don’t say?

Since Arwen has been having a pretty rough morning, it seemed like a good idea to let her have a relaxing bubble bath before sending her around town to do her “work from home” tasks.

Shortly after bathing Arwen got a text from Penny Pizzazz asking if she’d like to hang out at a local bar. I mean, it’s only 11 am, but sure! Arwen needs to check-in at a bar for work today anyway so may as well get it all done at once. And we got free chips as well, so free breakfast… score!

Looks like the girls are attracting some attention! The other task that Arwen needs to do for work is to perform the Mischief skill on 5 different Sims. So since she’s got a willing audience, time to tell a bunch of people a preposterous rumor!

There we go! All checked-in at the bar. All of Arwen’s work tasks are done and she even managed to get all of her Mischief skill promotion requirements done as well. With any luck she’ll be getting her next promotion the next time she goes to work.

This chapter definitely went much better for her. Hopefully our next chapter continues this trend! See you all next time!