Introducing Mystic’s Sims 4 House Builds & House Tours

Hi everyone! Lately I’ve been getting back into house building in The Sims 4. I have kind of burned out on actual family gameplay in the game, but have been really enjoying building houses. I’ve become inspired by house plans that I have come across online and also houses that I have driven by in real life. So I thought it might be fun to bring a new semi-regular series to the Sims Legacy Challenge website where I build houses and then posts photos here to give you guys a tour of what I’ve built. I had thought about doing Youtube videos for this, but I am just not that great at editing house build videos. They end up looking a bit choppy.

All house that I will be featuring in this series are completely Legacy & Wonder Child Legal as they do not contain any career rewards or custom content.

The first house that I have built is fairly simple and it was inspired by a ranch/cabin style floor plan that I found online. I really like how it came out! This house will be available for download on the gallery. Information on where to find it will be at the end of this post.

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Sims 2 Retro Legacy #49 – The family that doesn’t annoy me… oh wait.

My Sims 2 family has, for the most part, been relatively unstressful compared to my Sims 3 family (not entirely their fault, but the fault of the game itself as it’s a buggy mess) or my Sims 4 Leet Family (So. Many. Toddlers.), but I guess they were feeling a little left out as the game and my Sims did a couple of wonky things in this episode. I can’t win.

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Site Issue Updates

So I think I may have figured out part of the issue that we’ve been experiencing with the website lately. If you have been noticing that the site occasionally changes it’s layout suddenly it’s because the theme that I am using is, for whatever reason, trying to use the mobile layout on desktops. Which looks… weird. I am going to fix that by changing to a new site theme/layout over the next few days. Expect the site to look wonky for a bit while I change everything up and prettify it.

The second issue is with the Toddler Trait Generator and sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s an issue on our end (which means we can’t fix it). It would seem that there is a caching issue with the generator where the site will just continually show the first trait that appears. That is why when people are commenting that it doesn’t work, it suddenly works (technology is so strange). So there are a couple of ways to fix this. You can either comment to kickstart it into showing a new trait, you can refresh a few times, or you can clear your browser’s cache (you can simply Google that to find out how to do that for your specific web browser). Sadly, this is the only fix that I have for this particular issue. Maybe my changing to a website theme that has been more recently updated will help, but I doubt it.

I will let you guys know once the site updates have been done!

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The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #39 – What have I done?

Oh man. Mistakes were made when it came to ensuring that Rydia has four grandchildren to complete her lifetime aspiration. I now have three toddlers and an infant in the family. What have I done?!

Here’s to hoping I can survive this generation with my sanity more-or-less intact.

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Site Issues – Trying to Figure them Out

Hi everyone,

We have been having some site issues lately and I am trying to figure out what is going on. The Toddler Trait Generator seems to keep getting stuck on one trait, but it only happens every now and then. I am also noticing that the theme that I have chose for the website constantly changes to one that I didn’t choose which in turn messes up the layout. This only started happening within the last two months and I just don’t know enough about website building to know what is happening.

I am going to ask around and see if I can figure out what is causing the issues. If anyone is well-versed in WordPress and you think you might be able to help feel free to leave me a comment here or send me a tweet on Twitter.

Hopefully we can get this worked out! I just wanted to let you all know that if you are encountering issues with either the Toddler Trait generator or the website in general that we are aware of the issues and are trying to figure out what is going on.

Sorry again for the inconvenience!


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Sims and Real Life – What impact has the series had on your life?

The Sims franchise has been a part of gaming culture since 2000. In that time millions of people have played the game. For some it was just a nice little escape from real life, something that was played from time to time. For others it actually helped distract them from really difficult times in their lives while others met lifelong friends and even started a family. I fit into the latter two categories and it occurred to me, that I am probably not the only one.

I randomly had the idea for this article after talking to a friend about how The Sims has helped us through difficult times in our lives. This is definitely not a typical article for the Sims Legacy Challenge website, but I thought it was an important topic to discuss with readers. I will start the discussion off with my own personal experiences (some good and some not) and then, if anyone feels like sharing, you can respond with how the game has helped you.

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Wonder Child and Legacy Challenge Rules Updated for Toddlers & Vampires!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that both the Legacy Challenge and the Wonder Child Challenge rules have been updated for Toddlers and vampires!

The Legacy Challenge hasn’t really changed much. You are welcome to make a vampire founder/heirs. Just bear in mind that since they are immortal you will need to figure out what to do with the older generations as the challenge progresses. Toddlers haven’t really changed anything in this challenge aside from adding an additional life stage to play.

As far as the Wonder Child is concerned toddlers added a bunch of new points and bonuses to earn so make sure you read over the rules carefully! You will NOT be able to use vampires in this challenge as that will eliminate the “time crunch” aspect of it.

The Random Trait Generator has been updated to include the new vampire aspirations (though if you decide you don’t want a vampire in your family or you don’t own the pack, you can simply re-roll). Toddlers also have their own Trait Generator for you to use as you need it!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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The Sims 4 Vampires – Beginning a Vampire Legacy

Hey everyone! We were lucky enough to get an early access/review copy of the upcoming Sims 4 Vampires Pack from EA. I decided that rather than going through all of CAS and build/buy mode (which I know A LOT of other Youtubers can do much better than me) that I would start off a new Legacy Challenge with a Vampire Founder for an all-vampire Legacy Challenge.

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Toddler Trait Generator Now Available!


PLEASE NOTE – We are encountering an issue where only Angelic is showing up for everyone that uses it. It’s working fine for me, however, so I’m not really sure what the problem is. Trying to figure it out.

We finally have a Toddler Random Trait Generator available for you guys to use in your Legacy Challenges! It’s a bit different from the regular Random Trait Generator as you will not need the parents’ traits to determine what your toddler’s trait is. You can simply head to the Toddler Trait Generator page and it will automatically tell you what your toddler’s trait will be. Simply refresh to get a new trait if you need to get a trait for more than one toddler!

Sorry for the delay! At first we thought we were going to have to update our regular Trait Generator, but then we realized we could easily make a separate one which made it much easier to create. Hope you enjoy!

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Updating the Legacy & Wonder Child Challenge to Include Toddlers


So many people were stunned yesterday to see that Toddlers were added to The Sims 4 in a FREE update to the game. Us included!
We’ve already gotten several questions regarding how toddlers will fit in to the Legacy Challenge and Wonder Child Challenge as well as whether or not we are going to update the Random Trait Generator. This update took us as much by surprise as it did all of you, so we were not able to get the Random Trait Generator updated sooner. We also are dealing with some real life stuff (a family member has been dealing with some health issues) so that needed to take priority.

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