The Legacy Challenge Strategy and Tactics #1 with Pinstar

Hey guys, just a quick little update from us! Pinstar has started a new Youtube series called “The Legacy Challenge Strategy and Tactics”. If you want to know his tips and tricks for starting a new Legacy family in The Sims 3, check it out below!

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All-new Let’s Legacy series now up on Youtube!

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to do a Let’s Play series on Youtube for the Legacy Challenge for a while now and I finally got around to recording my first episode. I’m brand new at this, so it’s probably a bit rough around the edges. I hope you enjoy! This will become a regular series for me in conjunction with The Fantasia Legacy.

You can view the first episode here:

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The Fantasia Legacy is on hiatus for a bit


Hi everyone! For those of you following my Fantasia Legacy, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be taking a break from posting the chapters for a bit. I have mentioned in a previous post that I am now working for an indie game website called as an editor. Well, I’ve also started live streaming for them on several nights per week, and am also writing reviews and news now as well. I am enjoying every second of it, but it doesn’t leave me much Sims time, especially on top of taking care of my kids. I don’t plan on canceling this Legacy story by any means, it just may be a while before I get a chance to write up another batch of chapters.

My working for Shoost will also not affect this website or our forums in any way. Everything will still be here and we will still answer your questions as they come in, I just need a break from my Legacy story. We will also post any and all Sims 4 news as it relates to the Legacy Challenge as we find out new information.

Happy simming everyone!

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A primer on The Legacy Challenge and emotions in the Sims 4

Sims 4 Emotions

Back in the Legacy Challenge in the Sims 2, there was a condition called “Social Bunnies need love too,” that could earn you points. If your Sim got so lonely, so desperate for attention, they could hallucinate an imaginary invisible friend in the form of a bunny. These bunnies came in three colors and if you got a blue and pink one to spawn at once (from two different sims) they would begin to romance with each other. It was a neat little Easter egg and it was also hard as heck to do.

Since then, very little about the Legacy Challenge has involved sending your Sim into specific moods other than the concrete benefits of a high mood on job performance. With the introduction of Emotional states in the Sims 4, this opens up new possibilities for challenging setups and possibilities to score points.

While we do not know enough about emotions yet to form concrete game-play mechanics within the context of the Legacy Challenge, this does spawn some possibilities. If there are some actions that can *only* be performed while under the thrall of a specific emotion, such things could be worth points. Likewise if there are some emotional states that are more difficult to achieve, like the aforementioned double opposite gender imaginary rabbits, those too could be worth points. Combine the two: A difficult action that can ONLY be done while under a rare emotion and you’ve certainly got a candidate for points. Managing your Sims emotional states will be important to the new Legacy Challenge.

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The Fantasia Legacy – Chapter 8

In our last chapter, Luna grew up into an adult and gained the neurotic trait (which I forgot to mention). She also grew up into a REALLY gorgeous Sim.

Screenshot-251Super, duper pretty, right? I’ve had some pretty Sims in in my games, both in the Sims 2 (my old Legacy founder Isabella Legato) and now Luna here in Sims 3. In fact… Luna looks a lot like Isabella.  It’s like Isabella has been reincarnated in my new game.

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The Fantasia Legacy – Chapter 7

Hi everyone! Sorry I never got around to posting this chapter last week, we have a bunch of real life stuff get in the way, so I had to put this chapter on the back burner.

When we last left the Fantasia’s, Luna was fleeing for her life from a meteor strike at the park. She has survived her harrowing ordeal and is doing just fine.

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#MonthofSims Day 31 – The Doctor regenerates

Screenshot-64#MonthofSims Day 31 – The Doctor regenerates – Joshua, aka The Doctor was probably one of my favorite Sims in the Fantasia Legacy. He was Luna’s spouse and was just hilarious. He also looked a lot like Doctor 10 from Doctor Who. It never really occurred to me how much a Sim dying looked like a Doctor regeneration until he passed away. It’s a shame he didn’t just regenerate. I would have loved to keep him around longer. Farewell Doctor. I hope the great TARDIS in the sky takes you to many new destinations.

Well, this wraps up the #MonthofSims Twitter event for me! Thank you so much to everyone that participated! In a few days I will try to have a post up showcasing all of the screenshots that people submitted. There were some really awesome ones! Hopefully I will do this again in a few months!

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#MonthofSims Day 30 – Me, myself, and I

Screenshot-100#MonthofSims Day 30 – Me, myself, and I – Having an insane Sim in the family sometimes works in my favor, especially when said Sim is running low on her social needs. All you have to do it have them talk to themselves and their social score will go up. Yay!


Don’t know what the #MonthofSims Twitter event is? Check out my post about it!

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#MonthofSims Day 29 – Soggy clothes

Screenshot-350#MonthofSims Day 29 – Soggy clothes – Luna decided that taking a bath with her clothes on would be a brilliant idea. I can’t imagine that would be too comfortable, but whatever floats her boat, I guess.

Don’t know what the #MonthofSims Twitter event is? Check out my post about it!

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#MonthofSims Day 28 – The horrifying portrait (and some news)

Screenshot-96#MonthofSims Day 28 – The horrifying portrait – Luna is the resident painter in the Fantasia family. She is in charge of painting all of the portraits of her family members and she recently painted THIS completely terrifying portrait of her brother, Neville. They must have had a fight or something.

In other news, there will be no Legacy chapter tomorrow. My mother in law is visiting for the weekend which means I don’t have time to type up the new chapter. I may try to get it out on Tuesday though. So expect it a few days late. I should still be able to hop on for a few minutes to do the #MonthofSims pictures though. So those will still go up until the end of the month.

Don’t know what the #MonthofSims Twitter event is? Check out my post about it!

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