Sims 4 Creator’s Camp – Careers and School

Sims 4 careers

I was one of the lucky few to be invited to The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp at EA headquarters last week. I learned a lot about the game while I was there and thought that I would share some of that with you. To start, I will be discussing careers and school.

This is a rather lengthy article, but I wanted to cover as much as I could on the subject, so please bear with me.

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EA releases new Sims 4 Emotions gameplay trailer

EA has released a new official gameplay trailer to the public. This one focuses on emotions. Emotions will be at the very core of the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, so this is an important one to see! Check it out above!

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Pinstar is at The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp!


Now that we’ve been given the “OK” to announce this, we wanted to let you all know that Pinstar was invited to The Sims 4 Creator’s Camp at EA headquarters. He will be there this week. While we can’t discuss what is going on there until later in August, we can say that this is an exciting opportunity for him as a challenge builder in the game.

We are super grateful that EA considered him for this opportunity and I can’t wait to hear what he’s seeing while he’s there. We will post more information once we’ve been given the nod from EA to do so. I will answer any questions that I can, but for the moment, that probably won’t be much. Also, bear in mind that I am not there myself, so I don’t know much of what is going on until I speak with Pinstar.

For more information on Creator’s Camp, check out SimsVIP’s post about it.

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Important (too little too late) Sims 3 Legacy Challenge rule update

Hey everyone! So first of all, I really apologize for this. This rule change is coming WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too late for many of you, but hopefully those of you that are still planning on playing the challenge until the release of Sims 4 (and beyond) will be able to make use of this. Also, you can rest assured that we will do lots of playtesting with this particular rule in the Sims 4 to make sure we don’t make an incorrect assumption again.


In the Sims 2 adopted Sims did not show up in the family tree of the founder. We assumed that that was the case in Sims 3 as well. It wasn’t. I only JUST realized this yesterday when I was recording a new episode of Let’s Legacy. I had my founder adopt a Sim and lo and behold, she showed up in his family tree as if she were born into the family. Uh oh. That changes everything!


I also did further testing with a dummy family and realized that if that adopted Sim then turns around and adopts another Sim THAT Sim still shows up as being the grandchild of the original adopting parent. So the adopted children can DEFINITELY trace their lineage to the founder.

If adopted Sims can show up in the family tree, then they can trace their lineage back to the founder. It’s true they aren’t TECHNICALLY blood related, but they can trace their lineage and that is what is important in the Legacy challenge. So, from here on out, adopted Sims CAN count as heirs and spares. This opens up the option of having a homosexual heir without the use of mods to get them pregnant.

Now granted, for those of you that like to have certain genes pass, adoption still isn’t a valid option, but for people that want a homosexual heir, this now becomes a valid way to have them without the use of mods.

Again, we are really sorry that this particular rule change came so late. With us being out of the game for so long to have our own kids and then coming back, it just wasn’t something we got around to playtesting until I started my new Legacy family.

So… from now on, adopted Sims CAN count as heirs/spares. Once the Sims 4 releases we will take a look at how adopted Sims are treated in regards to how they show up on the family tree and plan accordingly.

This rule change shouldn’t step on the toes of the Adoptacy rules either (which is written by someone else) as the base rules for that challenge are still quite different from our 10 Generation Legacy rules.

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Legacy Challenge Family Wealth

Sims 4 House and Bills

Before we get started, please make sure to read the following from Graham Nardone:

“The consequences of not paying your bills is more severe now. Let your bills go without paying them? First your power gets shut off. Next your water gets shut off. It’s a fun scenario to put your Sims in on occasion (they recognize it and get some unique socials about it). The bill upkeep on more expensive homes is harsher than it’s been in the past as well, so you truly better be earning enough to support living in one. I hope both those things contribute to greater challenges when you put your Sims in those situations.” (to see the whole conversation, go here)

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E3: Discussing the next generation of the Legacy Challenge

Sims 4

Let me share with you some thoughts that are bouncing around in my mind in regards to how the Legacy Challenge might take shape after watching the new E3 Sims 4 Gameplay Trailer.

Personality Traits: While there are fewer per sim, they seem to have a much more powerful effect on said Sim and how they interact with the world. This bodes VERY well for the Legacy Challenge. I *hope* they have a randomize button in the game as I intend to carry on the tradition of ‘customize the founder, random for everyone else’.

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All-new and remastered Let’s Legacy up on Youtube!

Hey everyone! Now that I have my new computer, I have restarted my Let’s Legacy series on Youtube. I decided to start fresh from the beginning now that everything looks clearer. You can see the new video below!

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The Fantasia Legacy – Chapter 9

Hello everyone! Sorry that there has been such a big delay in getting another Fantasia Legacy chapter up. It’s been busy here and I’ve been trying to set up a new Youtube Legacy as well (which will need to be restarted anyway… argh). I was also having some issues uploading images onto WordPress, but that seems to have been resolved.

Screenshot-284In our last chapter, I had just finished building the Fantasias a new house. This house is MUCH more spacious with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a huge kitchen and dining room.

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The Legacy Challenge Strategy and Tactics #1 with Pinstar

Hey guys, just a quick little update from us! Pinstar has started a new Youtube series called “The Legacy Challenge Strategy and Tactics”. If you want to know his tips and tricks for starting a new Legacy family in The Sims 3, check it out below!

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All-new Let’s Legacy series now up on Youtube!

Hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to do a Let’s Play series on Youtube for the Legacy Challenge for a while now and I finally got around to recording my first episode. I’m brand new at this, so it’s probably a bit rough around the edges. I hope you enjoy! This will become a regular series for me in conjunction with The Fantasia Legacy.

You can view the first episode here:

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