The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.5 – House Upgrades and Other Additions


Hello everyone! Ordinarily I would be posting my Weekly Links List today, but Youtube seems to be having some pretty major issues this morning and it’s preventing me from accessing all of the Let’s Plays on the list. So instead, I have a new chapter in The Retreaux Legacy for you all to enjoy! In the last chapter we welcomed in the first baby in generation two… Ayla! Marle and Ti-Ning then wasted no time in getting pregnant with baby number two. Will it be a boy, a girl, or twins? Find out today!

First off, Ti-Ning has been doing REALLY well in his job and earned himself yet another promotion which means… woo! More house upgrades! It’s not QUITE done yet as I ran out of money, but the Retreauxs now have plenty of space and this should be enough room for a while.

I added a master suite to the left. The empty room to the right of the master bedroom will eventually be a master bathroom, but I didn’t have the funds to build it yet. I will add that once Ti-Ning brings in another promotion.

I also added a second nursery to the bottom left corner of the house as well as a play room to the right of that nursery for the kids to play in when they become toddlers/children.

I will EVENTUALLY be doing a massive house redesign where I will build a larger/more luxurious looking house, but that usually doesn’t happen until the third or fourth generation. So for now, we will be having the Retreauxs live here.

Marle: Oh my goodness. The weather is horrible today. I bet in the future, Sims won’t have to worry about such horrible rain.

Ti-Ning: You know, I bet you are right. I hear that our descendants will end up having to do a lot of laundry though. Apparently that’s what the overlords REALLY wanted in the game. Weird right?

Marle: Lawn…dry? What’s that? Sounds terrible.

It is Marle. It really is. It’s terrible in real life and soon we’ll get to do it in the Sims 4 too. Yaaaay *sarcastic finger twirl*

Whoops! Apparently I missed the announcement saying that it was Ayla’s birthday. Usually I buy my Legacy Sims a cake to age them up. I was wondering why Marle and Ti-Ning were so adamant about picking her up all of a sudden.

It’s always hard to tell with toddlers, but Ayla looks like she will look a lot like Marle, just with blonde hair! She’s so cute!

And of course, the very first thing that we do is start working on her toddler skills. We need to get this all done before she becomes a child, which, in the Sims 2 seems to happen pretty quickly!

Marle was pretty bored and exhausted after teaching Ayla to talk all afternoon (pregnancy is rough!) so after a nap I decided to let her play the Sims 3 for a bit. Look at that face of enjoyment. Someone’s having a good time!

I sometimes look like that when I play games… not going to lie.

We now also have a high chair for Ayla where she can stuff her face just like her parents tend to do while they are eating. The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family!

It’s that time again! Marle has gone into labor! At least she’s in the bedroom this time and not the kitchen. Seems kind of unsanitary to give birth to a baby in the same room you make food in.

It’s the ciiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife! *cough* Sorry. I can’t help but think of the Lion King every time Sims hold their babies up like this right after birth. Anyway, Ti-Ning, Marle, and Ayla have welcomed in a brand new baby…

BOY! Looks like every single comment on the previous chapter was correct! Congrats guys! Welcome to baby Crono! It seemed appropriate that that be his name given his red hair (just like Crono has in Chrono Trigger).

And with that, I think Marle and Ti-Ning are done having babies. We have an heir and a spare, I see no need to put Marle through pregnancy and childbirth any more than we have to. Now it’s time for you guys to decide who is going to be the heir! I will start the poll now, but will not be closing it until Crono reaches Young Adulthood (since he’s the youngest). So you should have plenty of time to get those votes in! You also may want to wait and see what their traits/aspirations end up being if you decide you want to either help or mess with me a little bit LOL.

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Happy simming!




Holding off on the voting for now… I’m leaning towards Ayla because she’s so cute, but who knows what will happen! Chrono could be even cuter 🙂

Hi I’m Just Waundering If Your A YouTuber Cause This Is Amazing, The Only Problem Is I Hate Reading But I Read This And I Love It, If There Is A YouTube Channel Let Me Know, If Not, MAKE ONE!


Hi! I do have a Youtube channel, though it will no longer be focusing on Sims Let’s Plays. I might occasionally do them there, but for the most part it will be focusing on other games. I prefer to write my Sims stories.

[…] just look at this happy family you guys! In our last chapter of the Retreaux Legacy we welcomed in baby Crono to the family. He’s a redhead like his mommy […]