The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.6 – A Day in the (Hectic) Life

Aww, just look at this happy family you guys! In our last chapter of the Retreaux Legacy we welcomed in baby Crono to the family. He’s a redhead like his mommy and his namesake! At this point I think that Marle and Ti-Ning are done having kids. We have an heir and a spare (and we even have a poll going so you, dear reader, can vote on who you’d like to be the generation two heir!). So let’s start focusing on the kids and the parents a bit and get some platinum aspirations bars!

Ah this is bringing back memories. My kids in real life are under two years apart and this was a common occurrence in my house when my youngest was an infant and my oldest a toddler. The toddler in the high chair eating cereal while I walk around the house half awake in my pajamas (granted my pajamas were usually sweatpants and one of my husband’s t-shirts haha) trying to care for the infant. I’m getting tired just thinking about it!

This was ALSO a common occurrence for my house. A dirty high chair. How do kids make such big messes? Also, why does it look like Ayla was eating purple frosting? Who gave that child sugar?!

Ayla only has a couple of days until her birthday so it’s time to put our toddler skilling into high gear. First up… learning to talk! She was already halfway there as we started this skill before Crono was born. She’s also already about halfway into potty training as well. Because I’ve been so focused on Marle and Ti-Ning having kids neither parent has a high enough aspiration to be able to give Ayla the smart milk (which increases her skilling speed by quite a bit). So we have to do this the old fashioned way!

Poor Marle. Having small children is so exhausting isn’t it? You go ahead and nap. Don’t worry about those dirty bottles in the kitchen. You can clean them up when you wake up later. Just rest while you can. Sleep while the baby sleeps and all that.

Ayla was able to master both potty-training and talking fairly quickly (despite not having access to smart milk), so now it’s time to work on walking! This actually didn’t take that long at all. She was able to walk by the end of the day.

Ayla: I stinky!

Well, that’s what you get for playing in the toilet every chance you get. Which brings up a pretty good question… why do none of the Sims games have child-proofing items? Had we had them, this little girl would not be as stinky as she is right now.

This is probably one of the creepier parts of the Sims 2. As your Sim masters their hobbies, random “hobby experts” enter your house without being invited to inform your Sim that they are making great progress on their hobbies. Can you not? Just stop. It’s weird.

It’s Ayla’s birthday already?! They grow up so quickly *sheds a tear* Alright! Let’s see what she looks like as a child!

I still think she looks a ton like Marle, just with blonde hair instead of red. Also. That cake is the size of head. Are you really going to eat all of that Ayla? Is that why there was always purple frosting on your high chair?

Ayla: Suuugaaaaaaar!

Oh boy. I think it’s probably best to end this chapter here so that Ayla can work off this sugar-high by running around like crazy for a bit and then promptly passing out. See you guys next time! Crono will probably age up into a toddler in the next chapter!



I actually think Ayla has her daddy’s nose and mouth but her mommy’s eyes. She’s a good mix of them 😀


You might be right! It’s hard to tell sometimes when they are young LOL


So exciting to see the first child of the legacy! She looks very pretty! Please continue to link the heir poll in each post, I have decided who I want to vote for yet but I definitely want to vote! 😛


Will do!

Jude – JudesSims

I really love your stories! I like videos too, but seldom have time to sit through them.

Ah, I can just imagine my granddaughter come December. 1 two year old, 1 one year old, and a set of newborn twins. Four babies under three years old. Yikes! I’m sure Marle will be a good mommy too 🙂

This was great!

It’s so exciting when a sim ages up! (Except YA to Adult stage, that birthday is less exciting.) Can’t wait until her brother’s birthday!!

Marle’s doing a good job raising the two little ones! What’s Ni-Ting up to? : )


He’s been working on getting his promotions. He didn’t feature much in this chapter because he was at work most of the time LOL.

Haha! Good man!

I look forward to the next update.