The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.7 – Just Age Up Already!

Hello everyone! A lot happened in our previous chapter of the Retreaux Legacy. Marle was super busy playing the role of Supermom while Ti-Ning was out working to earn his next promotion. Not only that, but little Ayla aged up into a child! She was able to accomplish the “Age Up Well” want so she is now sitting comfortably in the platinum for a while.

Now that Ayla is a child, she needs to have a “big girl” bedroom. I’ve always loved purple bedrooms, and I even had one as a kid, so I thought it would be a nice color scheme for her. I really love that castle bed (though I have no idea which pack it came with), so I kind of went with a “Princess” theme.

The other thing that I did was finally add that second bathroom off the master bedroom. For the last few chapters this was an empty room as we didn’t have the funds to complete it. Thanks to Ti-Ning working his little Sim butt off at work, we now have the money to do so.

Uh oh… ROACHES?! Why the heck do we have roaches?!

So… apparently someone or someTHING knocked over our garbage can and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. So now we have roaches all over the front yard. Faaaaaaantastic.

Rather than have Marle or Ti-Ning tackle this problem (and probably end up with the flu) I had Ti-Ning call the exterminator.

The exterminator arrived the following morning and took care of the problem in no time! Also, I never noticed this before in all of the years that I’ve played The Sims 2, but the dead roach on the truck is holding a lily. I started laughing way harder than I probably should have at that. I love the little details that the devs put into this game!

So we seem to be having a problem. That problem is… Crono won’t stop crying. Past experiences with this game tells me that that’s because he needs to age up, but no one is doing it. I keep having Marle or Ti-Ning click on him to see if it’s possible to age him up, but no dice. So…

I bought a birthday cake thinking, “Ok we’ll age Crono up the right way!” except… both Marle and Ti-Ning kept canceling my actions.



Nothing was blocking their path to Crono. I was able to choose to age him up when I clicked on the birthday cake. So… what gives game?

Ti-Ning’s random work friend: Um excuse me. This baby is crying.


I KNOW RANDOM FRIEND FROM WORK! I can’t get him to age up!

*stares at her screen*

So Marle finally listens to my action to bring Crono to the cake… except she decides to age him up ON HER WAY to the cake. Which means the cake is now sitting there useless.

Ok fine whatever. At least he’s a toddler now. Are we done bugging out?!

Crono aged up with a fairly low bladder need so first order of business is working on his potty training. How nice of Ti-Ning to show him how it’s done.

Well darnit. I forgot that Sim children randomly leave their homework on the front lawn. Which means that Ayla never did it. I’m going to need to remember to check that the minute she comes home from school. She needs good grades!

Yay! Thanks to befriending “Random Work Friend” (Who… honestly I never bothered to check her name. So that’s what she’s going to be called from now on), Ti-Ning was able to net himself another promotion! I’ll see what kind of house upgrades I can add in the next chapter. For now… I think it’s time we bid the Retreauxs adieu.

Don’t forget that the heir poll will be active until Crono hits Adulthood! Feel free to vote whenever you wish!

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Very nice! Things went a little hectic this time but at least it’s better now 😀

Let’s just hope Ti-Ning doesn’t decide to “befriend” that work friend a little more….he seems to have a thing for redheads 😛

You have shared creative content , its help me in some new knowledge Penglaris usaha . I hope you wll get God blessing forever

Oh my gosh, I never noticed that about the roach either! That is HILARIOUS! I think I was too grossed out by it to look that closely at it 😛

One of the things about the entire series (minus Sims 1) that drives me CRAZY is the way they act around babies and toddlers. Sometimes they are just so incredibly annoying! Glad he finally aged up… at last!

Ah! So cute!
What a handsome little guy Chrono is!

I especially like the screen shot of “Like father, like son”.

Great update!

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