The Retreaux Legacy Chapter 1.3 – Ti-Ning Moves In

Hello everyone! I hope those of you in Canada had a great Canada Day and those of you in the USA had a great Independence Day! As you can see above poor Marle had a pretty rough few days in the last chapter. Hopefully this chapter will be a little bit more kind to her and we don’t get another visit from the burglar!

… Oh.


Time to start looking for a new job I guess! This time I was able to grab the Political career track for her. Hopefully she’ll have better luck with it!

In the meantime I decided to have Ti-Ning come over to cheer Marle up. Between being robbed and losing her job, Marle could definitely use the company right now.

He seems to be doing a pretty good job of distracting her from the stresses of life! They are now in love. Huzzah! Let’s see if we can get him to move in and hopefully help Marle not only in the relationship department, but in the financial department as well.

Ah sweet! He accepted! And he actually brought in §9000! Not bad for a pizza delivery guy! After moving him in I learned that Ti-Ning is also a family sim and has the Lifetime Aspiration of becoming Captain Hero (top of the police track… that’s an easy one!).

With the money that Ti-Ning brought in, I was able to upgrade the house a little bit. We now have a separate bedroom, bathroom, and nursery because… well it’s a Legacy. We all know what the next step is.

Marle: Soooo…..

Ti-Ning: Uh….

Oh my god you two. Do I need to look away or something?

Aha! There we go! Aaaaaaand the lullaby played! That means we have a baby on the way! Yaaaay! The second generation is about to begin!

Now that Ti-Ning is in the police force, it’s time he started working on building muscle.

All that hard work paid off! Not only did Ti-Ning get into the “fit body” category, but he also got a promotion!

Ti-Ning: Awww YEAH! Look at me! I AM AWESOME!

Uh. Ok dude, don’t let this get to your head. You’ve still got a while before you can fly around in spandex and save hapless Sims.

Something interesting happened with Marle the following day. Right as the carpool came to pick her up, her belly popped to the 2nd trimester. When that happens in The Sims 2, the Sims are SUPPOSED to stay home on maternity leave until after the baby is born. However, since it happened right as the carpool arrived, she ended up going to work anyway. I was going to stop her but I was worried it would negatively impact her work day regardless of the fact that she is pregnant. So she went. Thankfully no game-breaking bugs occurred and she even ended up getting a promotion!

Marle: Oh Ti-Ning, you are the love of my life. Ever since you moved in, my luck has turned around. We’re having a baby. We both have good jobs. Let’s do this thing.

Romantic Marle. Such romance. So wow.

It’s not a Legacy Challenge unless your Sims are getting married by themselves randomly in their kitchen. (Bonus points if they are in their underwear and in the bathroom! Haha not really)

Alright. This has been a much better chapter for Marle. Clearly Ti-Ning is our good luck charm here. In the next chapter we will welcome in the new baby! Want to vote on whether it’s going to be a girl or boy or maybe even twins, head to this poll! (This is purely for fun. No rewards are given if you are right.)

See you guys with another chapter soon!



Yay, a happier chapter for them! They don’t realize that they should enjoy the peace and quiet now, because it’s soon going to get much more chaotic >:) Can’t wait to see the baby(ies)!


Haha as a parent IRL, I 100% agree!

Well written, structured and entertaining to read!

I’m new to this legacy type of thing so I’m getting into it, and I rather read about a legacy rather than watch long 30+ minute videos of them.

Can’t wait for the next chapter and my guess is Marle will have a boy! 😮


That’s great to hear! While I do still enjoy doing Let’s Plays, I just don’t have the time to record them right now, so the written format works much better for me. I’m glad you are enjoying it!

Ah! This is great! Their little house is so cute!
I cannot wait until the next chapter!


P.S. I voted girl! 😛


Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it 🙂 Next chapter should be up in a few days!