1. Thank you for sharing this information. So many changes back to Sims 2, but still sounds exciting and fun.

  2. I was aware that as a comedian you could perform a stand up comedy on stage, I was wondering can musicians also perform on stage? Maybe sing a song as well, or will they just play their instrument? 😛

    1. Author

      I did not find a ‘sing song’ action, but they can certainly perform instruments for other sims. My Test Legacy Challenge house has a 2-story stage built into the side of the house 😀

  3. Very cool! Thanks for the information.

  4. Are there no Sports related careers? That’s really disappointing 🙁

    1. For now, it seems like there isn’t. But I would be willing to bet they’ll be in a future expansion.

      1. Pls help me, I’m from Poland, and Idon’t know how to writein code, beacause my sim is a sportsman, but when i write “sportsman” or “athlete” it don’t work. please help me 😉

          1. I don’t know how to write sport carrer in code, but when i write
            “atlete” or “sportsman” it doesn’t work. Can you tell me how to write sport carrer in the code?

          2. I don’t know what you mean by “in the code”. Are you talking about using one of the scoresheets?

  5. Wow – super interesting! I think that’ll make it harder to level up, but also more interesting. It was getting pretty routine in TS3 to level up – basically just make sure they’re in a good mood and you’ve pretty much got it. I like that you actually have to practice and do certain things in order to progress now – much more like in real life.

  6. I can’t believe there’s no basic business career. Most of my Sims just like to climb the corporate ladder…

  7. I always preferred the Sims 2’s style of vanishing to the Sims 3’s rabbit holes. It allows modders to put in ALL THE CAREERS EVER!!! Or EA… Hey, I’d bay a career stuff pack. 30 careers tracks for 30 bucks, you know?

    1. I’ve always preferred the Sims 2 method as well. All those rabbit holes just seemed like a waste of resources to me.

  8. Thanks so much for the information! I am encouraged by the info as I always felt the sims 3 was just too easy. After returning to Sims 2 UC, I found you actually had to play the game as opposed to watching your sims do stuff. 🙂

    Can’t wait until Sept. 2.

  9. This was so much useful information! Thank you for sharing and I am excited for this game to come out. I am a little sad that there appears to be no medical career though, but I will get over it, haha. I am just looking forward to the game.

  10. I was wondering, did the chance cards show an “ignore” option like TS2?

  11. I was wondering, did the chance cards show an “ignore” option like TS2? 🙂

  12. no business career or medical nor athletic this game is getting weirder by the minute i think i will pass on buying this one, disappointing by the fact that not even the careers i want in the game are unavailable but what killed me was the story progression.

  13. Is self employed an option for careers, ie self employed painter? Or do they all have rabbit hole, 9 to 5 type jobs? I enjoyed being self employed painter, writer, sculptor in sims 3 and am desperately hoping it is available in sims4. Also are there consignment stores to sell your paintings, sculptures etc.

    1. From Pinstar at work:

      There is no “Declare yourself as self-employed” interaction like there was in Sims 3 Ambitions…but nothing is stopping you from making money by pure self-employed methods. The only thing you miss out on is the career reward objects that can be very helpful to that particular skill. Rather than boosting skill point gain like they did back in Sims 2, they can radiate a specific beneficial mood that can help put your sim in a mood that boosts whatever it is they are doing. (You can turn the mood auras on and off if you want an object for its aesthetic value but don’t care for its mood radiance)

  14. Quick question. Because there is no maternity leave do you still get days off from work after having the baby or are you having to work around work schedules? Also there is a rumor no more babysitters or nannies. Is this true?

    1. From Pinstar:

      I don’t remember about maternity leave, but I remember a rather small list of service NPCS you can call, so I don’t think nannies are out. Not sure how that works with kids. I lucked out in that Raheem’s work schedule was at night (being a standup comedian) while Lady Cheshire’s was during the day… and Lady Cheshire got lots of days off, so I never needed to hire one.

  15. Wow. Those careers really suck. Everyone is banging on about toddlers and pools but the total lack of normal careers or even a wide choice is why I won’t be buying the game. Even the original Sims from 2000 had 10 career tracks! How can you have a Sims game without Business, Medicine, Politics careers? I’m so done with this franchise.

    1. Author

      I agree that I’m a little off-put by the sudden change in theme and naming of the careers… BUT, don’t dismiss them as a strict negative. The *way* they work, from a functional and gameplay point of view is more interesting and dynamic than in previous incarnations in the series.

  16. So disappointed that careers are still just “rabbit holes”. That’s no fun at all.

    1. Technically they aren’t rabbit holes like they were in TS3. They are done more like TS2 where the Sim leaves the area to go to work but you don’t see where they go. I know what you mean though.

  17. Such a a shame about the basic jobs. However, I was interested in the tech guru career. I’m guessing that esport gamer is a competitive ea sports player rather than a youtuber and Start-up entrepreneur is a sort of Tech company owner rather than a video game designer. I personally would of preferred the former in both cases.

  18. Hello, I have a question. In culinary career we can choose between mixologist and chef. I chose mixologist but now I wonder how I could go back and choose to be chef. I’ve given up work and when I went back to choose a job, still there’s the mixologist option. How can I do it?

    1. Not sure! But I think the only way to do that is to quit the job and go back up the corporate ladder again.

  19. How do you become a streamer on the sims 4?

    1. According to the Prima Guide Sims can watch streams of Video Games at Level 7, but they can’t stream them themselves. Unless I’m reading that wrong.

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