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Dec 19

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #35 – Cid is STILL a Teen

Is it me or has Cid been a teenager for approximately 8 million years now? Gosh.  

Dec 05

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy Challenge #33 – The Creepy Get Together

Cid may have found a future potential spouse! Yay! Except she brought us to the creepiest possible hang out spot in the game. Uh. Hm… Suddenly I’m not so sure about this D:  

Nov 03

The Leet Sims 4 Legacy #29 – Deciding on House Traits

After a brief hiatus, the Leet Legacy is back in action! Also, stay tuned for a brand new challenge announcement here on the website later today!

Jul 22

The Leet Legacy #18 – Cid Grows Up

Jul 05

The Leet Legacy is back!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that the Leet Legacy is back on Youtube! Episode 14 was posted today and I will be trying to make it so that I can get at least 2 episodes of it up per week along with at least one Rosebud Challenge episode! I’ll be going …

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Dec 10

The Leet Legacy #12 – Christmas Trees & Clubs

Hi everyone! A new Leet Legacy episode is now live! In this episode we decorate for Christmas and start a Legacy club! The rules for the Legacy Challenge should be updated within the next day or two. I have them written up and I am just waiting for Pinstar to give the thumbs up on …

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Dec 04

The Leet Legacy #11 is live on Youtube!

Episode #11 of the Leet Legacy is now live on Youtube! In this episode, baby #3 is born! You can either watch the episode below, or directly on Youtube.

Dec 01

The Leet Legacy #10 is now live on Youtube!

Hey everyone! Episode #10 of the Leet Legacy is now live on my Youtube channel! You can either watch it below or directly on Youtube. I should have a new Let’s Play and Stories list up tomorrow depending on how much I get done today while my kids are at school!

Oct 29

The Leet Legacy #6 – Time to Make More Leets! is now live on Youtube

The sixth part of ImaginingMystic’s Leet Legacy is now live on Youtube! You can either check it out on her Youtube channel or view it below. Happy simming!