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Nov 02

A Brief Update – Sims 4 City Living & The Legacy Challenge

Hey everyone! I know I have been pretty quiet in regards to site updates lately, but real life has yet again gotten in the way. I just wanted to give you guys a brief update on where we stand with Sims 4: City Living. We are in the process of updating the Random Trait Generator right now, though …

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Aug 16

Future Rules Updates… what would you like to see?

Hey everyone! I’m starting to go through the recently released patches and game packs and working on updating the Legacy Challenge rules accordingly. Because of how long of a hiatus I had to take from the Legacy Challenge and Sims in general, it might take a while to find everything that needs to change.

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Aug 15

Let’s Get (More) Social!

08-15-16_10-54-41 AM

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. You may or may not have seen that I had to take the forums down the other day due to an error that caused a lot of the topics and posts to disappear. I decided that it was really worth keeping them up because it was …

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Aug 10

Let’s Play List – 8/10/2016

Hey everyone! I decided to split up the Creator’s List after all as it seemed a bit too long to keep all in one giant list. So I am posting the Let’s Play List today and will have the written stories list up in a few days or early next week! Unfamiliar with what these …

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Jul 22

The Leet Legacy #18 – Cid Grows Up

Feb 23

Let’s Play List – 2/23/2016

Yikes! It’s been a full month since I’ve posted one of the Let’s Play lists! The good news is, our move to our new house is now complete so I should be able to start posting these more regularly. Thanks for being patience guys! As always, if I’ve missed anyone, please let me know! Sims …

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Dec 30

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules Tweak (and a RL update!)

Hi everyone! Pinstar and I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. I just wanted to let you all know that we added a rule tweak in regards to Legacy lots. The gameplay rules state that a family cannot move from the lot you move the founder onto and must live on that lot for …

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Oct 20

Exemplar Succession Law Poll Up – Please Vote!

04-03-15_6-27 PM

Hello everyone! After reading several comments and doing some research myself on this, I am wondering how long it takes those of you that have chosen the Exemplar Succession Law to see the trait that you chose as the exemplar trait. How many kids do your Sims have to have before the Random Trait Generator …

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Aug 19

Live in 10 minutes with more Sims 4 Fantasia Legacy Fun!


  Just letting you all know that I’ll be live in 10 minutes (1pm EST) on my Twitch channel with more Sims 4 Fantasia Legacy fun! The chat voted last week and Menolly is our generation 3 heiress! Can’t wait to see what happens today!   It is completely free to join, follow, and watch …

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Aug 19

Weekly Let’s Play List – Week of 8/17/2015


  Hello everyone and welcome to another Weekly Let’s Play List! Each week we will post a list of new Let’s Plays and chapters in separate posts so that you can check out what others are doing and stay up to date with them. If I missed anyone, please let me know. It can be difficult …

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