The Retreaux Legacy Chapter 1.2 – Marle’s First Date

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Marle had a pretty good first couple of days in Desiderata Valley. She received a promotion on her first day at work and she even met a potential spouse in pizza delivery man, Ti-Ning Hanby. Can we keep up our lucky streak in this chapter? Let’s see!

First off… what in the heck is this? I mean, I know it’s an astronomy tower for observing stars, but uh… isn’t that a little um… unsafe? A slight breeze might knock it over onto Marle’s house! I should have her complain to the town board to get this fixed.

Marle has the day off, so I decided to have her work on her Creativity skill since she needs that for her next promotion in the Gamer career track. Plus we can make some extra simoleons by selling the paintings that she creates. Not much else happened this day. Just a lot of painting and eating lunchmeat sandwiches. So let’s skip ahead to the next day.

Thanks to all of the painting that we did the day before, Marle earned her second promotion! She decided to celebrate by inviting Ti-Ning over. Hopefully we can get him moved in soon and get working on generation 2!

Marle: Hi Ti-Ning! I was wondering… would you like to come over and hang out for a bit? I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday!

Hey Marle? I mean I get that you’re interested in finding a spouse, but don’t you think that maybe you should greet Ti-Ning is something other than your underwear?

Marle: Oh sure ok! I’ll change, one sec!

Ti-Ning: Oh man. I’m so nervous. I hope she likes me.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about Ti-Ning. But I sure hope she changed into something more decent than her lingerie.

She… changed into her pajamas. Well… I mean. I guess it’s an improvement. And she appears to have told an extremely funny joke so that’s good too. They seem to be hitting it off rather well!

Ooh! I couldn’t quite get a good shot of this, but I see pink hearts! Great job Marle! We’ll have him moved in in no time! He ended up getting his pink hearts in the very next flirty interaction that I had her perform so looks like the feeling is mutual too!

Aww their first kiss. How adorably awkward.

At this point I decided to bring them inside because I wanted to try and get Ti-Ning to stay the night with Marle. He refused, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop them from kissing a bit more.

Aaaand a little bit more.

At this point Marle was starting to get extremely tired and grumpy. I didn’t want to push it with more romantic interactions for fear that they would backfire. So I had Marle send Ti-Ning home and head to bed.

However… dun dun DUUUUNNNN…



OH COME ON! The chair too?! You *beep*!

Marle: Disembodied voice! Help! There’s a burglar! What do I dooooo?!


Marle: *sniffles* That was really scary. And now I have no chair. Or books to read. I’m going to be so BORED!

Yes, because you being bored is the biggest problem we have right now. I guess I’m using your promotion money to buy new stuff.

In the meantime, you may as well eat your cereal standing up so you can see what it’s like to REALLY rough it. Just be glad I didn’t start you on an Extreme start. This could have been so much worse.

And that’s all for this chapter! Hope you guys enjoyed! With any luck we’ll get Ti-Ning moved in in the next chapter and maybe even get started on Generation 2. Marle isn’t getting any younger after all!





Oh nooooo, not a burglar! Stealing her stuff! It always hits so hard when they show up early on in the legacy! Hopefully she can get another promotion soon and move in Ti-Ning so she can recover.


LOL yep. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time that that has happened to me at the start of a challenge in the Sims 2. Darn Burglars!

Aww. Poor Marle. Good luck with the pizza delivery guy!


Thank you!

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