Toddler Trait Generator Should HOPEFULLY Be Fixed!

Hello again everyone! I think I might have finally figured out the problem with the Toddler Random Trait Generator! It turns out that the plugin was no longer changing the trait when you refreshed the page (for… some weird reason). What I found out though, was that clicking the link to the page again DID change it. So I have changed how the pages work and rather than having you refresh to view a new trait, you will simply click the links called “Generate a Toddler Trait” or “Generate Another Toddler Trait” on the Toddler Trait Generator Page. DO NOT TRY TO REFRESH. Refreshing will not work. I tested this a few times myself and it seems to be working perfectly now.

This is apparently also why commenting DID work because apparently every time you commented, it sent you to a new version of the page.

Anyway. Hopefully this fixes the issue for all of you! Try clicking the “Generate Another Toddler Trait” link a couple of times after you generate an initial trait on the generator and let me know if it changes it. You might still occasionally get repeats, but you shouldn’t be stuck on the same trait for more than a few times anymore.