Updating the Legacy & Wonder Child Challenge to Include Toddlers


So many people were stunned yesterday to see that Toddlers were added to The Sims 4 in a FREE update to the game. Us included!
We’ve already gotten several questions regarding how toddlers will fit in to the Legacy Challenge and Wonder Child Challenge as well as whether or not we are going to update the Random Trait Generator. This update took us as much by surprise as it did all of you, so we were not able to get the Random Trait Generator updated sooner. We also are dealing with some real life stuff (a family member has been dealing with some health issues) so that needed to take priority.

However, I will say that YES, we WILL be updating the Random Trait Generator to include toddlers. We are contacting the person that helped us create the generator today to see about getting them added. Though it might take a few days to a week for the updates to be done.

As for the rules of the challenges… the Legacy Challenge won’t change much aside from that fact that you’ll need to use the Random Trait Generator to determine the traits of the new toddlers. Otherwise the challenge will remain pretty much the same.

The Wonder Child Challenge, however, will be getting a complete overhaul so that the toddler stage can be added in and counted for points. I suggest that if you are playing a Wonder Child Challenge right now and have an infant, that you hold off on playing it again until the rules are updated. Pinstar will get cracking on that this weekend.

Our other challenges (Movin’ On Up, Immigrant, and Apocalypse) will not be affected by the addition of toddlers and therefore will not have any rule changes/updates. So continue playing those as per usual, just with adorable little toddlers now 🙂



I hope the family member is better and yes the toddler thing was a surprise!

Toddlers are great but they are like actual toddlers, breaking things, throwing food, having tantrums and can toddler around

I haven’t been able to play due to breaking my laptop screen. I finally found a tv to hook it up to, I went out and bought City Living. Then to my surprise as I clicked on Origin, up popped an update… Toddlers?! I thought I was seeing things & going crazy! I think I was more shocked that it was free. FREE! They could of easily made a fortune off of us by making toddlers as an expansion, like Generations. NEVER been more happier with The Sims series! Now to make a new legacy family with CUTE toddlers! YAY!

I started a legacy just because toddlers are in the game, lol

Not having a bathtub in the apocalypse challenge will be a bit of an issue with toddlers i’d imagine.
I know you can change their diaper to give them a little bit of hygiene, but in the small amount of time I’ve played with them, that option doesn’t always seem to be available.

Any ideas?