Decision Regarding Retreaux & Novella Stories!

Hi everyone! I know I said that I was going to wait until Friday to make a decision about this, but after looking at the poll results and doing some thinking about it on my own, I have made a decision about whether or not I am going to move the Retreaux and Novella stories over to my Youtube channel as Let’s Plays.

I was surprised at how many people actually wanted them to remain as written stories. Out of the 48 votes, 33% of you requested that they stay stories. While this isn’t the overwhelming majority, it was enough of you to make me think that maybe I shouldn’t move them both.

So instead I thought I’d come to a compromise and hopefully make everyone happy. The Retreaux Legacy will remain a written story. I prefer Sims 2 playthroughs as written stories. I love writing them and it kind of brings back some nostalgia for the old Sims 2 BBS days. So Retreaux will NOT be moving to Youtube.

However, I DO prefer doing Let’s Plays of Sims 4 playthroughs over writing them and to be honest, the Novella story was never very popular as a written series (at least compared to the Retreaux Legacy). The Movin’ On Up Challenge also seems to do better on Youtube than it does as a written story (at least in my opinion). So the Novella story will be discontinued here and restarted as a Let’s Play series on Youtube.

From now on, I think that is how I am going to work things. All Sims 2 challenges will be written stories here on the site, and all Sims 4 challenges will be Youtube Let’s Plays. I’m currently unsure whether or not I will do any Sims 3 challenge playthroughs. The game always tends to bug out for me.

I hope this works for all of you!


Perfect compromise 🙂 I really, really enjoy written Sims stories, but I also like your Let’s Plays, so this way we’ll get to have both! 🙂

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