Legacy Challenge Rules & Scoring Overhaul

It’s been a while since Pinstar and I had a chance to go over the rules and scoring of the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge with a fine-toothed comb, but we finally had a chance to do just that this past weekend.

We had been receiving many comments and DMs that the scoring as it was previously was far too difficult to keep up with now that there are so many new packs in the game. So we decided to take a look at what we had and update the scoring section of the challenge accordingly. Many of the scoring requirements have been drastically reduced to allow players to be able to enjoy the game without stressing over whether or not they are hosting enough parties or maxing enough skills. You can see all of the changes on the scoring page. The scoring sections that changed were as follows:

  • Family: Unchanged
  • Creative: Unchanged
  • Fortune: Unchanged
  • Love: The 10th point is no longer earned by completing both love aspirations in one lifetime. You will earn the 10th point by earning a set number of unique traits.
  • Athletic: Changed to 1 point for every 4 aspirations completed. The 10th point is earned by getting every unique aspiration in the game. (Toddler & Child included)
  • Nature: Unchanged
  • Food: Unchanged
  • Popularity: Changed to 1 point for every 9 medal points earned. 10th point requirement remains the same.
  • Deviance: Changed to 1 point for every 2 saved potions of youth.

As for the gameplay rule updates, the biggest changes here are that you will no longer be required to buy objects (Knight of the Octagon Table, etc) to get your Sim’s money down. You can just use the money cheat to change it to either §1800 for a regular start or §0 for an extreme start. You can also start on any 50 x 50 or 64 x 64 lot that you wish.

The other change to gameplay isn’t really a change, so much as it is an update on how we plan to go forward with this challenge. Pinstar and I have decided that updating the challenge for every single pack/expansion is making the challenge far too unwieldy. So we have decided to stop updating it after Seasons. You are more than welcome to use any and all future packs in your Legacy families as you wish. Those packs will not affect your overall score and can just be for fun.

We will continue to add new aspirations and traits to the random trait generators as needed.

Finally. We have a “new” Legacy Challenge in the works. The rules should be finalized for that by tomorrow. It will be announced once it’s ready!


I am really excited to see this “new” legacy challenge. Thanks!

Hi Mystic,

I was just wondering how the 10th point in the Love Section is earned. The Scoring Page mentions you earn a point for every 3 unique traits your Primary Spouses bring into the family. However the 10th generation Heir won’t have a Spouse since the Challenge ends when the 10th Gen Heir is born bringing the max number of unique traits to 27 (=9 points). How is the final point earned?


Oops! My fault, I goofed on the math. I’ll fix that in just a second.

Ok wait no. Pinstar goofed on the math because that’s what he told me to do LOL. Hmm let me ask him how he wants to fix that.

One question; are sims allowed to visit other lots? It’s not clear whether that was allowed or not cos it says they should remain on the lot but does that mean they only live on that lot but visit other lots, or they cannot even visit other lots apart from vacations?

They can visit other lots, they just can’t sell the Legacy lot and move to another one.