Welcome to the new Legacy Challenge website!

Welcome to the new Legacy Challenge Website - Pinstar and ImaginingMystic

Hello and welcome to the new Legacy Challenge Website! For the last week I have been busily getting our new website together. I have wanted to move the Legacy Challenge Blog over to it’s own domain for a while now, but I was worried that transferring from a Blogger blog to a WordPress blog was going to be way more trouble than it was worth. However, I finally decided to just grit my teeth and do it.  And you know what?  Transferring from Blogger to WordPress is EASY. It took all of about 5 minutes to get the posts from Blogger to here.

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December 2013 Sim of the Month Challenge – Fred Fernberger

 Fred Fernberger
Sim of the Month: December 2013

(NOTE:  If you have never done a Sim of the Month Challenge before and would like to know more, you can find more information on the Sim of the Month Challenge Page.)


Fred Fernberger was never what you would call a “Normal” person. A day dreamer, Fred has always had difficulty remaining grounded in reality. To him, life should be a fairy tale, with happy endings for everybody. Unfortunately for Fred, life isn’t a fairy tale and up until now, his own life did not look like it was headed for a happy ending.
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Some updates and some sad news for my Legacy Challenge Story…

First off, I hope all of our American readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  Also, Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

Secondly…. I guess I may as well give the sad news….

My Sims 2 game seems to be a goner.

It hasn’t been able to load without an error (a completely blank error by the way) for the last 2 weeks.  I’m not sure if the CD was scratched or if something else happened, but I have been unable to get it to load.  I had installed 2 other games in that time and I thought maybe they caused a conflict and deleted them, but that didn’t help the matter.  So it looks like my Sims 2 Legacy Challenge is done for… at least for the moment.  If I can figure out what happened with it and can get it working again, I will try to start it up.  However, I am not hopeful.  This tends to be the trend for me.  I get super involved in a Sims 2 Legacy only to have a glitch or game error completely destroy it.

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ImaginingMystic’s Legacy Story – Chapter 3

Here we are again.  After the arrival of Geneva and Aaron’s second boy, I promptly sent them back to the bed to try for yet another baby.  No rest for the weary in this family!
Geneva:  So… I guess we should get to it, huh?
Aaron:  Yeah, I suppose.  Though I’m having fun staring creepily at our Overlord.
Geneva:  Don’t do that, you may end up a Zombie or something.
Nice foreplay guys.
Anyway, they did the deed, baby lullaby played, and that means Baby #3 is currently baking.
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Sims 4 News – Game Set to Launch in Fall of 2014!

EA has announced that the Sims 4 will be launching in the fall of 2014.  This is a bit later than their original plan of “early 2014”, but I’m not really complaining.  A later launch date means that they are giving themselves more time for testing which will -hopefully- alleviate some bugs (and we all know the Sims can be a buggy game!).

The game is now also available for pre-order.  You can do so either through the official Sims website or through another online shopping site such as Amazon.

One thing about the Sims 4 that has me pretty excited is Emotions.  I’m really curious as to how these will play out in the Legacy Challenge.  Information on The Sims 4 can be found at Hypable.com.

I really liked the Trait system in Sims 3 and I am glad to see that it will be making it’s return in the Sims 4.

I can’t give any details yet as to how the Legacy Challenge will work in The Sims 4, but I am hoping to get some information out soon.  Pinstar is reading through some information now, and will hopefully have something to share with you all soon.  It won’t be in-depth rules, but it might be a glimmer of what you can expect when the new game launches.

So now a question for our readers:

What would YOU like to see in the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge?  Was there anything specific in the previous challenges that you’d really prefer wouldn’t be in the new one, or maybe something you really loved that you want to see again?  We’d love to hear from you!

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ImaginingMystic’s Legacy Story – Chapter 2

We last left our family as they were about to *ahem* consummate their marriage.
And it looks like Generation 2 is on it’s way!  The lullaby music played, and Geneva is pregnant (hopefully with a girl so that the Matriarchy handicap doesn’t result in being a huge difficulty).
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Looking for some fan suggestions for links!

Since Pinstar and I have been a bit out of the loop from the Sims Community for the last couple of years we thought it might be a good idea (and thank you to Polly for the suggestion) to ask the fans of the Legacy Challenge to submit to us any Legacy/Apocalypse/Sim of the Month sites and stories that they follow so that we can link to them here.  We’d also love any Custom Content sites that you visit frequently as we’d love to link to them as well.

If you have any suggestions, please either leave a comment here, or email me at mysticlegacychallenge@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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ImaginingMystic’s Legacy Story – Introduction

Well, it’s been a few years (several, in fact) since I’ve attempted to write a story for a Sims 2 Legacy Family.  In spite of being married to the challenge’s creator I’ve never actually successfully completed a Legacy Challenge.  I intend to finally remedy that.

I decided to follow the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Advanced Rules as I think that adding more challenges to my Legacy family will help keep me interested longer than the 3 Generations I usually make it until I get bored and the family is swimming in Simoleons.  I will also be using Handicaps.

Rather than dive head first into Chapter 1, I decided to give a brief introduction to my founder.  I am still working on writing Chapter 1 and hope to have it up within the next week or so.

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