Random Trait Generators Updated for the Cats & Dogs Expansion!

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that the both of the Random Trait Generators (the all traits at once and the one trait at a time generators) have been updated to include the Aspiration and two new traits included in the Cats & Dogs expansion. As always, if you do not own this expansion simply re-roll (click the Roll Another Child button) to get traits that you do have the expansion for.

Also, in regards to changes to the Legacy Challenge rules for this new expansion… there likely will not be any major gameplay changes. We will not be updating the rules to include a pet Legacy as pets count as part of your 8 Sim limit which will make it very difficult to run your regular Sim Legacy. Legacy families are allowed to have pets, but just keep in mind that they count towards your Sim limit which might be a problem if you have a lot of Sims in a particular generation.

There MIGHT be a standalone pet related challenge coming in the future, but no changes will be made to any of our current challenges to add pets sub-rules.