The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.8 – Random Work Friend Likes to Visit

Ahhh… another day in the life of the Retreaux Legacy. Now that the kids are getting older, things are starting to get more interesting. Ayla is in school now and Crono is learning his toddler skills so that he’s ready for childhood and beyond. In our last chapter, things got a bit buggy in regards to Crono aging up, so hopefully we don’t encounter any more game issues in this chapter. It’s waaaay too early in the Legacy to start encountering bugs!

Working on Crono’s skills aren’t the only thing we are doing, however. Enjoying some fun, play time with him is also something that both Marle and Ti-Ning have spun up wants for. So of course, I’m happy to oblige. Also, as a parent, I am totally cringing at how high Ti-Ning is throwing the kid. Is he TRYING to throw him through the ceiling? Yikes.

Mmm breakfast of champions. Cold leftover spaghetti and meatballs from last night’s dinner. At least she’s eating before school… her hunger need was starting to get a little low.

Speaking of breakfast, Crono is enjoying a bowl of oatmeal. However, I noticed something about the pajamas he’s wearing. They have mittens on them. How disgusting must those things be at the end of the day? Eww.

Random Work Friend has been coming over almost every day at the end of shift. I know one of my readers on Discord expressed concern that she might be trying to steal Ti-Ning away from Marle, however, I can guarantee that that isn’t even remotely the case. She doesn’t even TALK to Ti-Ning when she comes over. Instead she spends all of her time with…

Ayla. The two of them are already listed as best friends. Every time Random Work Friend comes over, she spends every waking moment with Ayla. This will work out well for Ayla when she is an adult because Random Work Friend won’t be aging, so they’ll be the same age once Ayla becomes an adult (ahhh good ol’ Sims 2).

Later that night Ti-Ning helps Ayla with her homework. Two books worth of homework I should mention. Mainly because I forgot about them leaving it in the grass the night before. Getting Ti-Ning to help Ayla was a challenge in and of itself, however. There were some weird pathing issues that was causing him to not be able to go outside with her. It took… oh… 7 tries for them to get to this point.

All that hard work paid off though, as the following day Ayla came home with an A+ report card.

Ayla: Hey mom! I know you’re on the toilet right now, but guess what? I GOT AN A+!

We’re getting close to Crono’s birthday and I really want to make sure to get him all of his skills before he ages up. So I got a Smart Milk machine. We’ll be utilizing this in the next chapter and then going ham on toddler training.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! I’m hoping to do another one later this week! In the meantime don’t forget about the heir poll, which will be active until Crono reaches adulthood. You don’t have to vote until then if you are waiting to see their aspirations. But just reminding you all that it’s there.



Oh man! Well glad we don’t have to worry about random-work-friend! If Ti-Nang keeps bringing home work friends who are interested in the kids then we might have an easy time finding our next gen a spouse ;D


Exactly! LOL

That’s so funny that the work friend keeps talking to ““““““““““““`Ayla! At least it isn’t Marsha Bruenig 😛

Hahaha, at Charolette’s Marsha Bruening comment!!

She still came around through the teen and adults years. Aging her up she made a nice wife.

Also “hahaha” that Randow Work Friend comes over to hang out with Ayla!
When Ayla and Crono are adults, Alya could introduce RWF to Crono. She looks good wife material.