Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules – Scoring

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Scoring

A total of 100 points can be earned in The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge.
(101 if using a handicap) (103 if using the Parenthood Pack)

The scoring categories are as follows:

Family: 10 total points

The Family point category is the most simple of all. You gain 1 point per generation to have an eligible heir reach young adulthood.

The scoring goes as follows:

  • One point per generation
  • The point is gained when the current heir reaches young adulthood
  • The challenge ends the moment the 10th generation child is born, since this child does not become a young adult, the 10th point needs to be earned by doing the following:
    • The 10th point is obtained by having/adopting 10 children in a single generation

Creative: 10 total points

Documenting and honoring one’s fallen ancestors is paramount to keeping the family Legacy strong. While family members live and die, they die happy knowing that they will not be forgotten.

  • Founder/heir and their primary spouse must be memorialized per generation. 1 point each generation.
  • Ways to memorialize are:
    • Write a song for a Sim (Sim writing the song must have Piano, Violin, OR Guitar skill must be 8+)
    • Comedy routine (Sim doing the routine must have Comedy skill of 8+), routine must be done at least once during a party.
    • Paint a portrait by choosing “Paint from Reference” with a Sim with a painting skill level 8 or higher.
    • Write a biography about a Sim (Sim writing the biography must have writing skill of 10).
    • Create a Video Game in honor of a sim. (Video Games require a level 9+ Programming Skill)
    • Take a photo of a Sim. (Must be done by a Sim with photography skill level 5)
  • This will earn you 9 points since challenge ends as soon as 10th generation baby is born
  • 10th point is earned by having a single Sim complete two out of the three creative aspirations in their lifetime.

Fortune: 10 total points

While the founder starts off on an empty grass lot with pocket change to their name, a Legacy Family is expected to grow in wealth as more and more Sims succeed in life and bring in riches for the family to share and pass along to future generations. With the addition of The Sims 4 Get to Work funds from a business owned by the Legacy family now counts towards the family net worth.

  • Points are earned by meeting the specific household worth thresholds as follows:
    • $75,000 = 1 point
    • $120,000 = 2 points
    • $200,000 = 3 points
    • $320,000 = 4 points
    • $510,000 = 5 points
    • $830,000 = 6 points
    • $1,300,000 = 7 points
    • $2,100,000 = 8 points
    • $3,500,000 = 9 points
    • $5,700,000 = 10 points (this MAY be replaced with having ALL Business Perks if your family owns a business)

Love: 10 total points

While the Legacy Family is the star of the show, one cannot deny the unique outsider perspective that the spouses bring in. A family with a deep and diverse array of lovers helps the Legacy Family grow both literally and in wisdom.

  • For every 3 unique traits that the Primary spouse (see the spouses section of the Gameplay Rules for more information on Primary spouses) brings into the family you gain 1 point.
  • While there are 35 unique traits in game, only 27 will ever be earned by your family, which will total 9 points.
  • The 10th point is earned by having a Sim complete both love aspirations in one lifetime.

Knowledge: 10 points

Being skilled is one thing, but being a master at something is completely different. To demonstrate their mastery of many subjects, a Legacy Family must devote themselves to a life of study and practice if they ever want to be known for their skills.

  • You gain points according to the total number of skills that reach max level (either 5 or 10 depending on the skill) according to the following chart:
    • 3 skills reaching max level = 1 point
    • 5 skills reaching max level = 2 points
    • 8 skills reaching max level = 3 points
    • 13 skills reaching max level = 4 points
    • 21 skills reaching max level = 5 points
    • 34 skills reaching max level = 6 points
    • 55 skills reaching max level = 7 points
    • 89 skills reaching max level = 8 points
    • 144 skills reaching max level = 9 points
  • Toddler & childhood skills count for the above totals just as much as adult skills do.
  • The 10th point is earned by having every skill reach max level at some point during the challenge. (Including toddler & childhood skills, can be done by different Sims in different generations). This does not have to be done by one Sim.

Athletic: 10 points

It is the goal of every athlete to push themselves. To hunker down and through the pain and sweat and push themselves the extra mile in order to achieve greatness. This category is about pushing your Sims to greatness through the fulfillment of their aspirations.

  • You gain points depending on the total number of aspirations that are completed according to this chart:
    • 1 aspiration completed = 1 point
    • 2 aspirations completed = 2 points
    • 3 aspirations completed = 3 points
    • 5 aspirations completed = 4 points
    • 8 aspirations completed = 5 points
    • 13 aspirations completed = 6 points
    • 21 aspirations completed = 7 points
    • 34 aspirations completed = 8 points
    • 55 aspirations completed = 9 points
  • Childhood aspirations count just as much as adult aspirations for this point chart.
  • The 10th point is earned when you have completed all four childhood aspirations and every single adult aspiration at least once during the duration of the challenge. This DOES NOT have to be done by a single Sim or in a single generation. You have the whole challenge to complete this point.

Nature: 10 points

All nature Sims love their collections, but a Legacy Family gets REALLY into collecting, and more than just rocks and frogs and such. Complete these 10 collections and be the envy of all collectors out there. You earn one point for each collection you complete. No partial points are given for partial collections. With the December update adding Business and Athletic, those careers are now needed to fulfill the career points in this category.

Complete 13 out of the 16 possible collections.

  • Have somebody die on the family lot in one of each of the 10 different ways to die = 1 point
  • There are 13 collections (out of 16 possible collections in the game) to complete to earn you points in Nature they are the following (these can be earned throughout the course of the game, NOT by a single Sim or generation) this will earn you a total of 5 points:
    • 1 collection completed = 1 point
    • 2 collections completed = 2 points
    • 5 collections completed = 3 points
    • 9 collections completed = 4 points
    • 13 collections completed = 5 points
  • Have Sims within the household reach the top level of each career track = 1 point
  • Have Sims within the household reach the top level of both branches of every career track = 1 point
  • Collect every single emotional painting type (Angry, Sad, Playful, Flirty, Confident, Focused) = 1 point
  • Collect and store on the family lot every single consumable aspiration reward = 1 point

Food: 10 points

The food category is a buffet of tasks for your Sims to perform. Some easy, some difficult, but all related to food.

Earn one point for completing each of the following:

  • Purchase the most expensive fridge and stove and fully upgrade both of them = 1 point
  • Have a Sim make a highest quality version of Baked Alaska, the most difficult to make dish = 1 point (NOTE: Baking the highest level baking dish can be done in lieu of gourmet cooking to satisfy the ‘Highest Quality version of Baked Alaska’ point.)
  • Have a single Sim max the cooking, baking (if you have Sims 4 Get to Work) gourmet cooking, and mixology skills = 1 point
  • Have Sims complete both food aspirations in a single generation, they can be done by two different Sims = 1 point
  • Have a Sim get fat from your family’s cooking = 1 point
  • Have at least six Sims (family members or guests) all sitting at the table eating at the same time = 1 point
  • Reach the top of both food career branches = 1 point
  • Cook a meal with at least two fresh ingredients that are of the highest quality = 1 point
  • Have a Sim make their date a max-quality meal or mix a max-quality drink during a single date = 1 point
  • Serve a max-quality party-sized meal and mix a max-quality drink and serve both during a single party = 1 point

Popularity: 10 points

The only thing more legendary than a well-developed Legacy Family house is a Legacy Family house party! Making your home party central for the region will have everyone wanting to make friends with the family in hopes of securing an invite.

Points earned depending on the medals you earn from parties and dates.

Gold medal = 3 points – Silver Medal = 2 points and Bronze Medal = 1 point

You will need to keep track of how many medals you earn in each date or party in order to tally the totals up correctly. These medal points are tracked throughout the entire Legacy

  • 20 Medal Points = 1 point
  • 30 Medal Points = 2 points
  • 60 Medal Points = 3 points
  • 90 Medal Points = 4 points
  • 150 Medal Points = 5 points
  • 200 Medal Points = 6 points
  • 400 Medal Points = 7 points
  • 600 Medal Points = 8 points
  • 1000 Medal Points = 9 points
  • The 10th point is earned by having a single Sim get a gold medal in all the different types of parties AND a gold medal on a date. (This can be replaced by having earned all possible club perks in your Legacy club instead.)

Deviance: 10 points

Many think of evil and mischief when they hear the word ‘deviance’ but in reality they are merely a Sim expressing their impulsive desires in a form that is harmful to others. Not all impulsive desires are harmful, but giving into them is the name of the game here. Now, condensing all their hard work into an elixir that they will never benefit from? Yeah that’s deviant.

Points are gained depending on the total number of potions of youth that are kept somewhere in the Legacy House unused. It is recommended that you keep these in a small room that Sims don’t have access to so they don’t accidentally drink them.

Potions of Life cost 1,500 aspiration points each.

  • 1 Potion of Youth = 1 point
  • 2 Potions of Youth = 2 points
  • 3 Potions of Youth = 3 points
  • 5 Potions of Youth = 4 points
  • 8 Potions of Youth = 5 points
  • 12 Potions of Youth = 6 points
  • 20 Potions of Youth = 7 points
  • 30 Potions of Youth = 8 points
  • 50 Potions of Youth = 9 points
  • 80 Potions of Youth = 10 points

Parenthood: 2 Optional Points

These points are optional and only if you own the Sims 4 Parenthood Pack.

  • 1 point for each upbringing trait you are able to gain from someone in the family  (Positive AND Negative traits) 10 traits in total.
  • 1 points if you are able to have a single sim grow up with all 5 traits manifesting (they don’t all have to be positive)

Handicaps (adds 1 extra point)

With the addition of The Sims 4 Get Together you now have the option of including one handicap to your Legacy challenge that will net you an additional point if completed (which means that, yes, it is possible to now get 101 points in a Legacy)

  • Extreme Start – To get the handicap for the Extreme Start you must start your Legacy on one of the two new 64 x 64 lots in Windenburg. Once you purchase the lot you cannot buy ANYTHING until you earn enough to purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table, you will need an additional 200 simoleons to purchase the Knight. Once the Knight has been purchased (leaving you with close to or exactly 0 simoleons) and placed into your inventory you can start the challenge as per usual just with A LOT less money at your disposal. The Knight MUST be purchased before the first bills arrive, failure to do this will result in you being unable to earn this handicap point. Successfully completing this handicap will give you 1 extra point at the end of your challenge. (Thank you to Aprilise for helping us figure this handicap out!)

Penalties: -3 points total

Nobody likes to think about the bad things in life. While your Sims are certainly expected to have their ups and downs, there are some downs that are especially low and reflect very poorly on a Legacy Family if they ever happen. This is a point category like all the others, except all points here are negative and subtract from your total score and your goal is to obtain 0 points here.

  • -1 point every time the power is shut off due to unpaid bills
  • -1 point every time the plumbing is shut off due to unpaid bills
  • -1 point per child/infant taken away by social services



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Hello, just looking for a little clarification for the Parenthood bonus points.

-“1 point for each upbringing trait you are able to gain from someone in the family (Positive AND Negative traits) 10 traits in total.”
Do you have to gain each upbringing trait (all 10) throughout the generations in order to get that 1 bonus point for the overall score? Or are you adding a bonus point for every unique trait (up to 10) to the overall score?

Thanks in advance. Love this challenge!

Yeah, that’s something that’d need to be cleared up.

Sorry I must have missed this question initially! I just asked Pinstar to clarify and he said:

Every unique trait
You can obtain them over the course of the 10 generations
Doesn’t have to be within a single generation
nor does it matter if the kids are heirs or not, or what order you get them

Hopefully that helps!

Hooray for bullets!

For the fortune category…”household worth” is just the lot value… that doesn’t include the cash on hand, right?

Pinstar Legacy


Could this maybe be reconsidered? I’ve been sort of keeping an eye on the values of a lot of the bigger, fancier lots uploaded to the gallery, and I have only found one that broke through the $1,000,000 mark – I have yet to find anything to reach anywhere close to $5,000,000 to the point where I’m skeptical that it could even be possible. Maybe once we have a few more EPs and a few more expensive things to add to lots it could be easier, but I don’t see how someone with just the base game could build a house worth $5,700,000 (and certainly not one that would also be fun and easy to play without sims taking half a day to get from point A to point B).

Of course, if someone has managed to build a house this big, I’m all ears.

Pinstar Legacy

Hmmm I will take a closer look at the housing value then. Perhaps I might make it home value + cash on hand.

I like the idea of challenging myself/players to build the grandest house they can build, but my concern was the feasibility of it.

Maybe split the category similarly to how the popularity or knowledge categories are split, where up to 9 points is earned for having a household worth+cash on hand total of whatever million dollars, with a 10th point earned when the lot value itself is over 1 million? Just a suggestion. 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

I am always looking into feedback, and may re-tool some major scoring rules once the first full expansion pack comes out.

^ That would be very helpful!

i decided to start this challenge but dont really care about points do i have to use them


Nope! Only use them if you want to.

Looks awesome, love the update on the scoring and formatting! Thanks again for putting this together.

Here is a legacy points tracker I put together using Excel – you can download your own copy from here:

Here is an example of the tracker in use.

Awesome! And MY first gen leader was Piper, too.

Hey, this is awesome! Thanks!!!

Its not working for me 🙁 When I click yes for the heir the name come up. I think something went wrong with the codes or something. I am using Excel 2010 could that be the problem?

Can you describe the problem more? Right now it is designed to display the current Heir in the summary at the top. So when you select Yes for Heir the name will display.

If you would like to keep track of potential Heirs use the “Is Eligible Heir” column. Then once your Heir is decided then you would select Is Heir to show the permanent Heir.

This way you can track all of your eligible Heirs and at time of succession just look at the eligible Sims and use your Heir Law to decide which Sim gets YES in Is Heir

So for me – I am using Strict Equality, Strict Traditional, Merit
My Founder is female and she had one son and one daughter – So I select YES Is Eligible Heir for the Son but NO for the daughter. In the event I have another Son I would have 2 Eligible Heirs.

At the time of my founders death – I would select YES Is Heir for Son with the most completed aspiration (Merit)

I am running into some issues as well. I was unable to use the Excel Online sheet because it doesn’t work properly (doesn’t show the drop down menus, etc) yet when I open it in Excel itself, even after filling in the Heir options, it still lists it as the error #NAME. I was hoping to be able to use it on my tablet with an Excel app on there, but even that is proving impossible. It doesn’t help me to use it when I’m on the computer I would use Excel on. Was just curious if anyone else has run into this or seen a solution at all.

I’m also having this problem. I’ve typed the heirs name in the right column, checked yes for both eligible heir/is heir, but the field where the heirs name should be as Gen 2 Heir: Zuri Burke is instead showing as Gen 2 Heir: #NAME?

Hello Ebony,
Are you using excel or another platform? I was using Open Office at first and I had this #NAME problem. What I now use is Excel Online, also free. Works great for me!
Becca, I had a question in the LOVE scoring section. I don’t know if I got it wrong, but I tought there needed to be 27 unique traits, however in your scoring sheet I see only 9. Can you clarify it for me please? 🙂 (I hope you can uderstand me, I’m french and don’t speak english very well!) Thanks for the awesome calculator, I find it very helpful! 🙂

I’m using Microsoft Excel 2010. It doesnt let me edit in the Excel Online, I had to save and open in Microsoft Excel to make changes.

Thank you so much! This is awesome work. Will be way easier than using the composition book I stole from the kids. 🙂

Great spreadsheet! Thanks!

Question: Is the section on Love correct? I thought it was one point per every 3 unique traits brought in by spouses (max 27 traits for 9 points), but it looks like your sheet is only counting 9 unique traits at 1 point per trait.

MsPhy I have the same question. I cant find the answer. Can someone help?

Hopefully I will address all of the questions here.

First off, thank you for the feedback! I have updated the sheet to reflect the proper scoring for the LOVE section, you were all absolutely correct on that. There is also instructions on the Setup page how to update your own sheet if you already started tracking your info.

The file will NOT be editable directly from the link provided –
You can download your own copy from the FILE menu, which will have all the functioning drop downs.

I am using some complicated formulas to carry the HEIR name over which may not be compatible with older versions of excel. Dominique thank you for pointing out that you can access excel online for free. Download your own copy of the calculator and upload it to your free office account. I have not tested this sheet on my mobile version of office.

Link to FREE office – you will need to make an account.

If you are unable to use the online version of office, you can update the heir manually. Once you have decided who the Heir will be you can copy it over manually to the next generation tab – I was trying to do it automatically to make it easier to reference, but it has no basis on your score. It is just there to help keep track of who will be eligible for heir in the next gen.

Thank you so so so so much!!!!

So I know this is years later, but I’m looking at using your Excel sheet, and the second link is broken. What does Used Life Aspiration mean?

If anyone else knows, since I know this is so late, could you let me know?

How exactly do the Skills points work? If different sims level up the same skill to 10 do they all count? I.E Founder sim levels painting up to 10, husband levels painting up to 10, child levels painting to 10. Does that count as 3 skills reaching 10, since you need 144 for 9 points.

Pinstar Legacy

Yes, that’s exactly how it works. It is fine if the same skill is being raised to 10. The only part that wants unique skills is the “Raise one skill to 10 of every skill” point, but that can be done with different sims through out the challenge.

Jimmy Fantastic

Hi, I think your site is great and I am doing the Legacy Challenge. Everything seems tough but achievable except the popularity category – you realise that it takes at least 334 parties to get 10 points right?!

Pinstar Legacy

Dates count too, and those can be done VERY quickly.

Lina AbuYasin

Hello, thank you for developing such a great challenge, but I have a question about the ” love 10 points “, I didn’t get the concept, the primary spouse should have 3 unique traits in accordance to the family i am currently playing in my household or to the primary spouses who are coming later in the game?
Thank a lot for your time 😀

Pinstar Legacy

Each generation gets one “Primary Spouse” who is essentially the first sim brought in when that generation becomes a young adult. The goal is to get 27 unique traits across all 9 primary spouses during the challenge. So if my first primary spouse is Gloomy, Active and Childish and my 2nd primary spouse is Gloomy, Active and Good, that’s only 4 unique traits. To get the most points, you want each primary spouse to have traits that no other primary spouses have.

Lina AbuYasin

thanks 😉

Thank you for explaining this part, I didn’t get at first ^^’ Thank you! 😀

I have a quick question. What is the max quality of food created? I think it’s excellent, but I am not certain.

Pinstar Legacy

I haven’t come across anything higher, so yes.

Thank you 🙂

A sim with the “Stoves and Grills Master” reward trait can create impeccable quality Meals. I don’t know if you want to count that as max quality.

Pinstar Legacy

That counts.

I tried looking for the “Stoves and grills master” reward trait but I cannot find it. Can excellent count for max quality?

felisha witt

my sim cooked an impeccible dish one time and the family LOVED eating it. she is maxed to 10 in cooking and gourmet,but i have not been able to get another dish like it. i think it depends on what mood they are in when they cook,but i dont know which,and i have had her cooking constantly trying to repeat was the lobster dish.its fun to see those big lobster tails on their plate.

Pinstar Legacy

Try getting her to “Very Inspired” as the “Very” versions of moods have an amplified impact on the effect of the base mood. It might still be a roll of the dice for the food quality but at least you’ll be maximizing your chances.

I have had the best success when the sim was already very happy (woohoo/high needs/just married/just had baby, etc) and then looking at inspiring are/being around inspiring decor.

I not 100% sure, but I think that literally only foods cooked on the grill or on top of the stove can be impeccable (so nothing baked in the oven). I haven’t been able to make an impeccable cake, or impeccable baked Alaska. This might just be bad luck on my part, can anyone confirm? My fridge is full of impeccable monte cristos and chicken stir fry though!

Sims can only cook impeccable dishes if they have the rewards trait from the Aspiration rewards store.

“The 10th point is obtained by having/adopting 10 children in a single generation”
Can a male sim just impregnate other sims around the neighbourhood to get this point?


No the children need to be born in the Legacy house.

About the memorials – I have a strict matriarchy, and I mean STRICT – no males are allowed in the house past teenage. That means my heirs won’t be having any official spouses, only “boyfriends” whom they have their babies with – do those guys still have to be memorialized???

Pinstar Legacy

That’s a tricky one, and one I didn’t think of. (Props to you for the roleplaying aspect of it!) I would still recommend naming primary spouses as without them you’re missing out on Love points. I’d say in your case you don’t need the fathers for the Creative points, but still learn the traits of the guys so you can track them for the Love category purposes.

I was just wondering how to do the “The 10th point is obtained by having/adopting 10 children in a single generation” if there is a limit to the number of Sims you can have in one household? 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

They don’t all have to be in the house at once. Once the earlier ones are teens you can start moving them out to make room for more babies.

For Creativity it says the founder/heir and spouses must be memorialized. That means there are the 9 generations of kids (since it ends at the 10th heir/generation) and ALSO the founder generation.

9 generations + 1 founder = 10 memorials (well 20 since they each need one). But it says that’s only 9 points and provides the extra point for the creative aspirations.

Where is my math going wrong?


Founder and their spouse are generation 1. So you only memorialize 8 other generations (Founder (Gen 1) to Generation 9) since the game ends as soon as Generation 10 is born, and therefore can’t be memorialized.

That makes sense. I guess I got confused because the previous requirement says you get a point for each generation and you get that point when they reach YA. I’m guessing that means you start your legacy with 1 point since your founder (generation 1) starts as a YA. Thanks for your help/advice!

(I’m trying to make a tracking/scoring sheet, I know Becca made one, but I wanted one that generated the score for you).

Great Idea!

I will try to modify my sheet so that it tallies the points based on whether the “Is Memorialized” column is selected YES for both the Heir and Primary spouse. That shouldn’t be too tricky.

Most of the scoring will automatically add your score as you update your tally for the various tracking. Including the ranges for potions, fortune, etc. It also ensure the proper caps are enabled so the score doesn’t exceed 9/10 points or -3 (for penalties) based on the category.


Pinstar, I have loved your Legacy Challenge since the Sims2. I was delighted to learn you created one for this latest Sims4 game. I do have one question, however. In the beginning stages of the scoring, you suggested that the Career Rewards needed to be collected, yet when you came out with this newest scoring method, there’s nothing mentioned about the Career Rewards. Was this merely an oversight, or were they scrapped for something else? Need to know. My Founder and his wife perished on the very same day, (curiously enough the day we got the patch for ghosts), leaving behind their would be heir, and his two younger brothers. If it isn’t necessary to keep the Career Rewards, or have to worry about replacing them at a later date, that would give these kids (heir is still a teen) a fighting chance. LOL He’s already scrounged around to pay the overdue power bill and got the lights on. Please let me know as soon as you’re able. Thank you so much!

Pinstar Legacy

I’ve actually revised the rules not to include career rewards anymore. You now need to reach the tops of careers thus freeing you to do whatever you want with the career rewards.

Thank you for your quick reply! 😀

Hi! You have mistake in Nature – Collect every single emotional painting type (Angry, Sad, Energized, Flirty, Confident, Focused). It must be Playful instead Energized. Sims cannot paint special energized painting. And thanks for rules, great!

Collect and store on the family lot every single consumable aspiration reward

That is under Nature. What is an example of this? I looked for a list and could not find one.

Pinstar Legacy

Like a thin potion, a fat potion, a moodlet solver potion… basically all the potions you can buy from the aspirations menu.

Can you really paint an energized painting? My sim has the Expressionistic Trait and the only ones available to her are Angry, Sad, Playful (which you forgot to mention above), Flirty and Confident. I’m guessing the Focused one is the one where they do mathematical formulas or something of the sort, but the Energized one i can’t figure out at all.

Pinstar Legacy

That was an error, it should be playful. Fixing now.

May want to edit a rule for clarification. Under “Nature” it reads “Have Sims within the household reach the top level of each career track = 1 point” which makes it sound like you get 1 point for each one. Unless I am misunderstanding something here, you get one single point for reaching level 10 of EVERY career.

Pinstar Legacy

No, you need to reach the top of every single career in the game (including teen ones) after which you get ONE point for your efforts. The nature category is about completing collections and thus you are “Collecting” the top levels of careers.

SIMple Bliss

I think he’s talking about the grammar–the wording–you used in the rule. It makes it unclear. You should change “each career track” to “all career tracks” and your wording will match your intended purpose for this rule. Love this challenge, by the way! <3

For the Deviance category – I’ve been keeping my Potions of Youth in the inventory of my next-in-line Heir, is this okay to do?

Pinstar Legacy

Perfectly fine. The only place you can’t keep them is family inventory…but that is due to an odd restriction of the game, not because of a rule in my challenge.


I’ve noticed that Sims will autonomously drink the potions sometimes if they’re accessible on the lot or in their personal inventory. I used to just keep them in a room with no doors to protect them from the Sims, but when ghosts were added to the game, that became useless because the ghosts could still float through walls to get to the potions. Now I’m storing all the potions in the little crawl space that gets created when you place a roof on the top floor. Neither Sims nor ghosts can get their grubby greedy little hands on them now, mwahaha!


Oh good tip, thanks!

Hi, my daughter is just now looking over the rules for the Legacy Challenge and brought to my attention some confusion regarding the ability to use a an aging potion, which includes milking a Cow plant. Is it only A Sim throughout the entire Legacy, or only one per generation that may use this? Please clarify. Thank you!

Pinstar Legacy

Per Sim. So each Sim can have some form of age regression used ONCE in each of their lifetimes.

[…] seguindo o esquema corretamente? Não se preocupe! Foi divulgado no site oficial do desafio uma lista de pontuações que você pode usar como parâmetro para suas […]

This is a sick and twisted question. In TS2, you wanted to have your elders die of old age to get the fancy tombstone. Since there’s no Platinum Aspiration, is there a penalty against having an Alpha Female/Male aspect? Where the next heir “kills” the previous heir? Or, do they need to die naturally of old age? It’s always been a thorn in my side…the elder stage lasts WAY too long.

Also, now that ghosts have been added, will there be scoring for each type of ghost on the lot?

Finally…have you thought about adding a wild card where you have to play with utilities off? So, rather than penalizing for the power being shut off the first time it happens, each player has the option of leaving the utilities off for the remainder of the challenge, gaining +1 for each generation the utilities are out. If they player opts to turn the utilities back on at any point, they lose the bonus as well as get the penalty for them being off, -1pt per generation the bills go unpaid.

Pinstar Legacy

There is no penalty to having a sim die of something other than old age. In fact, having them die in unique ways can help you along your way to the death type collection point.

Can we keep siblings in the legacy household and have their career achievements/aspirations count towards the nature and athletic categories? In other words, can non-heir family members earn points as long as they remain living in the household?

Pinstar Legacy


A few questions regarding the Memorials.

1 Can a Sim memorialise themselves – write autobiography or dedicate a painting etc?
2 Can we memorialise a Sim before they are YA if we know they are heir?
3 If my master painter dies and leaves behind suitable paintings that have not been dedicated to anyone, can I dedicate them to someone in a future generation?


Pinstar Legacy

1. They cannot
2. You can
3. Anyone but the master painter themselves.

Thanks Pinstar,

I forgot to ask, what about after they have died, can we dedicate something to a Sim who is dead and if so is there a limit on how soon after death it has to be done.


Yes, you can memorialize a Sim after they have died. There is no limitation on how soon after, however the Sim that is memorializing them must have known them when they were alive (meeting them as ghosts does not count).

So. Many. Parties.

I already went through hell trying to complete the party aspiration on my first try and ended up restarting the challenge because I got frustrated.

I can’t freaking imagine having to throw 334 parties on top of everything else!

My OCD demands that I complete everything in this challenge to the letter though, so I’m not complaining…I love Legacies! Just…anticipating the craziness xD

Should i necessarily count the points my sims earn? I really don’t want to do this… :/

Pinstar Legacy

Nope! If the challenge is more fun without fussing over the points, then ignore ’em. They are there for people who want to keep track.

Could somebody clarify the Nature challenge? How are there “ten” collections?

Every death
Top of every career
Top of each branch of every career
Every consumable aspiration reward
Every emotional painting

I’m assuming you mean the other collections in-game, such as fish or frogs and such…I haven’t gotten to that point in my game…could someone list the other in-game collections I have to complete, aside from the five mentioned above?

Pinstar Legacy

Exactly, the five you listed there are 5 out-of-game collections (Meaning they are things not tracked by the game itself) the other 5 points are gained by completing various sets of the in game collections such as frogs and space rocks.

I was actually asking what the other collections in the game *are*, but then I realized we live in 2014 and I can google that, lol.

Nonetheless, thank you very much, you cleared up my next question in your response to Ayla 🙂

Can someone help me? I’m super confused about the Nature section. It says to complete 10 collections, but I only see 5, and then it says there are 13 collections and you get 5 points if you complete them all. Can someone please clarify what is supposed to be done there?

Pinstar Legacy

There are 13 total collections in the game. You can get a total of 5 possible points for completing all of them. If you don’t see all 13, you might not have gotten the first item in that collection yet.

Ohh ok, got it. Thank you so much!!

Hi! I just discovered the Legacy Challenge and I’m super excited to try it out. I’m just wondering when you say to memorialize a sim, is there actually an option to select? I ask because I have my one sim at level 10 comedy, but I cannot find an option to memorialize his spouse. Also, is there a specific age that you have to wait to memorialize a sim? My heir is a teen, so could I have his father (or anyone) memorialize him now or must it wait for him to have kids and the children do it?


Memorializing isn’t actually in the game. It’s specific to the Legacy Challenge. It will count for the challenge as soon as you have a Sim with the correct level of skill paint, write, write a song, or do a comedy routine for the Sim. You can also name the work after that Sim as well so you know whose memorial it is.

Sims can be memorialized at any age, and can even be memorialized in death.

As for the aspiration completed do you mean (4/4) = 1 completed aspiration giving 1 point or (1/4) = 1 completed aspiration giving 1 point?

Pinstar Legacy

4/4 = 1 completed aspiration. And yes, getting 3/3 on a childhood aspiration also counts as a completed aspiration and there is no limit to the number of aspirations a single sim can complete in their lifetime, as far as scoring is concerned.

Hey I´ve been looking for the answer but couldn’t find it, so I figured i´d ask : what to do with autonomy setting in the gameplay settings?



You can set it however you want. Gameplay wise, it doesn’t really matter for the challenge.

How do you determine the household worth? I recently started the challenge, and I can’t figure out how to check that stat.


Pinstar Legacy

Go into build mode and click ‘lot info’ it will show you there.


In the Food category we have to get a Sim fat. How do we know when they are fat, is there an in-game notice or do we judge it on their looks? Also if we get a household Sim fat, do we have to keep them fat or can they exercise to get slim again?


Pinstar Legacy

This one is vague on purpose. If you notice a bulge in their gut, good enough.

My founder had two sons and a daughter, the daughter is the heir. I know her husband and children count for the points, but what with the spares wife and their child, can we count their completed aspiration for the points too. Or is it only the main line that counts?


If the spare’s wife and children still live in the household then I believe that they count as a cadet branch of the Legacy, which means that yes, they can earn points. I need to confirm this with Pinstar though! I’ll ask him once he wakes up!


He concurs!

[…] For a complete guide to scoring, check out Pinstar’s scoring rules. […]

Hey there,
First off i’v got to say that i’m loving this challenge, i’m on the 2nd Gen of my first ever Legacy Challenge and for me it’s changed the whole concept of the game, I use to play The Sims now I live The Sims!
I’v just got a quick question about the Love category.
Do traits you receive from choosing aspirations such as Essence Of Flavor, Muser, Domestic, etc count as unique traits, or just the 3 “core” traits?

Pinstar Legacy

Just Core traits.

“There are 13 collections to complete to earn you points in Nature they are the following (these can be earned throughout the course of the game, NOT by a single Sim or generation) this will earn you a total of 5 points.”

I’m not entirely certain what this means. Can you please clarify how the Nature points are distributed?

Pinstar Legacy

Each category of points has 10 total points to collect. Of the 10 points in Nature, 5 of them can be earned by completing the in-game collections according to the chart. The other 5 are for completing out of game collections that are NOT tracked by the game proper.

I apologize for perhaps being a bit clueless, but I don’t see any chart or any list of these collections. I’m quite confused.

Pinstar Legacy

In the personality tab there is a little gem icon. This will take you to the collections section that details the 13 formal in-game collections, AND how many of them you’ve collected or completed.

Just wondering about the Athletic category.
It says you get 9 points for completing 55 aspirations. But I can only count to 10 adult aspirations (22 if you count the branches rather than the aspiration itself) and then 4 kids aspirations on top of that.
What am I supposed to be counting? (I know there are aspiration rewards like Never weary and Shameless, is that what I’m counting, or BOTH aspirations and aspiration rewards?)
Thanks in advance!

Pinstar Legacy

These are 55 TOTAL aspirations completed. They don’t need to be unique. There is a separate point for completing at least one of each of the aspirations. You could complete “Best Selling Author” 55 times and it would count.

A lot of people have asked about Nature and I’m going to add another one. I get that you want someone to master each career branch, and I think then one person has to also master both branches of a career. I can’t figure out how to switch branches of an individual career after you’ve reached the top. For instance, my first gen just reached Master of the Real and I don’t know how to get her to switch to the Patron of the Arts side of the Painter career! Help! 🙂 thank you, this is fun, but taking a lot of my time… ha!

Pinstar Legacy

You don’t have to have ONE sim master both branches, you just need to have both branches of every career mastered at one point by someone in the family. I was given feedback early on that changing career branches with a single sim is problematic, so none of the challenges require it.

[…] As there has been numerous updates and the scoring finalized, Pam and I decided to start again. Please refer to the scoring as per the following site  […]

I don’t think my Sims can throw every party that’s on my scoresheet (Drew’s, thanks a bunch btw) – I don’t have all the bonus content so I don’t think I have a black&white party.

Can my Sim still earn the 10th popularity point by throwing all the parties available to her?

Pinstar Legacy

Yeah, it’s all parties available, so if you don’t have the bonus content, you only need to do the parties you have to get the point. I do NOT want to deny someone a perfect score just because they didn’t spring for bonus content.

Cool, thanks! 🙂

I’m quite confused about the love section of scoring, is it every time your sim gets married to someone you get 3 points or is it every new trait you get a point?
So say my sim has the traits insane, family-orientated and romantic and their husband/wife has the traits evil, bro and romantic do I get three points or 2 points because the husband/wife has only 2 different traits?

Sorry, I’m probably being thick but I just don’t get it.


Pinstar Legacy

The traits that your Legacy Founder/Heir have don’t matter, its the traits of the primary spouse compared to past primary spouses.

The first primary spouse you bring in will always earn you 3 points, because all 3 of their traits are unique.

So let’s say for example the gen 1 spouse is Good, Lazy and Art Lover. That’s 3 unique traits for 3 points.

Now let’s say you get to the 2nd generation and your 2nd gen primary spouse is Good, Active, Snob.

Active and Snob are new unique traits, but Good already appeared in a past spouse so you only get 2 Love points for that 2nd gen spouse.


My understanding is that your Founder/Heir’s traits do not count in this section. What does count is every [i]primary[/i] spouse in the household. Their three traits must be[b] different from any other primary spouse’s traits.[/b] That gives a total of 27 traits in use, since normally speaking there’s usually only one primary spouse, and the challenge ”ends” when the tenth generation is born. Primary would mean the first spouse.

I hope I’ve helped you understand this a little better.


Pinstar Legacy

The primary spouse is the first sim moved in once each generation’s heir reaches young adulthood. So the first move-in for your founder is the 1st primary spouse. When their heir reaches young adulthood, the next spouse moved in will be your next primary spouse.

How I am supposed to memorialize my sims?? it says “Paint a Realism painting with a level 8 painting skill or higher”, so my sims have to paint a random realism painting or they are supposed to be able to paint portraits??? (sorry for my english)

Pinstar Legacy

Sadly, “Paint Portrait” is not an option right now. A Realism painting at 8+ skill is the stand-in for that. When and if we get proper portraits, I’ll update the rules to be portraits specifically.

Instead of “Paint Portrait” it is classified as “…”

Pinstar, question for ya – Do you consider completing a Teen career as fulfilling the Successful Lineage lifetime want? The requirement is to have a Child or Grandchild reach the top of A career, and I’ve done so. My teens are all A students with rank 4 in their careers, but my Successful Lineage aspiration isn’t triggering as completed. I’m unsure whether this is or is not working as intended because I’ve read a few accounts of this aspiration not working properly or triggering correctly.

Pinstar Legacy

I actually just bumped into this on my Wonder Child Challenge youtube Let’s play (The episode where it happens hasn’t been posted yet). And it didn’t trigger for me either. I’m thinking it only counts for the top level of an adult career.

just so you know
There are 11 ways to die now that we have pools.
btw I love this challenge soooo much

I actually was wondering about this. I’m using Sim Guy Steve’s tracker and drowning isn’t included; should I modify that or leave it be?

“The 10th point is obtained by having/adopting 10 children in a single generation”

Am I right in assuming that these 10 children need to live in the Legacy home? I have a very ‘active’ heir who has several children running around town right now but none were born in the home. I’m guessing that they don’t count because that would make this point really easy then.

Pinstar Legacy

They must be born or adopted into the house, yes. Knocking up women around town doesn’t count. However, once they are born on the lot, they do NOT need to remain there all their lives. Non-heirs can be moved out since the family cannot hold all 10 (Plus parents) at once.

That’s what I figured but I wanted to verify. Thank you!

is “The 10th point is obtained by having/adopting 10 children in a single generation” means only children or baby at once?
or 10 sims who are child of heir’s generation sims at young adult is ok?

Pinstar Legacy

They can age up, as it is impossible to have 10 infants at the same time.

The ghost of my first gen spouse is driving me nuts. Is it ok to put him in the family inventory for a little while or do I HAVE to have him on the lot from now on? *Forgive me if I’m just making up a rule that doesn’t exist here.

Pinstar Legacy

You can stuff them in the inventory.

Under the Family Category, you say ” The 10th point is obtained by having/adopting 10 children in a single generation.” Do these children all have to be the heir’s? My heir has a brother who still lives in the house and is married and expecting a baby. I was wondering if the brother’s children counted for the 10 in a single generation or if the heir has to be the father to all 10?

Pinstar Legacy

No, not at all. They have to be *potential* heirs. So the cadet branch children from the brother wouldn’t count.

That’s what I thought, but it never hurts to ask. Thank you!

I’m not sure if this has been asked because there are a TON of comments above…

As for points in any category… Does each new point only equal one point or does it equal the points it says.


It says:
1 aspiration = 1 point
2 aspirations = 2 points
3 aspirations = 3 points (etc)…

If my sim completes 3 different aspirations is that only 3 points, or is it 6 points?


It equals what it says there, don’t add it to what you already have. Each category only has a max of 10 points. So 3 aspirations would be 3 points 🙂

Okay. That’s what I was thinking, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks! 🙂

Hi Pinstar, quick question that sort of relates to several categories but the nature one in particular:

Assuming that expansion packs are going to be a thing, they’re probably going to come with more ways to die, more careers to top, more traits, more collections, etc. Is the number of different types of death you need to earn that point capped at 10 points, or will it increase as the number of possible ways to die increases? Is the number of careers you need to complete to earn the point capped at 8 (with the number of branches being 16 for a second career-related point), or will it increase as the number of possible careers increases? If the latter is true, will there be a cap introduced at some point if things get out of hand? If we end up with 20 different careers and 40 different branches, that’s a bit unreasonable (though probably not impossible), would a cap be introduced then? I think this question also applies to the 10th point of Athletic, where we need to complete every different aspiration (27, including childhood aspirations), but I’m assuming that with more EPs the number of different aspirations will increase too.



Pinstar Legacy

How I handle the expansion packs will depend on what is in each pack. Most likely, what I’ll do is make each pack with its own brand new category of 10 points that will include a plethora of the new things that it introduces.

I may have just missed we it (or I’m being rather dim) but are the founders allowed to get jobs?


Yes, they are 🙂 Anyone in the family can have a job.

Oh thats fantastic! Thank you!:D

Hi! Are you allowed to have two legacy families? If not is there anyway you can do this differently so you don’t have to wait ten generations to try out something else?


You can have as many as you want! Just keep them in a completely different game file so that one doesn’t age while you aren’t playing them. I have 3 different Sims 4 Legacy families going right now, haha.


Oh yay the scoring section is finished! I’m so excited! I was playing the challenge before but always ended up getting confused with the incomplete scoring and giving up. I will definitely be trying this again. Thanks so much for posting this, I’ve been addicted to legacy challenges since I discovered it for The Sims 3. I love ’em!


Hey Pinstar and ImaginingMystic, I have a question regarding the memorials.

My heir’s spouse reached level 8 guitar skill and wrote a song to memorialize my heir but when she finished the song, the sheet music wasn’t in her inventory. She had the option to license the song at the mailbox but I no longer had a physical copy of the memorial once she finished writing it. Do songs have to stay intact in the house somehow to count as a memorial? It seems like the song automatically disappears as soon as a Sim finishes writing it. If there does need to be a physical memento of the memorial in the house somewhere, can we purchase some kind of statue/decoration to serve as a physical token of the song that was written?

Pinstar Legacy

The sheet music is only there for incomplete songs. Once they are finished they ironically vanish. Simply finishing the song is enough for it to count, you don’t need to keep a hard copy (Of music anyway)


Thanks! I like having a physical token of the memorial, so I think I’ll just purchase something from Buy Mode to represent the song and keep that as my “memorial” after finishing the song (and comedy routine, I assume there’d be no physical copy of that, either).

Hey I have a quick question. Do the paintings have to be “excellent” quality to be used as memorials, or does ‘good’ count as well? My painter sim (with skill level 8, I think) created a starry night painting which is good quality. I was wondering if I can use that because it would be perfect for my Romantic heir who was in the Astronaut career..


As long as the painter is skill level 8 or higher in painting the quality of the painting itself doesn’t matter 🙂

Will there be updated tracking sheets with new careers etc.?


I can’t speak for everyone that did one, but the one that Pinstar made will definitely be updated. Keep an eye on the scoresheet page!


So something terrible has happened in my game post-patch that I’m not sure how to fix without cheats.

My level 9 painter’s job requirement to get his last promotion was to max out the painting skill and own 10 masterpieces. He did that and was all set to go to work to get his promotion but then the patch changed the “own 10 masterpieces” requirement to “reach level 6 charisma.” He had to take a vacation day to reach level 6 charisma but now he has level 6 charisma and his job panel won’t update. It still says he has level 3 charisma. I’m guessing it’s a glitch because pre-patch, he had a different job requirement which he already fulfilled.

So essentially, there’s no way for him to get promoted unless I cheat because the game doesn’t recognize that he’s completed all the goals. Is it okay for me to use the career promotion cheat for him once he’s maxed out his performance meter on his own? I did all the work to complete the job goals… twice, both pre-patch and post-patch.


Pinstar has always been of the opinion that if a glitch or game bug causes something to go wrong in your game and it’s out of your control, you may cheat to fix the issue. So I would say using a cheat in this situation is perfectly fine. Have you sent him to work since he’s hit level 6 Charisma, though? Sometimes the game won’t update the stuff until they actually go back to work. I’ve had that happen before. If that doesn’t help, then definitely use a cheat to grant him the promotion.


Yeah he came home from work and still no update to the job panel. I’ll be cheating him up but not until his performance bar has been maxed legitimately without any cheats. Thanks for the feedback!


Yep sounds good! As long as all of the other requirements have been met, you should be good to go!

Hi guys,

I’m midway through Gen 4 and I’ve found that my estate is big and wealthy enough to achieve the Mansion Baron aspiration pretty much immediately. So to gain points each time a SIM achieves their randomly generated aspiration, I give them Mansion Baron to get a fast extra point and then move on to something else.

Is this legal? It seems like a lot of relatively easy points (granted, you have to get them to complete the initial aspiration first…)

Pinstar Legacy

Remember that their initial aspiration is always random. If you complete their aspiraiton, you are free to pick mansion baron to get a freebie point, yes. And if you happen to randomly roll up mansion baron as your initial one, then lucky you!

Ok, I may be missing something, but… uh… there’s only 10 deaths in game, but you mention 11. What’s this infamous 11th death? Can I have a list of this?

Right now, I have: Starvation, Old Age, Fire, Laughter, Embarrassment, Anger, Electrocution, Overexertion, Cowplant, and Drowning; I must have missed one, but these are the ones the wiki says there is.

Pinstar Legacy

Rocket Ship Crash.

Thank you! I’ll add that to my list! I’m glad I asked, otherwise I would’ve missed it! Also, do you mind if I ask, when you say that founder and primary spouse have to be memorialized, is this by themselves or by someone else? Like my founder is a painter, so can she “memorialize” herself?


Someone else should memorialize them.

I just started. This is my legacy so far:

Gen. 1:

Founder: David Bontrager

Primary Spouse: Cassandra Goth

Children: Alexander (eligible), Unborn Baby (???)


Founder: David Bontrager (Adult)

Primary Spouse: Cassandra Goth (Adult)

Children: Alexander (Child, Eligible), Britney (Child, Ineligible), Bella (Child, Ineligible), Carly (Child, Ineligible), Candy (Child, Ineligible), Charlie (Child, Eligible)

Do we have to use the scoring to complete the whole legacy challenge or can we ignore it and play how we want?


You can play however you want. The scoresheets are only there for the people that choose to use them.

I am not sure if someone else asked this already, cuz holy **** a lot of comments to read through ^^

I do not get the part where you gain points from the unique traits the primary spouse brings into the family – well, not completely that is.

The founder has the traits outgoing, cheerful and ambitious.
The spouse has the traits cheerful, goofbal and romantic = 2 unique traits brought in?

Then the heir gets the traits: gloomy, genious and loner
Primary spouse has gloomy, loner and bookwork = 1 unique trait?? or is it 3 because none of the traits were in the family when the challenge started??

Anyway – I need it to be explained more into details – I think, mayby I am just a bit dumb XD

Pinstar Legacy

The unique traits bit is only tracked for the spouses. So spouse #1 is always going to have 3 unique traits, even if they share some traits with the founder because the founder (and heirs) traits aren’t looked at for this. Say spouse #1 is Outgoing, Cheerful and Ambitious. That’s 3 unique traits. In order for spouse #2 to bring in 3 more unique traits they simply have to NOT have Outgoing, Cheerful or Ambitious.

As you go deeper into the challenge, you’ll see the number of unique traits dwindle and it becomes harder and harder to find a spouse with traits that no other spouse has had before.


I would like a tiny clarification : When you say :
“Have Sims within the household reach the top level of each career track = 1 point
Have Sims within the household reach the top level of both branches of every career track = 1 point”

For both of them we can use several sims right ? (We have an argument about this on the french forum).

Thanks a lot.


Yes, multiple Sims.

“The challenge ends the moment the 10th generation child is born, since this child does not become a young adult, the 10th point needs to be earned by doing the following”

But what if you don’t know that the last heir has been born and they do reach young adult hood? The reason I ask is because I follow a strict matriarchy, strict traditional, exemplar snob hierarchy. That would mean that there is no eligible heir until female blood-related child gains that trait. If she gains that trait as her final trait, and she reaches young adulthood, would that gain a point? Or not because she was the heir and her family just didn’t know it. Any clarification on this would be nice.

Pinstar Legacy

Exemplar does not *require* that the heir have that trait. It merely makes an eligible heir with that trait trump their other siblings. In your case, the first female child born of your 10th generation would be a valid heir and end your challenge, even if she doesn’t roll up the snob trait. However, if the first child born in your 10th generation was male, you would keep playing as the male is ineligible to be an heir and thus you still don’t have a 10th generation heir until a girl is born.

To the Creativity category, could you maybe consider adding “Design a Video Game for a Sim” (Level 8 Programming) to the different ways a sim could be memorialized? I think it would be good for there to be a way for a not necessarily creative sim to contribute to this point category (though a great deal of creativity must go into making a video game, as we can all imagine), and you can very easily name the video game after said sim. Thanks! 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

You know, that’s an awesome idea. I think I’m going to build it into the rules. I’ll credit you for the suggestion 🙂

Does spouses count in the “adult skills maxed” in the Knowledge category and “career tracks maxed” in the Nature category, particularly if they had maxed skills or career when they married in? My heir just got married and his new wife has already maxed the fitness skill. I’m not sure whether to count this in scoring or if only heirs and siblings count for points?

Pinstar Legacy

Count it for scoring, you picked a good one!

I have a question: in the category knowledge, is it 1 point for each member of the family to complete a skill, even if some other Sim have already completed the very same skill before at some point? Thahk you!

Pinstar Legacy

Correct. So if you have 10 sims each reach level 10 cooking, thats 10 points right there.

Is it better to keep scoring during game play? or after?

Pinstar Legacy

During, it’ll be hard to remember point-worthy events if you wait until the end.

I maybe don’t understand something correctly. In teh memorializing sims section do the Sims have to have died before they are memorialized? Because if that is the case that you can’t have memorialized the ninth generation before they bring in the final generation… Also maybe I misunderstand the rules. Does my founder count as the first generation or is the scoring counted from the first heirs child counting them as the first generation heir.

Apparently I did misunderstand because I thought Memorializing a sim was something that actually happened in game not just something that was created for the scoring. That being said in order to memorialize a sim:

1)They can still be alive?
2)The created work needs to be named after the sim?
3) The sim who creates the work needs to have known the sim?

Pinstar Legacy

They can still be alive, The created work can be (but doesn’t have to) be named after them. They DO have to have known the sim. They need not be close friends, just a single social interaction is all you need. If they are on the relationship panel, you’re golden.

Pinstar Legacy

They can be memorialized before they die.

Hi! I have a dumb question about counting the medals for dates/parties.

If an heir and their spouse go on a date together, does the medal earned as one (because there was one date/party), or two medals (because both household members were on the date?)

Pinstar Legacy

Just one.

[…] have been scoring on my legacy, following the rules, the only thing I’ve cheated on is I’ve used one extra youth potion with Harry and […]

Haha, I was writing these down to form a checklist and realized you used the fibonacci series for anything with numbers. Neat.

Pinstar Legacy

I was wondering when someone would pick up on that 😀

Heya! Just wondering, now that we are able to paint actual portraits in the game, do you imagine you will change the skill level requirements for memorialization (since the “Paint From Reference” option is available at Painting level 3, apparently), or shall we just self-enforce the level requirement, as usual?

Pinstar Legacy

I think I’ll leave the skill requirement at 8, but mandate a paint from reference. Keep your eyes peeled for a rules update.

Hey quick question about the having/adopting 10 children in one generation. My legacy is strict traditional. I currently have 6 traditional kids but my primary spouse is getting older so I was thinking of adopting some children to get to 10. Will they count towards the 10 children? I saw earlier you said no to spares children as they have to be potential heirs. Is this the same for adopting children by the heir and primary spouse since they aren’t considered for heir? The word heir sounds silly now I have said it so often. Hope this makes sense!

Pinstar Legacy

You have to have the 10 kids naturally for it to count. But if your current legacy sim is male, they could always re-marry a new and younger spouse and continue baby production with her, they would count.

Does that also mean that because I am playing strict equality and the heir is a boy my boys don’t count? I am at eight children and half are boys! I chose strict equality for variety not to make points harder

Sorry for the double posting but I have just had another thought. I am choosing my heirs on the website boolprop with a heir poll. Surely it will be impossible for me to have 10 potential female heirs all in the house at once? I would need to use boys or adopted children to make up the ten so I can move them out without worrying about them still being in the house for the heir poll?
Sorry for being awkward and thanks for your help 😛 Your legacy challenge is great!

Pinstar Legacy

You don’t need 10 potential heirs, just 10 children and they don’t all have to be in the house at the same time.

Pinstar Legacy

With a male sim and strict equality, only his daughters are eligible. Once they grow up and start to have children, only their sons will be eligible.

Hi, I just noticed the creative aspect of it, and I would just like to clarify, do you need to keep your ‘memorials’?
E.g. If I painted 2 realism paintings for the Founder and her Primary Spouse, do I keep the paintings?

Also, if it isn’t a problem, I have another question: Is the Founder (or the heir) allowed to memorialize themselves?
For example, if I had my Founder paint 2 realism paintings (one for her, one for her primary spouse), would the first one count?

Hope you can get back soon. =)

Pinstar Legacy

The idea is to keep the paintings. A sim cannot memorialize themselves, the first one would not count.

Thanks for the reply =)

It isn’t in the list of ways to memoralize sims, but what about creating a sculpture with a sim who has a high level of handiness?

Pinstar Legacy

If they added something where you could make a sculpture OF a sim, that would absolutely count, but for now, there really isn’t anything good out there for wood working. If they brought on Sims 3 style sculpture making, absolutely!

Chicago-Style Girl

Now that Get To Work is out as an expansion, do those 4 careers also have to be completed to get the point for completing all careers? Going to work with the sims every day is a huge drawback from getting the rest of my family completing aspirations, throwing parties, and maxing skills.

Pinstar Legacy

Reaching the top rank of the three new careers is going to be added, but you only need to do it once for each to get the point and you don’t *have* to follow them to work.

Can these points be earned by spouses or just the heirs?

Pinstar Legacy

Primary Spouses, heirs and spares. Children of spares and their spouses cannot earn points.

LenaLJ asked about this on October 19th. Imagining Mystic replied that cadet branches can earn points, and that she checked with you concurred.

This response contradicts this. Can you please clarify and put in the FAQ?

If the final word is that the spare’s wife and children can’t earn points, then I’ll have to restart. I just started generation 6, and many skills, collections, careers and aspirations have been completed by cadets.

October 19, 2014 at 4:11 am (UTC -4)
My founder had two sons and a daughter, the daughter is the heir. I know her husband and children count for the points, but what with the spares wife and their child, can we count their completed aspiration for the points too. Or is it only the main line that counts?

October 19, 2014 at 7:37 am (UTC -4)

If the spare’s wife and children still live in the household then I believe that they count as a cadet branch of the Legacy, which means that yes, they can earn points. I need to confirm this with Pinstar though! I’ll ask him once he wakes up!

October 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm (UTC -4)
He concurs!


Cadet branches do earn points. I’ll be updating the FAQ ASAP. Pinstar will also be making a post explaining cadet branches definitively soon as well.

Sorry for the late response. Apparently some questions have been getting missed.

I have just started with my first legacy challenge and so far I really like it! I would like to get as many points as possible so for the fortune bit I was curious how high the bill would be for a house that is worth 5,7 million. (That’s the intention, right?) So I made a family and bought them a house that was 5,7 million (I used move objects to place a bunch of the 12.000 beds on top of each other) and waited for the bill to come. The bill was 270.000! Is it possible to make so much money each week? Or is it almost imposseble to reach that goal unless you wait with spending your money on your house untill the very end so you don’t have to pay so much high bills? That last option feels like cheating…

I’m curious what you think about this.

Pinstar Legacy

The final point is meant to be hard, but I do acknowledge that it is a little crazy, which is why when I updated it for GTW, the final point is replaced with ‘get all the business perks’. So if you have GTW, it might not be as bad of a slog.

Hi Pinstar, thanks for all you’ve done to create the Legacy Challenge, it’s brilliant!

I have a few questions about who can help score what points. So, I’m playing with the succession laws Equality, Strict Traditional, Exemplar: Perfectionsism. In my 2nd generation I have an eldest- Grady, middle- Jet, and youngest- Andreana. Jet has the exemplar trait so he is the next heir. After Jet had aged up to YA, his older brother moved in his spouse, Lena and had a daughter, Grace. After that, Jet moved in his spouse, Roselyn. Once their parents died, Andreana also moved in her spouse, Alex.

Q1: I’m assuming that since Lena was first to move in, she is primary spouse (even though she isn’t the heir’s spouse), and her traits count toward the ‘Love’ points. Do I also need to memorialize her (instead of Jet’s spouse Roselyn) along with my heir Jet to get my point for that generation’s ‘Creativity’ point?

Q2: The family members who can earn points for the ‘Knowlege’, ‘Athletic’, ‘Food’, and ‘Deviance’ categories are: Jet (heir), Grady & Andreana (spares), and Lena (spare’s spouse but also primary spouse), and eventually, any of Jet’s children. Family members who can’t earn points are Roselyn (heir’s spouse but not primary spouse), Alex (spare’s spouse), and Grace (spare’s child). Is this correct?

Q3: As ‘Nature’ points are about household collections, can anyone in the household help add to these collections? Including the collection of careers?

Q4: Can parties/dates be thrown/had by my sims Roselyn, Grace, or Alex and still count toward my medal points?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Pinstar Legacy

1. That is a tricky one. Interpreting the rules literally, this WOULD make the older brother’s spouse the “Primary Spouse” But this creates a lot of problems with the scoring, since the scoring assumes the “primary spouse” is connected to the heir, not a spare. I’m going to update the rules based on this question. To answer your question, no. The spouse you bring in for Jet is the primary spouse. They may earn legacy points and count for the love points.
2. Going off of my answer to #1, Jet’s spouse would be able to earn the points, otherwise everyone you stated is correct as long as they remain in the active Legacy Household. The moment you move anyone out, they cease to earn points (You keep the points that they have already earned though.)
3. Anyone in the household can add to the collections, but Heirs/Spares/Primary Spouses/Children/Parents of heirs may be the only ones to register collected careers.
4. As long as you have an eligible sim actually throwing the party, it counts, even if it is a party to celebrate a non-eligible sim’s birthday/wedding etc.

Hi! If my Sim dies and is brought back to life by the reaper, does that cause of death count in the scoring?

Pinstar Legacy



Thanks again for creating such a fun challenge and being patient with all of our questions.

I was hoping one of you could confirm whether or not it is acceptable to move Clones into the household? (Clones don’t have skill levels, careers, or traits rewarded from completing an apsiration, but I was told they will have any traits the original sim bought with aspiration points. Logically, it seems unfair to allow them to earn points, but they could be used to take care of the house, generate income, work on collections and such).

Thanks again. : )


Pinstar Legacy

I’m going to say no to clones. They are essentially sims whom you have knowledge of their skills/traits etc. While their skills are 0, having known and pre-seeded traits can be powerful.

Apologies if this question has already been answered, (I am sure it has; I did check the FAQ and skim through some comments, but haven’t read all of them), but when a sim moves in with a maxed career or skill, do we get to count those points?

(the trouble with downloading sims from the gallery without peeking at the traits is you never quite know what you’re getting).

Pinstar Legacy

Yes you do! This is why you’re generally not allowed to pre-engineer (or download pre-engineered) sims, but if you get a max career unknowningly, that’s fine. Same goes with sims who come in with one or more skills maxed.

Just had a question regarding the collections. The scoring states that a 5th point for Nature is earned when you complete 13 collections. Now that there are a total of 15 collections (new expansion) should that be updated to 15 or do you only need 13/15 to get the 5th point?

Pinstar Legacy

You only need 13/15 to get that final point, and it doesn’t matter which 13 you complete. It gives you a little wiggle room.

If a sim that is not a heir, has a child, it will count to the 10 children?

Pinstar Legacy

No, all 10 children have to be produced on the Legacy Family lot by an heir, though it is OK if some of the children are not eligible to be heirs due to a succession law.

i m still here a little confused on the rule sorry

founder+spouse make each of them babies (same-sex pregnancy or adoption)

which babies are ok? no one because founder/spouse are not heirs?
only from the spouse?
from the founder?
from both?


Any children that are related to the founder (you can check by looking at the family tree) can become an heir. The founder is technically an heir as they are the one that start the Legacy. If the child is only related to the spouse, then they cannot be counted.

Hope that helps.

I have one question about the skills section: I get 1 point when reaching level 10 of every skill during the generations, including childhood skills. But what’s about hidden skills? Are they included as well?

And when I reached level 10 at 3 skills and one of them is a hidden skill, do I still get this point?

Hidden skills work too!


I haven’t started the challenge yet but I’m excited to try it out.

I know Becca already did a point tracker on excel but I wanted something a bit different so I made my own.
It’s available here :

If you could have a look and tell me if anything needs to be modified, it’d be great!

Thank you!

Hey, I think I used your tracker, but the link stopped working. Any chance you could make it work again? 🙂

I am in a middle of the legacy and I have a sim who is kinda fat.
How do we know that he is fat enough to earn the point in “Food” ?


Sorry for taking so long to answer this! Moving has been keeping us crazy busy!

As per Pinstar: “Fat is a personal preference in terms of how fat is “fat” it’s more for theming”

So basically if your Sim looks fat to you, then consider them fat for the purpose of the challenge.

Question about the Love category. Do the 3 unique traits have to be present on one spouse or can gen 2 and gen 3 have 3 unique traits between them?

Basically, how many points would this scenario earn me:

Gen 1: Creative, Clumsy, Family Oriented
Gen 2: Art Lover, Bookworm, Clumsy
Gen 3: Foodie, Bookworm, Creative

I don’t want to cheat myself out of points by choosing the harsher option (only 1 point in the above scenario), but I also don’t want to have a higher score than I should have (6 points in the above scenario).

Actually, 1 or 2 points from the scenario, not 1 or 6. It’s 1 point per 3 traits, not 1 point per trait.


In the above example you have only 6 unique traits (Creative, Clumsy, Family Oriented, Art Lover, Bookworm, Foodie) so you would only get 6 points. The best strategy is to find a spouse who has NOT had ANY traits that your previous spouses have had at all, to gain the maximum of 3 new unique traits per spouse. This gets harder the longer into your legacy you go, but that’s the point 🙂

Does one single Sim have to reach the top of both food career branches for me to get 1 point in the Food category?


No, both have to be reached at some point. Not just by one sim.

Hi! I know you’re crazy busy with moving, but I have a question about scoring. (I’m updating my scoring sheet in anticipate of Get Together).

The question is around skills that have a max of 5 levels (photography and the new dance skill). Rereading the rules above it seems to imply that only skills that can reach 10 count for points. That includes both the max each skill once and for subsequent point gathering.

I had assumed that to get that last extra point for maxing all the skills would need to include these 5point skills. But that is not the case?

I would not assume (and the rules seem to agree) that you wouldn’t gain points normally from these skills as they cannot reach level 10.

If you can clarify this I would appreciate it! Hope the moving and solo-parenting are going well.


Actually when that rule was written, there were no 5 point skills, hence why it said to get to level 10. It SHOULD say “max level” instead. 5 level skills do still count, getting them to max level will allow them to count. I am updating the rules now to reflect that. Thanks for pointing that out!

Ooh, excellent. Thanks so much for clarifying and spending so much time on this. its a really fun challenge and a lot of work to put together. Much appreciated.


You’re welcome!

Do the collections (frogs, postcards, dolls) need to be present on the lot? I noticed they still “count” if you sell them.


I believe you can just keep everything in family inventory. They need to stay in your inventory in order to be counted for the purpose of the challenge.

I’m starting a new Legacy. In the Food Category, “Complete Both Food Aspirations” what if the Grilled Cheese Aspiration is unlocked, Can that count as one of the Food Aspirations?


We aren’t including that one in the food score since it’s not one you can get when you create a Sim.

Birgitte Hansen

Im sorry if someone allready asked this, but i couldnt find an answer. About the collections. Does it count if you have the base collection, or do you need the extras that comes with ep. Like do you need the 2 get to work metals for the collection to count, or is it enough with the other 20 ones?

Thank you for a wonderful challenge.


You can use just the original ones if it’s already been completed.

Shannon Hoey

With the new Grilled Cheese Aspiration. Can that be allowed as part of the food scoring part? Or is it just still the original two?

“Have Sims complete both food aspirations in a single generation, they can be done by two different Sims = 1 point”


I think we are going to leave the Food Category as is as it already has a max of 10 points.

I will ask something a little horrible but..
For the 10 childs goal: When some of the childs become child, can I burn them?
Or Do i have to wait until they become teenage to kill them?


As morbid as it is… you can off them whenever you want to. They just need to show up in the family tree to count, they don’t need to be alive.

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules – Scoring […]

Hi! I hope I’m in the right place for this question… will there be new rules for the “Dine out” pack (restaurants)? With the new perks and the fact that our sims can own more than one restaurant I was wondering what to do about that kind of things 🙂 (I’m sorry if my english is a little rough)


Yes, eventually we will update it! We’re just getting back into Sims stuff now so we need to do some playtesting and what not. I can’t say when the rules will be up, but we’ll get them up when we can!

yay! 😀 thank you for the answer!
I have more question xD: my succession laws are equality, strict traditional, living will and tolerant. My founder has four children, 3 biological and one adopted, can the adopted one earn points in skills, aspirations, parties, etc.? (as long as he lives in the family house) I’m a little confuse about the difference between spares and non-eligible sims and they earning points.


Hmmm I’m going to have to check with Pinstar on this as I’m not sure. I THINK they would not earn points, but I could be wrong.

Okay, so I’m working on setting up my version of the challenge. With the new-ish update and the changes in gender options, I was wondering if the founder could be a transgender male? I’m using the following rules: Strict Traditional and First Born Strength / Blood.

The Sim would be able to give a natural birth to a child, so he would be eligible as a founder even if it both parents are technically male. Is that correct?


Yep, that would be fine!

Do the career tracks in the nature category include the teen careers, or do I just need one of each adult career?


All careers including teen 🙂

Am I allowed to translate to german and publish them with link to your web page?

Will you be updating the challenges for the new City Living?


We will not be updating the base rules, no. We decided that rather than constantly updating the base rules, we will be adding new optional rules for each expansion pack. This way the challenge won’t get too unwieldy and people that own the expansion packs can still enjoy the base challenge 🙂

Might be a while though. We’re about to go on a weeklong trip to Disney World and then will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family so we won’t have any time to playtest until the end of the month.

[…] I have kept some scoring notes. Currently, we […]

[…] regra e ainda tem muito mais no site que eu linkei ali em cima. E ainda temos a pontuação do challenge, que só vou deixar o link porque é muito […]

For immortalizing a Sim by biography, do you have to actually write the Book of Life or can you just write a regular biography and put their name on it?

If my sim married someone who had already maxed their career, does that count?

Probably not

can I play without counting points?

Is it fine to play without counting points?

That’s what I’m doing with my game! In the end, it’s all up to you how you want to play; I’m taking some aspects from the challenge and making it my own fun game.

Technically no, but you can play however you want 🙂 that’s the joy of simulation games

Does the founding generation (the very first sim) count as generation 0 or 1?


Founder is generation 1 🙂

Will the toddler skills be added in?


Yep! We’re finalizing the rules right now 🙂 Won’t change the point system TOO much, but they will be added.

[…] for most precise and easy to understand points system simply add these points to their total. 2 points for each sim of 1st gen surviving to adulthood 1 point per gen when spare hits adulthood 1 […]

[…] gang. I decided to start another legacy on The Sims 4 after finding an interesting scoring system and being super inspired by the Miskin Legacy. I was even going to attempt a narrative and plot […]

So I’m playing by these rules and love them, however I think the popularity one is a bit sporadic:

20 then 30 Medal Points (only +10 points when first point is 20?)
30, 60, 90 Medal Points (both same goal +30)
90, 150, 200 Medal Points (need 60 points to get 150 then only 50 for the next)
200, 400, 600 Medal Points (all 200)
1000 Medal Points (makes 111 points, or 37/38 gold medals, on average per generation since it technically stops on the birth of 10?)

I know this probably sounds like I’m complaining haha, it’s just odd to me for it not to go up gradually getting bigger.

Also with more EPs means more jobs and career branches to try and top so I don’t know if it will come to a point where that might be worth more than just the 1 point/2 points?

But I do love these rules, I’m playing by the religiously and having so much fun

Hey guys! I just made a new score-keeper for Google sheets, as the last time I tried to use one of the links on this website I found it difficult to load Dropbox and I don’t have any Microsoft software that has been continually paid on. is the link to it. Just copy the Sheet and use it for yourself. I’ll try to implement a tracker for things like traits in the family, completed aspirations, careers, and maxed skills.

If there are any issues, let me know!

You are my hero! This is so easy to use visually and almost completely up-to-date with Scoring and Points. Thank you!!


So if you decide not to marry a spouse in, do you give up the Love points? Or is there a way to go around it? Also, how would you make the trait randomizer work? I was thinking of doing a solely adoption based legacy with one parent each time.

I’m pretty sure it’s required you marry a spouse in. You’d have to completely readjust the rules if you did it the way you wanted (though it would definitely be interesting and I’d like to see it!)

This will be a really stupid question, but I’m not native English speaker so I really struggled with understanding this part of the scoring on the Love section:
For every 3 unique traits that the Primary spouse (see the spouses section of the Gameplay Rules for more information on Primary spouses) brings into the family you gain 1 point.

So what does this really mean?
Do I get a point every time the Primary spouse has a combo of 3 traits that have never been seen in the family?
Or do I add up the unique traits as they come, like if I had had two of the spouses traits in the family before, but got a one new one, I’ll wait for the next heir’s spouse to have more unique traits till they add up to 3 and I get a point?
Or do you mean unique as in none of the spouses have had them before, but it’s okay if the rest of the family has?

Just someone please explain this to me in an idiot-proof way, I’m so confused 😀 Thanks

You get a point for every 3 unique traits you get. Probably the first 3 or 4 spouses you won’t get any duplicates but once you start getting duplicates, only every new one counts.

this would probably sound stupid but could someone explain the whole parenthood points thing please? if i get a point everytime I manage to get a reward trait then the total points won’t be 103..

I’m curious about this too. Within the second generation of children, I have already manifested 6 upbringing traits. Does each one count for a point and if yes, I could have 106 pts at least. Maybe it needs a scale? Something similar maxed skills or completed aspirations (5 traits = 1pt, 10 traits = 2pts, etc?).

You only get the point if you get all 10 traits at some point in the challenge. The other point is if you get one with sim with 5 traits (whether positive or negative)

Jessica Olson

Question, I had the power shut off even though I specifically told a sim to pay the bills (for some reason he didn’t and I didn’t notice, or he did and the game just didn’t recognize it). I had the money on hand. Do I still subtract a point (I mean it was my own fault for not making sure he followed through), or do I not count it. T_T


Hmm… I’d say don’t subtract it. You did what you were supposed to do and told your Sim to pay it. It’s not your fault that Sims are silly and cancel actions sometimes.

Kate Hamilton

With collections, do you have to keep every item in the collection to get the points for it? Also with the garden, once you have completed the collection do you have to keep the plants or is the reward plaque you get in the mail enough proof?

I’m loving the legacy challenge so far but I have a couple of questions about the “10 children in 1 generation” point given my succession laws. To clarify I’m playing matriarchy, traditional, first born, and tolerant.

1. Do adopted children count towards the 10 children in 1 generation?
2. If my current heir only has boys naturally but adopts a girl, who would be the next heir? I’m assuming the adopted girl would win as gender is the first law, but since they both get discounted via one succession law I wasn’t sure.
3. Do all of the 10 children count towards the scoring (until they move out)?
4. What’s the earliest the spares of the next generation can be moved out (child, teen, young adult)?

1. Yes, natural born and adopted all count
2. Depends on your succession law. If it’s matriarchy, it would be the girl. If it’s traditional (only natural born children, no adopted), then it would be one of the boys.
3. Yes
4. I don’t think they ever explicitly said (I always assumed it was when they were young adult but I think you may be on to something)

I have a question about medals with regards to being invited out by townies. My founder got invited to go to the spice festival and there was one requirement in the “city invite” event. I completed this and got a gold medal. Does this count towards the medals in the popularity category?

I highly doubt it because a) they’re usually very easy, usually only with one simple task, and b) it’s unfair for ppl that don’t have City Living

I am always checking for updates and rewrites on the rules. Exactly what is included in the “fortune” totals? Do we count the lot PLUS the cash on hand in Live mode?

Does both the heir AND their spouse have to be memorialized to get the point? Also can ANY generation memorialize them or does it have to be the generation directly after them?

Does anyone know if the City Native aspiration counts towards the ALL ASPIRATIONS requirement? My brain says yes but that aspiration requires a sim moving out of the family home and into an apartment which is against the rules/unorthodox to switch to a spare or have an heir live in an apartment

It doesn’t because it would require your Sim to live in San Myshuno. This is a good point though. I’m trying to remember if we have this aspiration on the Trait Generator. If we do, I may take it off since the heir can’t move out.

@Fiona…no, they are leaving the City Native aspiration off the rules completely because it requires you to live in San M. So you can pretend that aspiration doesn’t even exist.

Can your sim temporarily be a vampire to complete the vampire aspirations?

Is there a way to name a comedy routine? It always names is automatically for me. If there isn’t then what counts as memorializing a sim that way? Should I make the heir or primary spouse do the routine and perform it?

Yes I believe that’s what you need to do. Just have a Sim perform it and then make a note of it somewhere.

There was a comment by Mystic in the gameplay rule section that mentioned the cloning machine earned in scientist career is fair game? How does that work with regard to the various potions? Duplicate potions of youth essentially trivialize the deviance category.

Hey ^_^,
Just curious about the 10 children goal. Does the founder/heir have to be married to the parent of their offspring for the offspring to count? An example would be: founder/heir is married and has 9 kids with their spouse then has one child out of wedlock, does that kid count as the 10th for the challenge? OR lets say the spouse of founder/heir dies then founder/heir has a child with someone they are not married to, does that child count towards the challenge?

Question on Knowledge: Do you tally a point for all skills that reach max level on EACH Sim even if it’s for the same skill? Example: I have 3 toddlers and they’ve all reached max skill level on Communication, do I tally 3 points or just ONE for that skill?

There came a bug with the pets-patch, that makes “Have x sims do x at the same time” not complete during parties, even though they do (ex. “have 3 sims eat at the same time” during dinner parties). that makes it impossible to get gold medals and the party aspiration. How do you get around this? I haven’t currently found any fixes, so can you just count the parties for gold medals anyway?

Am I missing a part of the rules? I know that we must marry townies/gallery sims, but where exactly is that written out? I know we can’t marry established sims also, but where is that written? It isn’t in the Spouses section or getting started or game play rules. I think I must be missing a section somewhere?

[…] here’s how to keep score and count points, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that or just play out their […]

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