Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Scoresheets

When it rains it pours, we have not one but three different score sheets for the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge ready and waiting for you so you can pick whichever one you like.


These should suit your Legacy Challenge point tracking needs.


Thanks for these. Makes it a lot easier

I would like however, somewhere in the sheets that is not locked that I can add my own information to. For example, recording which events a sim has earned gold in. Or the traits of all my children. Or even the names of all the children. Doesn’t have to link to anywhere. Just a page for notes that isn’t locked.

This is exactly what the version I was working on would be for – a bit more thorough tracking. Most of the sheets are locked, but they have a little more info, like what you’ve mentioned.

I’ll make sure to add a blank Notes page to the end of the one I’m making because that’s an awesome idea!

These are great! I find pencil-and-paper easier than spreadsheets, so I created my own Legacy Challenge score sheet in a Word document. I’ve uploaded it in case others find it helpful too.

I wanted boxes to check off components of complex goals (like collecting each of the one-time-use aspiration reward potions) as well as itemizing them so what’s needed is clear. I also wanted space to write out the traits of Primary Spouses so I can see them all at a glance.

I also created a separate Word document for tracking the completion of collections. Figured I might as well share that too.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvements, please share!


Thank you so much you’re a lifesaver! I was particularly looking for one that’d be easy to print off and use with a pen/pencil!

I want to keep a tracking sheet, and your one is perfect especially with the ease for printing. Although, I’m new to this and don’t know how to actually fill the sheet out 😛 So, I was hoping you’d be able to help me out with that? Thanks 😀

I gave Hilliee’s Legacy Scoresheet a huge thank you but I want to give you one too as I also like to use the pen and paper. In fact, I had it all written out until I went to search for scorecards :p lol. Anyway thank you!! ♥♥♥ Love it!

Kate Hamilton

Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for this spreadsheet! This is my first time doing the legacy challenge and i’m so glad that i took time to look for the scoresheet. You’re suits me to a T! Just a couple of quick questions (because i’m exhausted and probably just not thinking clearly) in the knowledge and athletic areas, can your sim family repeat aspirations and max skills? And do you just write what these aspirations/skills are next to the numbers? And once you’ve complete one of each do you just tick them in the bottom area of that section?

Like I said, this is my very first time.

Oh my goodness! I have been working on a visual Excel version for the last couple weeks, tweaking here and there as I go. I’ll make sure to upload it whenever I get a chance, so others can use it if they want. It looks a little different than yours, though. :]

[…] are now three official scorekeepers on Pinstar’s legacy challenge website. However I had already spent some time creating my own. It was super fun to figure out how much to […]

Hi! Can I still start the challenge, it sounds great?! One question, do I just keep record for myself or do you have some place, where we can also see other players records? Thanks for answers 🙂


You can start the challenge at any time! You can find scoresheets for it here: You keep track of your own points. Feel free to let us know how you do 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

We don’t keep a “high score” table, so to speak. What you COULD do is post your finished family to the gallery tag it with #LegacyChallenge and put your score in the description.

Okay, I believe my version of a Tracking Assistant for TS4 Legacy Challenge is all finished. After a lot of work, I’ve put together a pretty extensive tracker that’s (I think) pretty easy to use. The web version looks silly, but if you have excel, it should show up properly after it’s downloaded.

And of course, I’ve credited everyone necessary. ;D

Pinstar Legacy

That is awesome! With your blessing we’ll put it up on the score sheet section!

I would be honored, of course! I actually found a couple of formula hiccups in the one I posted before, so I fixed them.
Here is the updated version:

Oops, I just realized that Dropbox automatically overrides the previous file, so you can ignore my previous reply. The link will still be the same. :]


The new sheet fixed the #NAME error I was getting, yay! But it seems that it no longer fills in the primary spouse stats for some reason.

Shewolf: did you make sure on the Overview page that the “Relation to Family” column has the “Primary Spouse” option chosen? It will not add the unique traits unless they are the primary spouse of that generation. If you only choose “Spouse” it will not add the traits to the Love page. I checked, and I wasn’t having this issue on mine.

I had actually. I doublechecked that. I ended up having to download it again and that one worked XD So I’m not sure if it was just something I did, or if you made changes, I have no idea. But it’s working beautifully! Really love it!

If you have any other issues, make sure to let me know here. 🙂

Hey Drew, I’m running into an issue where I get the #NAME error for my legacy founder’s on the family tab. It’s not a huge deal, just curious if anyone else has this issue. It seems to work fine for the rest of it. It’s a wonderful sheet! I love the spaces for all the extra info ^^

I noticed it myself, and I have re-uploaded it with the fix! You can just re-download the file (unfortunately you’ll have to re-enter everything)

Like I said, I made it all by myself, so there may be a couple more issues. If you find them, please let me know!!

HI, about Drew!

your spreadsheet is awesome,but it was acting weird saying #NAME? instead of points, but then i noticed the founder is tagged as 1st generation and after changing that to 0 it started working right. i just thought i’d mention it.
thanks so much for making it cause it’s a great help!!

greetinzz willzzz

Glad you like it!

I believe I fixed the issue, and have re-uploaded the file to the same location, so if you download it again, you shouldn’t have the #NAME? issue on the Family tab. :]

Hi, thanx so much for these!! i was writing everything down till now, i downloaded all of them just to see which is best. this will most definately make it easier to keep track of things!!

greetings, Willzzz

currently in 5th generation

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Scoresheets […]

Drew, you’ve made an amazing spreadsheet. There are a couple things off about it though. There is no consumable aspiration rewards aka potion list under Nature. The clickable arrows under Penalty only change the number in the first box. There are two penalty electricity bill boxes and no social services box. Checking sections off under Nature does not add points. After checking off all of the career track rewards for the Nature Entertainer: Musician section, the “Entertainer: Musician” doesn’t turn green like the others do. The same issue occurs in the Nature Emotional Paintings section.

I’m looking forward to an updated version! By the way, ever considered adding little mouse-over descriptions of the sections? I thought that might be helpful for some. Thank you for sharing your scoresheet!

another thing is that it does not add the points from bronze medals to the total medals points.

other then that I found the spreadsheet amazing and I’m looking forward to an updated version. 🙂

Oh, thanks!!
I’ll fix these ASAP and upload it to the same location. If you find any more issues, you can tell me in the forum here.

I have a question about one point on drew’s Tracking Assistant (which is awesome btw). In the Creativity tab it offers the painting memorilisation as “painted a Masterpiece realism painting” but on the scoring page here it only mentions to paint a high-skill Realism painting. So do I need to get a realism Masterpiece or is my excellent realism painting enough to memorialise my 1st Gen primary spouse? Thanks!


It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. It just needs to be a realism painting that is painted by a Sim with a skill level of 8 or higher.

Ooh thanks guys! I completely overlooked that!

Thanks Drew for the spreadsheet, it’s fantastic 🙂
The version of the spreadsheet I am using is missing a few things….
-Death Toll
-Emotional paintings

I also can’t check off the insta fun in the consumables…

Just wanted to know if I am using the most recent version of the spreadsheet?

Thanks 🙂

Hi Imagine Mystic and Pinstar
I discovered an error in your spreadsheet in google docs.
You forgot the second part of the Love points. The thing with one sim completing both love aspirations.


Pinstar Legacy

Thank you! I’ll fix that soon!

I can’t access the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Tracking Assistant by Drew. When I click the links all I get is:”The file you’re looking for has been moved or deleted.”

Im having the same Issue, as Im unable to get into the one I downloaded. about drew your Tracker spreadsheet is AWESOME and now Im soo lost with out. ;(

I can’t open about drew challenge tracking assistant page 🙁

me too!!!

Sorry guys! I updated the tracker, and it’s in a new location now!

Please head over to the forums where I keep an updated version at all times!

Sorry, I can’t edit Pinstar’s post above, otherwise I would update the link. 🙁


What do you need me to update? I could do it.

Sorry, I haven’t checked my e-mail for updates recently!!

You can just link to the help thread I put in that post above, and you won’t need to update any more (since I post the newest version in that thread)


I just want to point out two things regarding Sims Guy Steve’s score sheet:

1. Drowning needs to be added to the death types
2. There seems to be an error with the list of emotional paintings. It lists Focused, Confident, Flirty, Angry, Sad, and Energized as the six emotional paintings in the game but I believe the Energized category is actually supposed to be Playful instead. My Sims have collected all six emotional paintings but Energized isn’t one of them. I don’t even get the option to paint an Energized painting at all when my Sims are energized. The six emotional paintings my Sims have are Focused, Confident, Flirty, Angry, Sad and Playful.

Overall, I love Sims Guy Steve’s score sheet, though. So easy to keep track of my points when all I have to do is punch in the data and let it calculate everything for me. Genius idea!

Pinstar Legacy

Thank you for noting the errors, Energized is indeed supposed to be playful. I’ll be doing some updates today.

Will “Drew’s Legacy Challenge Tracking Assistant” be updated to include the new careers? If so, do you know when? Thanks


I would assume so since he’s been updating his tracker regularly, but I have no idea when, sorry!

Thanks for the fast reply, I’ll keep up with the things for that career on a separate piece of paper for now. 🙂

Just a note, to get Drew’s tracker now, you have to be a member of the forums even to see his post. Would it be possible to make it so that people can at least see the post if all they want is to download that tracker?


Yes, I can see if I can change the permissions on that. I actually never intended for all of the posts to be hidden like that anyway. Forums are not my forte, I need to fix the whole thing, LOL.


Ok they SHOULD be viewable by all now. Let me know if you are still having problems downloading the chart!

hey! i wanted to let you know i made a printable scoresheet, in english and with a spanish version for people who always have to translate EVERYTHING like me

a link to my blog post

if its any help to someone, here it is

Drew, I absolutely LOVE your tracker. it is by far my favorite. I wondered if you would be posting a revised version with the new careers (business, and athlete) as well as the new content for Outdoor Retreat. It would be greatly appreciated!!

Hello. Help me please – I downloaded all scoresheets, but everything is password protected, I can’t type anything, even choose anything from drop down menu… Am I missing something?

This realy made me wanna skrap my current family and start over going for the Legacy. They should include this scoring in game!

Sorry, this was not here

Will Drew be updating his spreadsheet to go along with the new rules for the GTW expansion?

Or any of the trackers, though I’ve been using Drew’s.

I’m also wondering if Drew’s scoresheet will be updated?

Okay, aside from the question about updating Drew’s tracker for GTW, I’ve noticed a few things:
– In the Sims panel though it says the exemplar trait is shown in green, it isn’t.
– The Creativity panel has formulas that don’t appear to be tracking anything, and those cells are protected.
– Formulas in the Family panel aren’t picking up information; I’m not sure if this is because the wrong cells are indicated in said formulas, or if it’s some other thing.
– In the Knowledge panel, the name cell is protected but it isn’t picking up family member names after the founder and first spouse. So I can’t count how many points I’ve gotten for various skills maxed.
– Again, formulas in the Love panel aren’t picking up data.

Is this because I’m using OpenOffice instead of Excel, or are these real problems?

Also, and this may be being a bit demanding, is it possible – if you update! – to add a cell for the childhood aspiration on the Sim panel?

Hi there! I also made a scoresheet if anyone is interested. It is meant to be printed out and filled in by hand. Here is a link for it.

It might look weird in excel because of the headers and footers but I promise it looks completely normal printed out.

Hi there,

It’s me again. I created a “statsheet” that I like to use with my scoresheet (and it could also work for other scoresheets/general legacy play). It’s designed to be filled out one per sim. It allows you to keep track of their traits, aspirations, careers, skills, parties, children, memorialization, death type, and miscellaneous milestones that each sim has completed while in the legacy scoring. I find it help’s me to keep track of the individual accomplishments while the scoresheet gives me an overall overview of the Legacy so far.


I have made myself a completely up to date scoresheet. It’s just a Word document (can’t work excel) and it’s EXTREMELY simple, but it’s there if anyone would like to use it 🙂

There doesn’t seem to be a “Squeamish” trait on the score sheet (for Drew’s sheet). Is this going to be updated? It would be great to have a column for Aspirations also. Easier than looking through my many legacy notes 😉


Drew has a section on our forums where he posts updates to the scoresheet. If there is an update with the squeamish trait on it, it will be there 🙂

Hi everyone,

I couldn’t find an automatic score tracker that has been updated to include the content of the Game and Expansion packs so I decided to create my own. It automatically keeps track of the points you score and lets you enter the Games you own. It will adjust the scoring mechanics to the Games you own automatically. Feel free to try it out and let me know if you experience any problems.

Thank you so much for this! I find this very useful since I’ve previously used Drew’s scoresheet. But yours is easy to use as well!

This sheet is awesome and up to date! Thanks for posting it! 🙂

I thank you so much for this sheet 🙂

This tracker is absolutely brilliant! I love that you can include and exclude certain packs. It makes things so much easier. That said, I did find an issue with it. On the Family tab, when you select a Gender Law, nothing appears under Explanation. The other Succession Law explanations worked though, so I looked and saw that the formula for the Gender Law is incorrect. It should be N6 instead of AF6. It was easy enough to fix, but I figured that I should let you know.

Hi Julie,

Thank you for pointing out the issue. I fixed the formula so it should now display the Gender Law explanation correctly.


Thank you so much for this score sheet! I am using it for all my legacies now. So well thought out! And, as a bonus, updated with the new Jealousy trait already!


Somehow I approved this comment but never added the tracker to the master list. Sorry about that! It’s up there now!

Hi everyone,

I just finished a big update on the sheet that adds some new functions. The link is still the same. Details about the update can be found in the instructions section.


Hi Hillie – Thanks so much for the score sheet. Its so easy to use and well thought out. However, I can’t seem to get the Love tab to work. There are several #ref! errors in my formulas in the D column on that tab. I was able to get the 1st 2 traits to work by replacing the the #ref! error with “Genealogy!$A$33:$A$157” but for some reason this doesn’t work with the 3rd trait.

I was able fix the issue — your formula was pointing to column L on the Genealogy tab to find the 3rd (Adult) trait, but it should be pointing to the M column. After doing a search/replace of the #ref! errors with Genealogy!$A$33:$A$157 and changing all the L column references to M , the Love tab now works like a charm. Thank you so much for this awesome sheet! You did a really great job with this. I love how you have all the packs included and everything is up to date!

Hi JelliB,

Thank you pointing out the issue. I just noticed the issue with with Love tab myself yesterday. I accidentally forgot to update part of the formula. I changed the references in the formula so it should be working fine now.


Hi everyone,

I just finished updating the sheet with the content of the Get Together Expansion Pack and the updated rules of the Legacy Challenge. The link is still the same. Please let me know if you experience any problems.


HillieE I was checking out your Tracker and I can’t get the “love” section to update correctly. Can you check it out please? thanks

Hi Annadenise,

I just checked the “Love” section and it seems to be working fine when I try it. Can you give me some additional information about the problem so I can try to fix it? Are you experiencing problems with the names of the Primary Spouses showing up or with the marking of the goals/traits as complete, or is something else not working?

If you have a problem with the names not showing up it might be because you haven’t filled out all the required fields in the “Family”-section’s Sims table. To make the names of the Primary Spouses show up in the “Love” section, you need to correctly fill out the following fields in the “Family” section in to make the formula work.
– The generation of the Primary Spouse
– The name of the Primary Spouse
– The Legacy Status (choose Primary Spouse from the dropdown menu)
– The traits of the Primary Spouse

If you are experiencing problems with the names showing up can you check if you filled these fields out correctly?

I hope we can find out what the problem is and fix it as soon as possible.


Everything is filled out correctly. But the “love” section has this in it. I hope it copies correctly. When I input the spouse info it does not change.

Love Points #VALUE! HELP

Trait Primary Spouse that has this trait Total number of unique traits Active #VALUE! #VALUE! Ambitious #VALUE! #VALUE! Goals #VALUE!
Art Lover #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 3 unique traits #VALUE!
Bookworm #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 6 unique traits #VALUE!
Bro #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 9 unique traits #VALUE!
Cheerful #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 12 unique traits #VALUE!
Childish #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 15 unique traits #VALUE!
Clumsy #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 18 unique traits #VALUE!
Creative #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 21 unique traits #VALUE!
Evil #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 24 unique traits #VALUE!
Family Oriented #VALUE! #VALUE! Have 27 unique traits #VALUE!
Foodie #VALUE! #VALUE! Have a Sim complete both Love aspirations in one lifetime 0
Genius #VALUE! #VALUE!
Gloomy #VALUE! #VALUE!
Glutton #VALUE! #VALUE!
Goofball #VALUE! #VALUE!
Hates Children #VALUE! #VALUE!
Hotheaded #VALUE! #VALUE!
Insane #VALUE! #VALUE!
Loves Outdoors #VALUE! #VALUE!
Materialistic #VALUE! #VALUE!
Music Lover #VALUE! #VALUE!
Non-Comittal #VALUE! #VALUE!
Outgoing #VALUE! #VALUE!
Perfectionist #VALUE! #VALUE!
Romantic #VALUE! #VALUE!
Self-Assured #VALUE! #VALUE!
Squeamisch #VALUE! #VALUE!

Hi Annadenise,

I made a small change which I believe might solve the problem (I turned the formula into an array formula). Can you redownload the sheet and check if this solves your problem?


Sorry for the late reply HillieE, it’s been crazy around here. I just downloaded the newer version and I’m still getting the #value with love section.

In the Genealogy tab, the “potential heirs” is giving the #value. The “suggested Role” is giving the #value.

The Love Tab, has the #value where the sims name goes and the #### is where the red circle with x in it is suppose to be.

On the Overview Tab, the “total score” has the #### because the Love section is not doing correct.

What excel are you using? Mine is Microsoft Office 365 updated to the 2016 version. This might be the problem

Hi Annadenise,

I’m not quite sure what’s causing the value errors. The problem seems to occur in cells with the INDEX-function. This function is also used in the ‘memorialized sim’-row of creative tab, do you experience problems there too?
I find it very odd that you are recieving errors in the cells you mention because the formulas there contain the IFERROR function which should change any error messages into something else but somehow this doesn’t work for you.
I’m using the Dutch Microsoft Office 365 (2016) version of Excel and the formulas work fine on my computer. The issue might be related to the translation from Dutch to your language (English?). Could you copy one of the formulas on the love sheet that gives a value error and post it here? (to be able to do this you need to unprotect the sheet). That way I can see if there are translation issues.


Disregard that last reply. I took a chance and reinstalled my 365 office and everything is fine now. sorry for the problem.

Hi Annadenise,

I’m glad everything is working now. Let me know if you come across any new problems.


[…] The scoresheet I use is made by SimGuySteve and can be found at Pinstar’s Sims Legacy Challenge Website. […]

I made a new tracking sheet. It is very similar to Drew’s but I updated it with the new updates with the expansion and game packs. Check it out and let me know if there are problems.

Hi HillieE – I love your tracker and I just updated the new one from 7 days ago (so around valentines) and lines 33 and 36 both have stuck cells that won’t allow you to choose any traits. 33 is the founder’s line and it’s the child trait that’s stuck and line 36 it’s the teen trait. No big deal – can be worked around but thought you should know!

Hi Ricalynn,

I checked the cells you mentioned and I notice there was a non functioning arrow in the founder line that was not showing the trait list. When I clicked on the cell another arrow appeared on top of it that did show the list properly. It seems this was caused by a bug in Excel. I fixed it by deleting the cell the arrow was in and creating a new cell. It should be working properly again.


Does anyone have a score-sheet that has the Random Heir for 10 children? I have been using Pinstar’s but it only has room for 6. By the way thanks Pinstar for all that you have done for the Challenges. I love the YouTubes that you do.

Hi Marie Dean,

The Random Heir Generator in my scoresheet had room for 9 children. I updated the sheet today and expanded the Generator. It now has room for 11 Sims. Hope you find this helpful.


Hi HillieE

I totally love your spreadsheet for the Legacy Challenge! It has everything needed 🙂 I am having one problem: Some of the spouse traits aren’t transferring to the “Love” sheet, specifically Bookworm and Lazy. Slob is working but I haven’t tried any of the others yet. Thank you for a great spreadsheet!

In addition to Jude’s comment from yesterday I wanted to add, I had the same issue with some of the traits not showing. Then I noticed that it was telling me that my primary spouse had the trait of my first potential heir which he doesn’t. The only one that recorded was cell 3 and then cell 1 of the line underneath the primary spouse line. Hope this helps recreate the problem!

Hi Judessims,

I checked the sheet and the problem was caused by the formula in the love sheet not recognizing cells J34 and K34. I updated the formula today. It should be working again.


Good morning HillieE, I was downloading your updated sheet and as always, the love section is not working. This time I got a snapshot of the errors. My Excel and Office 365 is up to date.



Update: Now, none of the “Love” Traits Points seem to be transferring from the Genealogy page. I’ll just start writing them down to count points until it’s changed. I’ll never remember otherwise 😀

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I decided to rebuild the Love Sheet from the ground up on a new sheet after reading about all the issues. Could you let me know if this fixed the issues?


The link to the Drew’s score sheet is not working 🙁

I’m having the same problem with LOVE section as some users did, and would like to try to re-dowload the file. But the link won’t work anymore for some reason.


Noticed the same issue here. The whole thread Drew’s spreadsheet can be found in is just missing. Very frustrating, as I love his score sheet, though it needs updating and is glitching on the love page.


Ah darnit, I didn’t realize his scoresheet was on the Forums. We had an error with the forums the other day that caused a significant portion of the content to disappear and I decided to take them down (since Pinstar and I weren’t using them anyway). I will do some digging to see if I can find where they are all stored. Sorry about that!


I sent an email to Drew to see if there is another link for it somewhere. Was his scoresheet being updated? If not, HillieE has one that is being maintained and updated and that one is up on the scoresheet page as well.


I am looking into getting a new download link for you guys. We had a massive issue with the forums the other day that resulted in a lot of the stuff on there getting deleted. I ended up taking the forums down completely. However, I forgot that Drew’s sheet was kept on there.

I will try to get a new link for you all soon. Sorry about that!


I put an email out to Drew to see if I could get another link to the tracker to post on here. Was his tracker being updated? If not, HillieE has one up on the Scoresheet page that, as far as I can tell, is being maintained and updated. So it might be worth looking into that one if I can’t get a hold of Drew.

Hi! Love the HillieE scoresheet for my legacy data, but as of August 18th, I’m still having the LOVE issue where the Primary Spouse’s traits are not transferring from the Genealogy page.

Wondering if it might be due to a matter of no link to the Genealogy page in the formula? I’m not an expert at Excel, but I can’t see any space in the formula which references another sheet.

Hi ForeverCamp,

I checked the sheet and tested it for all generations of primary spouses and all traits and the Love sheet seems to be working properly. Could you redownload the scoresheet and see if you still have the problem in the latest version? I did do a small update yesterday but did not make any changes to the Love sheet or the Genealogy sheet.
Also make sure you fill out the generation, legacy role and traits for every primary spouse or the traits won’t transfer. If you still experience issues with the new version could you email me a filled in version that shows the problems (the adress is in the contact info in the document) or post a link to the file here so I can take a look?


Hi, I tried the newest version and still no love (pun intended, LOL).

Just wondering if I’m typing in the Generation wrong (I’m just putting in the numeral, which hasn’t messed up anything else in the sheet, but stranger things have happened…) I’ll email you a copy of the filled-in version as well.

Hi Forevercamp,

The problem was caused by there not being a Primary Spouse in Generation 1 causing an error in the Love formula which caused it to be unable to look up the traits of Primary Spouses in later generations. I changed the formulas on the Love sheet which should fix the problem.


I am getting the same thing with this sheet the primary spouse traits not entered in the love tab Err:508, also a couple of other things.

But first a question: is the founder and their mate the primary spouse, generation 0? And that is why their traits are not recognized? Also does it matter if it is written as 1 or One in the space provided?

So the other things I mention are: On the genealogy page my bloodline law is traditional. In the conflicts box it says Err:512 but further down the page at the general conflicts it says no conflicts detected.

Still on the genealogy tab, I have entered only my founder and my primary spouse. Next to my primary spouse in the suggested role box, we have Err:520.

On the family tab No generation 1 is filled out for heirs, primary spouse or Goals.

I use open office. org instead of excel in case this could be the problem.

Hi Kasi,

The founder and their spouses are generation 1 and if you listed them as generation 0 or no generation at all it might be the cause of the problems you’re having. Could you try filling out the sheet with the Founder and his/her primary spouse as generation 1 and let me know if you still get the errors?


Actually I tried it as generation 0 after I wrote this and you will be pleased to know it is not a valid number nor is writing One. So the errors are still the same as I listed them sorry.

Hi Kasi,

I tested my Excel version of the sheet and it works fine. I downloaded Open Office to see if the problems were caused by using that program instead of Excel and unfortunately I had all the errors you described when using OpenOffice. This is likely caused by there not being an iferror function in OpenOffice causing all the formulas that use this function to not work when using Open Office (which are the ones one the Genaelogy, Family and Love sheet). I could try to make a seperate version of the tracker compatible with Open Office but that will take quite some time as I am not familair with the controls in OpenOffice and I also have a holiday coming up. If you would like me to try and make one please let me know. As a workaround you could also unlock the sheets that have errors in them and override the formulas (meaning you just enter the names and Legacy Roles manually). I think the scoring should still work if you enter them manually. If not, you’ll have to calculate them yourself, unfortunately. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Oh gosh no don’t go to the trouble. Enjoy your holiday! Thanks so much for the testing for me. I will use excel for the sheet.
Thanks so much for your time.
Cheers Kasi.

Dear HillieE,

I’ve really enjoyed using your scoresheet for my legacy challenge so far, which soon begins the reign of the Gen5 heir.
I wonder if you have plans to update your scoresheet to add the new traits (Vegetarian and Unflirty) as well as the new City Living careers, once Pinstar announces a ruling on the new careers.

Thank you for a wonderful scoresheet!

Hi Oshizu,

I do intend to update the sheet with the new content. I will probably do it in two fases (traits, careers and skills first and rule updates and trait generator later). The first update will probably be coming this week.


Hello HillieE

Thank you so much! I can’t imagine playing the Legacy Challenge with any scoresheet except yours!


Hi oshizu,

The updated version is available now. I’ve decided to update everything at once (including the Random Trait Generator). If the are any future rule changes or other updates to the challenge I will update the sheet again.


For anyone who downloaded HillieE’s spreadsheet but is having errors because they are using Open Office: I had the same problems, so I downloaded LibreOffice (for free), opened the document with that and it works perfectly, no conversions required. All the macros, all the little checkbox images, all the layout, everything is great. Took me a good while and a lot of different methods to figure that out but I’m really glad I did because it is a really cool and easy to use scoresheet. Thanks HillieE 🙂

Hi everyone,

My scoresheet has now been updated with the content from the City Living Expansion Pack. To download the new version simply use the link provided on this page. Details about the update can be found in the update section of the Instructions Sheet. If Pinstar and Mystic make any rule changes or add new Handicaps I will update the sheet again. If you experience any problems with the new version let me know.


Thank you so much! I really like your scoresheet 🙂
I’ve noticed some things, so I made a list, I hope this help you in some way 🙂
– Food: The “Reach the top of both food career branches” cell is not working with food career branches, but wih Critic career.
– Popularity: This happened in the previous scoresheet too, I have all parties with “Gold” and Dance Party with “Held”, but the “Have a single Sim Earn a Gold Medal for every type of Social Event” cell still appears with “X”. Maybe I’m missing something? :/
– Nature: With the last EP we have two more collectibles; “Snow Globe” and “City Posters”. Also, with the “Day of the dead” patch, we have the “Sugar Skulls” in the collectables section.

Again, thank you very much, your scoresheet is so useful! 😀

Hi YuuAnn,

Thank you for pointing these out, I’ve fixed them in the latest version.


HillieE, your scoresheet is amazing! Thank you so much for doing this. I have one issue with the Geneology tab that I had before. In your notes you mentioned you fixed the suggested role column, but I’m still getting “non eligible child” for those Sims who actually are potential heirs. Maybe I’m missing something?

At any rate, thank you again so much for this, it makes the Legacy Challenge so much easier to do!!

Hi Annika,

The suggested role column has a complex formula so it’s quite possible it will sometimes show a wrong result under certain circumstances. I would like to fix any mistakes in the formula but I need your help for that. Could you tell me which specific mistake you have experienced? Please include the succesion laws you’re using, the details of the Sims who get the wrong result (gender, species, adoption status, traits, parents, etc) and the details of other Sims in the same generation who do get the right result. Alternatively you could send your filled out version of the sheet with the error in it to the emailadress provided in the Contact section of the Sheet so I can try and find the issue there.


Hello HillieE,

Thank you for so quickly updating your scoresheet!
Although you have gone to the trouble of adding City Native to the Athletic Category tab, I intend to add a “1” to that category without actually completing the aspiration.

It’s impossible to complete City Native without living in a San Myshuno apartment. One goal requires your sim to share his/her apartment key with another sim; another requires the sim to live in an apartment worth $xxxxxx.
Any sims in my legacy household located in Windenberg, therefore, would never be able to complete it.

That is my own personal solution, anyway. I’m happy that your traits generator now includes Unflirty and Vegetarian!
I was surprised at how quickly you updated your scoresheet. It’s very much appreciated.

Hi Oshizu,

I’ve now removed the City Native Aspiration as a requirement for the completed all aspirations goal in the latest version. I also fixed the issues YuuAnn mentioned. I did decide to leave the City Native Aspiration on the sheet because some people might decide to still try to complete the Aspiration by only cheating past the impossible goals. I’m thinking about creating a more flexible sheet in the future letting people decide if they want to include skills, aspiration, careers, parties etc. from specific Packs as a requirement for the ‘complete all …’-goals. But I think I will put that idea on hold until the official rules are updated and the new Handicaps are announced.


Hello HillieE!

You work so quickly! You’ve already updated your recently updated scoresheet!
I’m in Gen6 now and have started the process of copying everything over to your new scoresheet.

A thousand thank you’s!

Evening HillieE,

Sorry I’ve not posted this yet. But i’m having problems with the generator. When I roll for all “All Traits”, I only get the child trait. The other two come up with #N/A in them. Can you check this out?


Hi Shannon,

There was a small error in the formula of the generator that caused the problem. It should be fixed now.


♥Hilliee’s Legacy Scoresheet♥ I just want to give you a HUGE thank you!! Wow your version is amazing and must have taken you a pretty decent amount of time to create. It’s very thorough, I LOVE it! ♥♥♥♥♥Thank you!♥♥♥♥♥

HillieE you scorecard is awesome! but i noticed the unflirty trait and vegetarian trait is not counting by traits from primary spouse in the Love section. I took another trait to count it as 1 but hope you can change it.
From the start i love your scoresheet and also love the pictures by overview. Thanks for reading this and hope you can take care of it! Thank you

Hi Debby,

I fixed the issue you mentioned. I also added the new toddler traits to the random trait generator and the genealogy sheet.


Hi HillieE awesome thanks and sorry for the late reaction could not open the page for a while 🙂

Hi HillieE! I really love your tracker! I use it ALL THE TIME and I think you do such an amazing job keeping it updated! Cant wait to see how you update it for vampires! Additionally I just wanted to make you aware of a little something (however not major) that I noticed. If you select all the expansion packs and game packs and etc, one of them (Im not sure which) glitches the trait generator (however this is avoidable by not selecting expansion packs) But I was curious if that impacts whether or not the traits for those packs get randomized.

Hi Alex, I fixed the issue you mentioned. The updated version including the Vampire Game Pack should be available for download now.

Hi everyone,

A new version of my scoresheet including the new Vampire content should be live now (I am experiencing some internet problems so it might not have updated on Dropbox). It also adds new options to customise which skills/aspirations/careers/death types are included/required in the scoring.


thank you so much HillieE!!

On the Legacy score sheet created by Pinstar, not all traits are included under the exemplar drop down box. My exemplar trait is to be Kleptomaniac, but it is not there.


We haven’t updated our scoresheet since the base game released. I would recommend using HillieE’s instead.


I just started my first Legacy Challenge! Thanks so much for your scoresheet HillieE!
Two questions:
1. I just gave birth to my first heir (female from Founder & Primary spouse – strict matriachy, strict traditional, first born) but I got the suggestion “non-eligible child”. I’m not sure if it is something wrong with the formula or have I misunderstood something?
2. Regarding traits – i’m not really sure which ones I should fill in where. For example for my spouses and founder, which is the child/teen trait? Or should I just put one in each collumn?

Thanks again!

Hi Cait,

1. I tried testing the input you described and the result it gives in my case is “Heir”. Did you fill out the gender, adoption status and mother/father collumns correctly? If you leave one empty it will not recognize the child as eligible.
2. It does not matter which trait you put in which collumn for founders and spouses.


Doing my first legacy challenge and just want to give a shout-out to whoever designed Hillie’s spreadsheet. Very nice work.

Also very nervous because my dry-run at this challenge got me triplets before the couple even had a roof over their heads – literally. Some long nights there! Also noted it’s very difficult to “speed up” the game when you have children. Gotta watch those demons every second!
I have a founder and his wife, they had a baby boy. The laws I chose are Strict Patriarchy, Strict Traditional, First Born, and Xenophobic. According to this, their son Harmon, should be eligible for heir yet the suggested role says “non eligible child”

Other than that, This is the best score sheet I have found!

Hi Kianna,

I can’t open the file you posted a link to (I get an error message from dropbox). When I test the input you described, the result I get for the son is “Heir”. Could you post another link or email the filled out sheet to the adres listed in the contact section of the Instructions Sheet so I can try to figure out the problem?


Hillie, the scoresheet is great the only thing that I see that you might want to add is Vampire to the Family Species chart. You have Human and Alien, why not Vamps too?

I love your sheet and it has been an asset to me during my legacy challenge. Thaxs for all your hard work and the time that you put in doing this. I know it took awhile and it is hard.

Hi Marie Dean,

Vampires have already been added in an update on january 26. Please redownload the sheet to use the most recent version including Vampires.


Hi HillieE
I’m a huge fan of your work!!
I think you’re amazing!!
I’d love it if you updated the list with the bowling skill?


Hi Elisabeth,

The bowling has now been added to the Score Sheet.


[…] the base challenge without the extra challenges. You can find the scoresheet for this challenge here. I have decided upon the following succession […]

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that my scoresheet has been updated to include the Super Parent Aspiration en Parenting Skill.


HillieE I bloody love your scoresheet. <3 <3 Thank you so much

Hi HillieE!

I have a problem with suggested role section. It worked fine until the generation 2 became parents, all of their children gets #VALUE! error. I’m in my generation 4 now and yet it is still the same. My succesion law is Equality – Traditional – Exemplar (Music Lover) – Tolerant. [Microsoft Office 2010]

It turns out that whenever “heir” puts into the legacy role, all of their kids gets #VALUE! error in suggested role.

I am currently having the same issue with this. Anyone know the fix?

It seem like all the spread sheets I tried lack todler update? I have tried Steve’s and

Becca’s*. Ps when Im entering my comment the field for it does not show me my words as a Itype =o

I have been using HillieE’s version and for some reason nothing fills in. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what the issue is but no names are carrying over it’s all #NAME? In every block.

I was wondering if there would be an update on these sheets for Toddler Stuff Pck and the Pets expansion (for its release). Anyone have an idea if they will be updating these?

Thanks for these. I used Hilliee’s sheet. I just wonder what i must put genealogy page cell to Given birth to by? Because thare was placed mother and father what that cell means? Thanks anyway 🙂

I’m trying to make a copy but every time I open it up through my drive it just shows the view only version.

Hi Everyone,

My tracker has now been updated to include the Cats and Dogs Expansion Content. It also includes any Stuff Packs and Rule Updates that have been added since my last update in May 2017.


Thanks for this again i love your scoresheet. 🙂 really appreciated

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