Stories vs Let’s Plays – Help Me Decide!

Hi everyone! I’m getting ready to come back from my 2 week long break and get back into the swing of things here and on Youtube. I have a question for all of you that have been reading the Retreaux Legacy and the Novella Movin’ On Up Challenge, however.

I’ve been considering moving these both over to my Youtube channel as a Let’s Play, but I am not sure if I want to or if I will be making it difficult for some of you to keep up with them if they move there. If they move to Youtube, I will be picking the stories up exactly where they left off. I will not be restarting them. The chapters that have already been written will stay on the website for everyone to read if they need to catch up.

I have created a poll and would appreciate it if you all could answer whether you prefer them as written stories or Youtube Let’s Plays. I’ll keep the poll up until next Friday, September 8th.



Keep as stories please!!

I forgot to post a link to the poll, so if you want to vote officially you can head to

I would love to see the Retreaux Legact on YT!

Is there a link to the poll?

Oh my goodness. I forgot to post it. Editing that now!

Here’s the link if you’d like to vote!

Kimberlyn Salmon

Let’s Plays Please! OMG! I miss your Let’s Plays!

Haha I knew you’d say that xD Here’s a link to the poll… forgot to link it in the post: