The Legacy Challenge Rules update 1.00

"Cold" By tcc007

“Cold” By tcc007

With the point charts finally finalized, the only thing left to tackle was to rule on ghosts.

See our updated and revamped scoring page for more details.


Major Rule updates:


  • You may use the death flower to guarantee success when pleading with the reaper to save a dying Sim.
  • You may NOT use ambrosia to resurrect a dead Sim. (You may cook it and have living sims eat it if you wish)
  • You may invite ghost Sims back into your family. However, they no longer earn your Legacy family any Legacy Challenge points. They may not purchase potions of youth and any completed skills, aspirations, or other Legacy Challenge scoring methods do not count for them. They may not take a job. They cannot memorialize other Sims. If they were a member of the Legacy Challenge family.
  • Ghost Sims can still be memorialized but only by Sims that knew them in life.
  • An invited ghost who is no longer welcome may be moved out just like unwanted family members.
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Upcoming FREE content to the Sims 4!!

New Content Sims 4

Pinstar was part of a conference call with several other Simmers and SimGurus this morning to discuss FREE content coming to the Sims 4 in the next few months and we wanted to share this all with you.

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