The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.11 – Ti’Ning The Pretty Princess

Hi everyone! What’s this? ANOTHER Retreaux Legacy chapter this week? Woah! I decided that since I am moving the Novella Movin’ On Up Challenge to Youtube that I could increase the frequency that I post the Retreaux Legacy stories here.

In our last chapter, Crono became a serial muffin burner. Almost every 5 minutes (or at least that’s what it felt like) he was making muffins in the kid oven and then forgetting about them, which caused them to burn. Let’s see what sort of shenanigans our intrepid family will get themselves into today!

What’s this? A muffin that isn’t burned? I’m shocked. SHOCKED!

Ayla: Well DUH. It’s because I made this one. Crono didn’t touch it.

Aha! That makes sense.

Marle: Oh my gosh! I can see my husband in the bathtub!

Um… you have two kids Marle.

Marle: What do you mean?

You know what… I’m not getting into this conversation with you.

And of course the minute Ti-Ning finishes his bath, the bathtub breaks. He’s not extremely handy yet, but seeing as I don’t really want to pay to have the tub fixed, it looks like he’s going to have to whack the tub a bunch of times with a wrench and hope that that fixes things.

So it’s like 10pm on a Saturday night and Ayla spun up a want to be twirled around by Random Work Friend. Since, as per usual, Random Work Friend was already visiting, I figured I might as well get this want completed. Ayla only has a couple of days before aging up into a teenager and I would like to get her into the Platinum before then.

Aaaand now it’s 2 am, everyone has gone to bed, but Random Work Friend decided to stick around and play chess by herself. I’m honestly waiting for that skunk to walk up and spray her.

Also, I had to giggle at this. Ayla decided that she wanted to sleep in her parents’ bed tonight. So that left Ti-Ning with only one option. Sleeping in Ayla’s pretty purple princess bed. It looks like Ti-Ning is comfortable enough in his manliness to sleep in a purple princess bed though. Either that or he’s just really tired. Or hey, maybe he secretly wants to be a pretty princess. I’m not judging. He can totally do that if he wants to.

The next morning Ayla was greeted by, I assume, a stray dog named Taylor. The reason I am assuming that he is a stray is that he doesn’t have a last name. Can anyone confirm if I am correct in assuming that?

Anyway, if he IS a stray, I am going to try and set a goal of adopting him (because it’s possible to adopt strays in the Sims 2).

He and Ayla really hit it off too! They played fetch for quite a while and Ayla really seemed to enjoy her time with him.

She was even able to get a few pets in!

I actually find the fact that this particular dog decided to visit really interesting. He actually looks quite a bit like my real life dog. So now I’m pretty determined to get the Retreauxs to adopt this guy.

Alright. That wraps up this chapter! I’m pretty sure Ayla will be aging up in the next chapter and I also want to see if we’ll be able to adopt Taylor soon as well. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Don’t forget about the heir poll that will be running until Crono is an adult!



Oh, this is great. I like that you decided to do write stories as well 🙂 I was one of those who voted on that. I have hard hearing, so I was a little nervous – but I like the outcome. This was also my fav story of those two, so.. yeah 🙂

Back to the story. Niice. I’m forever lol’ing at Crono being a serial muffin burner, thus the good cake can only be Ayla’s. And can I just say, Taylor looks suuuper cute. And Ti-Ning sleeping in Ayla’s bed *laugh-cry emoji*.

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