The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.12 – Ayla Becomes a Teenager

Hello everyone! In our last chapter, Ayla befriended a dog named Taylor and Ti-Ning opted to live the pretty princess lifestyle. Let’s see what our intrepid family can get into today!

What’s this? A completely empty house? That’s right. Everyone is either at work or school. Wow. I don’t think this has happened for a really long time. Probably not since before Ti-Ning moved in.

Aha! And Marle has finally earned herself a promotion! She decided that she would celebrate by shouting about it to the high heavens. I’m sure her neighbors were THRILLED.

The following morning I was able to get a snapshot of everyone eating at the table together. This is another thing that is a fairly rare occurrence in this household as everyone has different schedules.

Since it’s Saturday, Crono has decided that he needs to start working on his skills. Even if he ends up being the spare, it would be handy to have a relatively competent Sim living in the household. I am unsure if I will move the spares out right away or not.

Afterwards, he decided to take a break from all of his skilling to enjoy just being a kid and playing with toys. Also, this might be the closest shot that I got of his face so far. Who do you guys think he looks more like? Marle or Ti-Ning?

Guess what guys?! It’s Ayla’s birthday! She’s about to become a teen and we’ll get to see what her aspiration is. Here we go!

And of course Random Work Friend is here to see her friend grow up. I should probably just get her a bed at this point.

Poor Crono was so tuckered out after all his painting and playing that he missed the festivities! Oh well. I’ll let him sleep. He was exhausted.

It’s sparkling time!

And we have a teen in the family! Ayla also earned the “Grow Up Well” want and rolled Popularity for her aspiration (ugh… my 2nd least favorite next to Pleasure).

Here’s a close up of her face. Well… sort of. I think she looks like a pretty good combo of Marle and Ti-Ning! Crono won’t be aging up for a while still so most likely he will not age up for a few more chapters. But I’m curious to see who he ends up looking more like!

Alright, that about wraps up this chapter. Sadly Taylor didn’t make an appearance, but hopefully we’ll see him again soon! Don’t forget about the heir poll which will be up until Crono reaches adulthood!


[…] our last chapter we celebrated Ayla’s birthday. She’s now a teenager! Let’s see what happens in […]