The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.13 – Pillow Fights, Broken Things, & Bugs

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week. I’ve been busy getting back into streaming on Twitch so the post schedule for this week has been a little wonky. Now that I’ve got things more or less figured out, I should be more on track next week! (I hope)

In our last chapter we celebrated Ayla’s birthday. She’s now a teenager! Let’s see what happens in this episode.

Um. Ayla? Are… are you alright?

Ayla: Urgh! Fine! Just having a pillow fight!

I see… um… who are you pillow fighting WITH?

Y’know… at this point I really shouldn’t even be surprised anymore. Random Work Friend should really just move in. She’s here all the time anyway.

Ayla: Hey Random Work Friend? Now that you are done pummeling me with a pillow, I think we should eat cake and talk about music.

Random Work Friend: I think that’s a great idea Ayla! Hey after that, would you like to play chess? I don’t have anywhere I need to be, you guys are basically my family now. I think of you as the little sister I never had.

Ayla: Sure, chess sounds good!

Well… that’s certainly a new way to wash your face. Um. Marle I’m not sure that’s how you’re supposed to fix the sink. You may want to try using a wrench and yelling at it like your husband seems to enjoy doing.

This is fine.

Everything is broken. No one has the skill to fix it. That’s cool. No worries. We’ll just let the bathroom flood so that we can swim from room to room. That sounds fun, right?

I forgot to update Ayla’s bedroom now that she is a teenager. So she’s still sleeping in her princess bed with her butterfly walls. Maybe she’ll start a new trend? Maybe all the cool kids at school will want to also sleep in princess beds with butterfly walls? No? Ok yeah I’ll fix this next time.

The next day, Crono managed to get an A+ report card, which of course means that he needs to shout it to every member of his family including Random Work Friend who, like always, is at our house.

He also brought a friend home from school and… I gotta say this is an odd way to hang out. Is the TV PART of this group? Maybe it’s conversing with them?

And finally. I… don’t think I can even caption this. I don’t know what happened here but mistakes were made.

Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter! I will hopefully have a new up one early next week! If I can get my act together with scheduling things that is!


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