The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.14 – This is Fine…

Oh boy, if you thought that the last chapter of the Retreaux Legacy was full of bad luck, just wait until you see this one. Well… here we go…

This is where it all started. It was night time, everyone was asleep in the house, and I heard barking. I thought maybe Taylor decided to finally pay us a visit (I hadn’t seen him in a few Sim days), but no… it was not Taylor. It was a werewolf. I’m wondering if perhaps the werewolf put a curse on us for not allowing it inside the house. Whatever it was, I just know that things started going completely haywire after he visited.

Tired of trying to fix the broken bathtub to no avail, Ti-Ning gave up and decided it would be better to take a bubble bath with the broken faucet water spraying in his face the entire time. (Are Sims SUPPOSED to be able to take baths in the broken tub in the Sims 2? I don’t remember if this is an actual thing or if my game might be bugged.)

Shortly afterwards, Ayla decided that rather than taking a shower like a normal person, she’d try something a bit… outside of the box. Why not play in the tub while it was broken so that you can shower and play at the same time? I’m not sure how well it worked though, her hygiene level didn’t change. Also… it was 5 am. I dunno why she thought she needed to wake up at 5 am to play in the bathtub but, apparently it was important.

I gave up trying to have my Sims repair the broken faucets. The only thing they really accomplished with it was getting VERY angry at them. So I decided to have them hire a repair person. At least now things will finally get fixed.


Why is there a fire truck behind the repair person’s car? Wh… what is going on in there?!

Marle: It’s horrible! It’s terrible! I… I…




Ok. I’m going to reiterate. WHAT. HAPPENED?!

Marle: Well you see I thought maybe it would be a good idea to make omelets for everyone for breakfast but… I didn’t really quite know how to make them so I put the eggs directly on the burner instead of in a pan and… well… the stove caught fire!

You… put the eggs directly on the burner…

Marle: Y-yeah…

Marle, why would anything go directly on the burner?

Marle: I don’t know! I was still kind of half asleep at the time and it seemed like a good idea then!


Now that that fiasco is over, I decided that it might be time to try and invite the headmaster over to see about getting the kids into private school. Clearly, Marle’s cooking skills aren’t high enough to make the kind of meal that the Headmaster expects, but Ti-Ning’s are pretty good and he might be able to impress him. Before inviting the headmaster over though, I decided to add some higher end paintings and decorations to the room to help with our tour score. I also upgraded the kitchen because, well… it was charred to a crisp.

Here we go! The moment of truth! Hopefully this goes well!

Ok that didn’t go well.

I was so flabbergasted the whole time watching it play out that I forgot to actually take pictures of what happened. Good going Mystic!

First the house tour did not go as planned at all. Random Work Friend decided to invite herself over, apparently with a very full bladder. We were doing ok on the tour up until we decided to show the headmaster the master bathroom (because it has a lot of high end stuff in there). However, shortly before showing him the room, Random Work friend walked in with them, complained that she had to pee very badly, and then peed on the floor. Needless to say, a puddle of pee on the floor lowered our room score quite drastically.

Then dinner… turns out after the fire Ti-Ning and I were hesitant to make anything too involved so we stuck with chef salad. Headmaster was not impressed.

The shmoozing also went terribly. I think after watching a full-grown adult pee on the floor in front of him, the headmaster wasn’t really in the mood to be shmoozed. Finally he just gave up and decided to watch tv in the living room until time ran out. No one else was able to interact with him and we ended the night with a 55/90 score. Welp.

Hopefully our next chapter goes better than this one. Because this was stressful.


The sims in sims 2 can still use broken items. It’s not a glitch.

Ohhh! Haha I guess I forgot all about this!

“Never make chef salad for the headmaster. No matter who he is (as it varies for each game), the Headmaster absolutely hates chef salad. He prefers pork chops, lobster and salmon. Alternatively, the family Lifetime Aspiration meal “Grandma’s Comfort Soup” is a good choice to cook.” It is a tip from a sims wiki.

LOL whoops! Thanks for pointing that out!