The Retreaux Legacy Ch 1.9 – Happy Birthday Crono!

Hello everyone! This chapter is a few days later than usual (normally I post it on Tuesday) due to my working on the Random Trait Generators. Better late than never, though, right? In our last chapter, we received several visits from “Random Work Friend” and she is now quite close to Ayla. This should hopefully benefit Ayla when she becomes an adult and needs to make friends for promotions.

Since I want to ensure that Crono masters all of his toddler skills before aging up, I bought a Smart Milk dispenser for him. If you are unfamiliar with The Sims 2, this is essentially milk that allows toddlers to skill up quicker (much like the skilling hat that you can buy for older Sims). In order for the smart milk to work properly, the Sim making the milk needs to be at least in the “golden” aspiration level or it might backfire. Ti-Ning is platinum at the moment, so I had him do it. Let’s give this thing a shot and see how it goes.

While a baby glowing green would ORDINARILY make one extremely concerned about radiation levels in the area, a baby glowing green in The Sims 2, is actually a good sign. That means that the smart milk is working as intended and Crono can start leveling up and mastering all of his toddler skills!

This is probably the worst screenshot that I’ve taken in the history of ever, but we did it! Crono has mastered all Toddler skills. After drinking the smart milk, he potty trained in one session and learned how to walk in a matter of minutes.

I really wish smart milk existed in real life. Potty training my kids would have gone so much more smoothly.

Oh hey! Ayla is actually making a friend her own age today! Random Work Friend is inside talking to Marle and Ti-Ning for once. Either way, these two really hit it off and are already listed as “Friends” in the relationship panel. Again I don’t know the other Sim’s name. I am the worst.

What’s this? Is someone celebrating a birthday? (Ignore the floating light… I forgot to put the upper level of the house into view so the game isn’t showing the ceiling. I did fantastic with my screenshots the last time I played… sheesh.)

Thanks to the smart milk, Crono will be aging up platinum. Hooray! Not only will that accomplish his “Grow up well” want, but it will also fulfill Marle and Ti-Ning’s wants to see him grow up well too. Platinum for everyone! (including Ayla because she hit platinum when she became friends with what’s her face right there)

And with that, we are officially done with the newborn and toddler stage for this generation (unless Marle and Ti-Ning decide to randomly surprise me). Let’s take a closer look at Crono and see what he looks like!

I see a lot of Ti-Ning in him. Though I think he might have Marle’s nose. Either way, he’s adorable!

This is where I will end this chapter. In the next chapter I think I am going to attempt to get both Ayla and Crono into private school and then I’ll work on keeping their grades up and getting them to work on skilling.

Don’t forget about the heir poll that will be running until Crono hits adulthood. You guys get to choose who the Generation 2 heir will be!

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Wow, Chrono sure is cute! I was certain I would vote for Ayla in the heir poll, but now I’m not 🙂 I’ll have to wait and see how they turn out as teens – both looks and aspirations!

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