The Sims 4 Immigrant Challenge

Just off the boat in a strange new country.

Just off the boat in a strange new country.

The Background (Non-Wonder Child)

The old country was your home, your birthplace. Traditional values, traditional culture and… abject poverty. You’ve heard of the stories; the avenues for opportunity and growth in the new world were all there. Selling everything you had in the old country, you are able to purchase a ticket to the new world.

Arriving there, broke and full of dreams, you find that the job market in the new world is just as bad as the old world; too few jobs for too many workers. There is a spot of hope, however. Wanting to boost small business, the government is offering a loan of $20,000 to whomever starts their own business. With the promise of full citizenship if you are successful, you take the deal and now must figure out how to get your new life established.

Doing so will not be easy. The title of ‘temporary citizen’ brings many restrictions on your shoulders, not to mention you are in a land where you barely know the native language and culture. Whatever social skills you had are no longer are relevant.

Background (Wonder Child addendum)

You…were a government experiment. Bred and raised to perfection. Your entire life and childhood has been monitored, analyzed and documented. Now this same insane government that created you, wants you to move into a zombie filled irradiated disaster area to try and clean it up? “Fnarb That!” you say, and flee the country, thus finding yourself broke, seeking to establish a new life in a new country, knowing that going home is not an option.

Getting Started

Start a new game. Create a brand new young adult Sim in CAS OR start with a pre-existing young adult Sim. They may be male or female, have any aspiration and any traits. They may be human or alien. There may not be any other sims in the household. You may use a #WonderChild Sim to start off this challenge. You may move them into any neighborhood and purchase any lot. Pre-made houses may be used/downloaded as long as you can afford them. Keep your house budget tight though, as you’ll be needing money for a business.

You may also populate the neighborhood with any custom or gallery Sims that you desire (Though you don’t have to do this and may just stick with stock neighborhoods if you desire). None may be in your immigrant’s household.

Once in-game, you must purchase a retail business. You may purchase any lot in any neighborhood for your business. You are now ready to begin the challenge.

Because of the language barrier and culture shock, any skill in charisma your Sim had previously must be removed. (You can skip this step if your Sim has a 0 or 1 Charisma skill already)

To do this, do the following:

  1. Press Control + Shift + C to open the cheat console.
  2. Enter (without the quotes) “TestingCheats On” and press enter
  3. Enter (without the quotes) “Stats.set_skill_level major_charisma 1” and press enter, this will set their charisma skill to 1
  4. Enter (without the quotes) “TestingCheats Off” and press enter
  5. Press Control + Shift + C to close the cheat console


Lastly, if you Sim had a job, they must quit it immediately.


Global Rules

As per all my other challenges, no cheats, mods, hacks or CC that would give you an unfair advantage over a player who does not use them.

If your starting Sim is in a career, they must quit it immediately. Your Sim may never take a career. If your Sim’s spouse joins the household already in a career, they may keep it, but may not choose a new one. (The job market is lousy)

Your immigrant Sim begins the game as a “Temporary Citizen”. Later, they may become a “Full Citizen” There are different rules that apply to you depending on if you are a temporary or full citizen, so refer to those sections.

You must play with ‘normal’ lifespans. Your Sims may not consume anything that would extend your Sim’s natural lifespan (Cow Plant Milk and Potions of Youth).

Sims may not be aged up until their birthdays. This applies to ALL Sims in the household.

You may not move in or merge in Sims into your household. A single spouse may join via marriage.

Besides Potions of Youth, you are free to spend earned aspiration points however you wish. You may also spend business perk points however you wish, though you can also earn points with them by leaving them unspent, see scoring for details.

Both Temporary Citizen and Full Citizen business owners are free to hire employees.

Fruit/Music may be used to influence the gender of any children resulting from pregnancies.

Temporary Citizen

Your Sim is not yet a full citizen of the new world, and thus begins the game as a ‘temporary citizen’. This has a number of effects in the game.

Because the economy of the new world is still shaky, the government has issued strict tariffs and restrictions on foreign made goods. While your Sim is still a temporary citizen, anything they produce is considered ‘foreign goods’ and thus not allowed to be sold at retail or on the open market. Sim-made objects may be created and used for normal purposes – paintings may decorate rooms, food may be eaten etc- they simply cannot be sold. This also includes ‘found’ items (like crystals) and reward items (like party or date reward objects).

Temporary Citizens are here to create businesses and thus jobs and are strictly prohibited from profiting by non-sanctioned means. You may not sell items in buy mode, sell items via interactions (like sell to art gallery), may not ask other citizens for loans. May not publish books or songs, may not play for tips or write jingles and especially not allowed to hack for funds. The ONLY legal way to gain money is to sell items at retail. (You may sell walls and build-mode items during construction if needed)

Due to concerns for overpopulation, temporary citizens are not able to obtain marriage licenses and thus unable to be married or have other Sims join their household on a permanent basis. Temporary Citizens may not adopt and any children born out of wedlock must be given up for adoption. (Age them up to child and move the child into another household)

In order to prove to the government that you will be a productive member of society you must repay the $20,000 loan that you began the game with plus 10% interest. To replay the loan do the following:

  1. Gather at least $22,000 in your household funds (You may transfer money out of your retail account to help with this)
  2. Press Control + Shift + C to open the cheat console
  3. Enter (without the quotes) “Testingcheats on” and press enter
  4. Enter (without the quotes) “Money x” where “x” is your current household funds – 22000. So if your household funds were at $23,000 you would enter “Money 1000” which would subtract $22,000 and leave you with $1,000.
  5. Enter (without the quotes) “Testingcheats off” and press enter
  6. Press Control + Shift + C to close the cheat console.

The moment you have paid off your loan, your Sim becomes a Full Citizen. You immediately begin playing under the new rules detailed in the Full Citizen section.

Full Citizen

Your Sim may bring one Sim into the household, but it must be done via marriage. This “one Sim” may be anybody, even if they are a pre-established Sim with skill points and/or an existing job. If they bring in $20,000, you may keep it. However you may not move in any other Sims from their household (including pre-existing children) You are still barred from moving in non-spouse Sims into the household. You may also only get married once, so a divorced or dead spouse may not be replaced.

Children born in the household may now be kept. The family may adopt children, but they must be infants, and you may not adopt a new child when there is an infant already present.

All object related restrictions are lifted. You may now sell anything in your store, even if it is Sim-made, found or a reward object. You may gain household income via other sources now, such as publishing books or selling paintings to art galleries. If your Sim’s one spouse came with a job, they may keep the job and earn the family money.

Two new restrictions: Once your Sim becomes a full citizen, you may no longer transfer household funds to the retail funds. (You may still transfer retail funds back into household funds). You may not sell items in buy mode on your retail lot. If you wish to get rid of an item on your retail lot, either sell it via retail and remove the restock sign or move it into family inventory and sell it from your household lot.

End of the challenge

Your challenge ends when your immigrant Sim becomes an elder or dies (whichever comes first). If you throw a birthday party for their adult > elder transition, the challenge doesn’t end until the party does. If your business is open at the time, close it. After you do all of this, you may calculate your score.



50 points for paying back your initial loan and becoming a full citizen

5 points if a wedding party is thrown and a gold is earned when your Sim is married.

Earn 1 point for every $10,000 (rounded down) of funds in your retail business’s bank account. The Net worth of your retail lot, the net worth of your house lot or the cash in your household funds do not factor into this score.

Earn 1 point for every 1000  (rounded down) unspent business perk points accumulated by the family business.


Can you only not sell things from build mode on the retail lot or does that restriction include the home lot as well?

Pinstar Legacy

You can’t sell things *IN* build mode. on either lot. In the Temporary Citizen phase, the ONLY way to gain money is from retail sales. The one exception is deleting walls and things like that, which forces you to gain cash, but since you’ll never make a profit from doing that, it is allowed.

Going to try this out as I don’t think i’m going to play Apocalypse Challenge as it’s too restricting and I’m easily bored.. Also some question, can we get sims from gallery to become spouse?

Pinstar Legacy

Absolutely! And they can have all the skills/traits/whatever you want. The sky is the limit. They just have to be YA or older since they MUST enter the household via marriage.

For the rule about not being able to sell. Does that mean if I buy a cheap fridge and later want to upgrade, I can’t until I’m full citizen?

Pinstar Legacy

Bring it to your retail store (via family inventory), set it for sale. Wait for someone to buy it. Remove the restock sign (rather than restocking it) Viola! Item gone, cash obtained and all legal under the Temporary Citizen rules.

Hey, is there any way to do this gtw, city living or other added content? Can I open a restaurant instead? Because I don’t have anything except the restaurant one. Sorry if i’m like eight billion years late xD

In the temporary citizen phase, are we allowed to sell clothes?

Pinstar Legacy

Yes you are!

Great! Thanks 🙂

Christian Groff

I’m confused – if we can’t sell items we make, find or buy, and the only way to sell them is in retail, how do you make any money? I don’t have Get to Work but I don’t get how this works. Do we have to put them on sale in our store and hope someone buys our crappy stuff?

Pinstar Legacy

You can buy items normally available in buy mode and then mark them for sale. Since you markup the price of the item by 5/15/25/50/100% you gain a profit every time you sell an item. It is that profit that makes you money.

Is it possible to own a resturant as a store?

No you need dine out to do that

Hi Pinstar. Am I allowed to make a comment that isn’t technically a question? (Guess I just asked one hehe). Just wanted to let you know that I have completed this challenge (I possibly play too much :o) and it was thoroughly enjoyable and I wish I could come up with things like this myself! Best aspect I find about your challenges is getting me to do game activities I wouldn’t normally do – I was actually going to forgo the retail side of GTW and just focus on careers but this got me involved and I loved it.

Some statistics:
My score: 106, made up of:
50 points – paying back loan
5 points – gold wedding
2 points – 2,280 unspent perk points
49 points – 490,235 retail funds

Number of times my sim collapsed exhausted on floor in front of customers – lost count :p



Nice point total! Great job!

Pinstar Legacy

Nice score! I’m currently doing a Let’s Play of my own challenge. ( I’ll see if I can beat it. Glad you had fun with it!

I’m planning of using my legacy spare, but he’s almost an adult, can I use potion of youth before adding him into the gallery?

Pinstar Legacy

You may! The potion is only off-limits once the challenge begins.

Are you allowed to hire employees for your store while a temporary citizen

Pinstar Legacy

Yes you are! The Government is trying to solve the unemployment problem by having migrants open up stores. That said: you don’t *have* to hire employees. If you take the extra employee business perks, you may hire a 2nd and/or 3rd employee as well.

Interesting! I was looking for a new challenge. I’ll have to do this while I’m doing a variation of the Block Party Challenge.

What would you say is a good score for this challenge?

Can your teenage kids have jobs? And if they reach YA before your main Sim hits Elder (e.g. Pregnant a lot) can they have careers?

Pinstar Legacy

They may not on both accounts (the job market is still lousy). However, upon reaching teen, they MAY help out in the family business, as they are able to perform sales/ringup/restocking/cleaning actions. This is 100% allowed.

Is it ok to create an alien as ny immigrant or does it have to be human?

Pinstar Legacy

You can have an alien immigrant.

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I was placing a gallery shop onto my retail lot and when I did, it deleted my counter, cash register, and a sign and gave me cash for them. I then bought them back (at a loss). Did I fail my challenge?

Pinstar Legacy

Nah, accidental rule breaks never cause you to fail a challenge, and the fact that you bought them back more than makes up for it.

Hey guys, me again. I just finished the immigrant challenge for the first time. I found it got quite repetitive (I get bored easily) but I finished. My final score was 340 points. This was achieved by the following:
Paid back loan – 50 points
Gold wedding – 5 points
Cash in retail store – $2,742,203 for 274 points
Retail perk points – 11,045 for 11 points
Total 340 points
Pinstar totally slaughtered me in my first Wonderchild challenge, so let’s see how I’ve done on this one. I am watching on youtube but haven’t been able to finish it yet, so I’m not even sure if he’s done yet.

Awesome! Sounds like a cool, fairly quick challenge to do. My third generation was just born on my legacy challenge, and I want to shake things up a bit before going back to the grind, lol.

So… my challenge is over. She died of embarrassment after wetting herself before going into labor and then having an embarrassing conversation after. 🙁 50 points for paying off the debt, 5 points for gold medal wedding, and 4 points from retail perk points, so 59. Not as good as I’d hoped, but she died too soon.


Ohhh noooo! Sorry to hear that!

This is the first challenge I’ve completed across any of the Sims games and I really enjoyed it. Running the business is a bit of a drag, but saving all of that money (and barely being able to spend it) leaves for a very happy second generation… and generations to come!

Having paid off her loan(50), married with a gold ranking (50) and become an elder with £820,000 (82) in her business account, I’ve finished the challenege with a score of ~137~.

This was really fun and I look forward to the next challenge I embark upon… but for now, I’m going to enjoy all of those fund$$$$!

First time doing the Immigrant Challenge.
Initial Loan paid: 50 pts
Gold Wedding Party: 5 pts
Total retial funds of $81, 721: 8 pts
Unspent retail points 9,780: 9 pts
Total: 72
Compared to everyone else I sucked lol. But I had fun doing it 🙂

Can we sell painting’s in the retail lost?


Yes, I believe you can.

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Can your immigrant sim own a bakery as their retail store or does it have to be like clothes and stuff? Also, so my sim can’t get married until she becomes a full citizen right? One more question, does the 20,000 simoleon loan count for just buying your house? or is the money you get after create a sim different from the 20,000 dollar loan?

Lol. I’m replying a bit late, but I hope this helps. I think it said in the rules, you can’t sell stuff made buy your Sim, at least until they are a full citizen. And yes, I think you’re not allowed to marry until you are a full citizen. I’m not sure about the last question though.

If my SIM had a child with another SIM and he got married to her can he also move in his child?

This looks like a really fun challenge to try! I usually get bored of challenges easily, but this might be my first challenge that I actually finish. I can’t wait to start!!

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Guys, I saw that someone already asked this, but since there is no reply, I guess I’ll ask it again; Do restaurants count as a retail store? Or does it count as selling foreign food (like a bakery)?

I don’t have that expansion pack, but if your sim makes the food themselves then its “illegal” until your sim is a full citizen. But, if your sim doesn’t make the food themselves then its “legal”.

Hi! I really want to do this challenge but I was wondering if I could start a restaurant instead of a business? If that is possible? I will follow the same guild lines for a business if possible.

I want to do this challenge, have the sim I do this challenge with have the wonder child, then play the apocalypse challenge with the wonder child. (I was also thinking of recording it?) I’m going to break a teeny rule and say that I can have a de aging potion thing/cowplant juice once


My score: 192!

Paid off original loan
Gold Medal Wedding
Store funds: $1,198,380
Perk Points: 17,000

Jennifer Avelino

Are we capable of running a “food truck” food made by the sims themselves? I can’t seem to find an answer for this, never mind. I’m just going for it and switch up the challenge, but keep the same rule, my boy Angel M. Mendoza gotta keep it classic with the taco truck, no hardware store 😂👍🏽 That’ll be for another sims of mine.

So what about pets? Are we allowed to have pets in the household?

So what about vet clinics?

We haven’t updated the rules for this challenge to include the Cats & Dogs expansion, but this is a very valid question. I will ask Pinstar once he gets home and we’ll see what, if anything, we need to tweak to include vet clinics in this challenge.

Hey, couple questions: Can we have pets? I myself think pets’d be something a full citizen can have but not temp ones.

Can you run more than one business? Can restaurants and vet clinics be run? Vet clinic would be kinda hard before becoming a full citizen since one wouldn’t be able to craft medicine I’m assuming, but thankfully in restaurants your sim doesn’t craft the food, so they’d be viable from the start. I myself’d prob run one of each business type, maybe more than one restaurant and/or vet clinic since owning multiples of those is viable due to the ability to have them open off-lot, whereas there isn’t much point in owning 2+ retail lots since they can only be open while you’re at the lot.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about this challenge because I haven’t had a chance to play it myself yet. I’ll ask Pinstar when he gets home.

I’m pretty sure vet clinics and restaurants are allowed, but I’ll check with him and if they are, I’ll update the rules. I’ll also ask him about running more than one business.


Hiya! I’m doing the wonder child challenge and I’m going to do this one next… I was wondering, do I have to start a new save file? Or can I do it in the same save file as I did the wonder child challenge?


I became a full citizen in 2 hours its sort of easy

So Temporary Citizens can’t sell goods they create or find, but what about services? I’m dying to try this with a vet clinic.

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