Sims 4 Legacy Challenge F.A.Q.

There is no denying that the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge is a complex undertaking and there are some fairly common questions I’ve seen asked. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions, and answers to them.


Q: Can we only control the founder and heirs?

A: You can control whoever is in the Legacy family house. While the founder and heirs are the stars of the show, there is no rule against controlling spouses and spares.


Q: If my spouse brings in $20,000 or any other amount of money should I cheat it down or use it?

A: Spouses are not allowed to bring in any money when they initially move in. The best way to avoid them bringing in money is to merge them into families. Let me show you how to avoid any confusion.

On the neighborhood view, click household Managment

On the neighborhood view, click Household Management

Click the Unplayed Households tab.

Click the Unplayed Households tab.

Select the spouse you are interested in (before you move them into the Legacy house). In this case Miss Block.

Select the spouse you are interested in (before you move them into the Legacy house). In this case Miss Block. Then click the two arrows shown in green.

Click the unplayed household tab again, click the 'not in this world' sub menu and then select the house you want to merge the sim into. In this case we are going to merge her into the Barbour house.

Click the unplayed household tab again, click the ‘not in this world’ sub menu and then select the house you want to merge the sim into. In this case we are going to merge her into the Barbour house.(It really doesn’t matter who you merge them with)

Select the spouse to be and click the right facing arrow to merge them into the household.

Select the spouse to be and click the right facing arrow to merge them into the household.

You now have a merged household. While it says they have $40,000 marrying in Miss Block will cause her to bring in $0 because she is no longer the last member of her household.

You now have a merged household. While it says they have $40,000 marrying in Miss Block will cause her to bring in $0 because she is no longer the last member of her household.


Q: Is there a score sheet?

A: Yes! Several actually! You can find them all at


Q: Does household worth include cash on hand?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I change the hair/eye/skin color and/or clothing of my sims?

A: Yes! You can change anything (except traits and aspirations) in CAS. You are allowed to use custom content of any kind, you are allowed to use the cheat to enter full CAS mode. This applies to anyone in the Legacy Challenge household, including your founder, spouses, heirs and spares.


Q: Why do we need to buy a knight in the very beginning? Can’t we just use the money cheat to bring down our starting household worth?

A: Having the knight in your family inventory inflates your bills… and this is by design. If you use the money cheat to bring your cash down without buying the knight, your bills will be lower which will give you an unfair advantage over others who bought the knight.


Q: With the spouse rule change, can we bring in non-townies (Like Bella Goth) as long as they don’t bring in any money?

A: This one is a bit nebulous. The technical answer is “no” but if you, the player don’t know their traits/skills ahead of time, then they should be fair game as they are essentially the same as #LegacyLoves sims. The spirit of the rule is to prevent players from moving in sims that they’ve either created themselves or know ahead of time their skills and traits.


Q: What is the money cheat to use if a spouse brings in money?

A: Check out TwistedMexican’s cheat guide here on the SimsVIP: The Money cheat that allows you to set your household funds to a specific number is what you want. Use that to set your funds to what they were before the money-bearing sim joined the household.

Q: Can the spouses and children of spares earn points for the Legacy?

A: Yes, if they live in the Legacy house and can directly trace their lineage back to the founder either by blood or marriage. They can no longer earn points if they move out.


Q: Can I move an already established Legacy family to one of the new 64 x 64 lots in Windenburg?

A: Yes! If you have an already established Legacy family in a 50 x 50 lot in another world, you can move your family ONCE to one of the Windenburg 64 x 64 lots. However, once you move the family to the larger lot, you can not move them back to a smaller lot.


Fantastic idea! Thanks for the info!!

This needs to be changed I think

Q: Is there a score sheet?

A: An official one will be up very soon.


Oops! Thanks!

Can our Spouses work?


Yes, they certainly can 🙂


I will add that to the FAQ tomorrow. That’s one we get asked fairly often too now that you mention it!

Sorry if I’m throwing this question in the wrong place…

I wonder, can I make townies for spouses generating their traits randomly using, for example, this website: ?

I just don’t like any of the townies in my game, and many LegacyLoves come with CC, and they sorta look like plastic dolls… Well. That.

Thanks in advance, and sorry again if this was the wrong place to ask.

Pinstar Legacy

Of course!

Is generation one your founder or your first heir? thanks!


The founder is generation 1 🙂


Same Sex Couples and their heirs. I do not see this in the fact sheet above and apologize if this is listed elsewhere.
I just discovered there is the option in CAS/Manage Households to create a genetic offspring between same sex couples.
Would this be considered Legacy Legal? I would think it would be a better alternative to adoption since it would preserve the bloodline and link back to the founder.

Pinstar Legacy

I don’t see why not as long as you obey the adoption rules when doing this genetic offspring.

Babies in the SIms 4 take SO long to age up. My sims don’t have a week to wait, cannot take the time off work and there are no nannies!
The option to age up is present from birth.
Can we select this option?
If yes, is there a time frame? (i.e. baby can be aged up AFTER 3 days, from the day it was born.)
Is there a penalty if we DO select this option?

Thanks very much!


You don’t need nannies. Send your Sims to work as per usual and the babies will be automatically sent to daycare. They won’t be left home alone. The rules are that you need to wait until the announcement pops up saying that it’s the baby’s birthday. It happens 2 days after they are born I believe.

What can we do about the Social Butterfly child aspiration? As the game goes on, it spawns fewer and fewer children. Often in later games, a neighborhood will only have one or two townie children in it, making the “Have 5 child friends” milestone impossible.

Pinstar Legacy

Feel free to make/download families with lots of children in them and put them in your neighborhood. While you can’t marry sims in if you know their traits or made them, that doesn’t apply to making friends, so go ahead and make your own childhood friends family.

Perfect, thank you for the reply.

Does this mean that if our sims get to know another sim’s traits before they’re married then I can’t marry my sim to them? I mean if they discover their traits when they’re talking to them, not through cheats etc.


Oh no no, you can definitely find out their traits beforehand by “natural” means (ie not cheating).

Can the niece/nephew of the current heir become the new heir?
My succession laws are: Strict Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, Exemplar Genius.

My current heir has a brother and a sister – If none of her own children have the Genius trait but one of her nieces does , is she able to become heir since she’d have a direct bloodline to the founder still and fit the other criteria.
Or can the next generation of heirs only come from the current heir despite someone within the family fitting the criteria better?

Does that make sense?

Pinstar Legacy

That makes perfect sense. And this is a pretty tricky case. Normally the selection of heirs is restricted to within the direct heirs children. However this is a tricky situation Id rule that you keep the heir selection among her children…but if for some reason she bears no female children, you could rescue your family by having a niece from the brother named heir.

I have a quick question that may have already been covered. Can spouses of spares (that have been moved into the household) contribute to points (maxing skills, aspirations, careers, etc.)?



Wonderful! Thank you for the quick response. 🙂

When I use the Random Trait Generator, it says “Gender: Female (Only applies to adopted children) ” . What does it mean?
Does it mean we need use the generator to decide adopted baby’s gender?


Yes when adopting a child the generator will tell you whether or not you need to adopt a boy or a girl. That part can be ignored if it is a natural birth.


One of my children became an teenage by accident (his father cooked delicious birthday cake and I let child eat it, ooops:(). What is a penalty for it? Or I need to start my challenge from the beginning?:(

Pinstar Legacy

Mistakes like that are fine, and having a child age up to teen early isn’t really game breaking, so don’t worry about it.

In regards to using townies or #LegacyLoves as spouses, can we use “get to know” to learn their traits in-game before moving them in?



From the Spouse rules: “You may now move in as many sims as you wish, as long as none of them brings in any money.”

This just means the $20k, right? Are all spouses allowed to work and contribute to aspirations?


Yes, spouses can still work and contribute to points, they just can’t bring in the $20,000 simoleons when they initially move in.

Thanks for the fast reply! Off to start my Legacy now ^^

Oh, another question (which is probably a stupid one) ^^; since we can now move in as many sims as we wish, do they all have to be married to an heir/spare or is ‘spouse’ used loosely to mean housemate?

Pinstar Legacy

Housemate is fine too.

Do you have to do the scoresheet?


Nope! You don’t have to keep score if you don’t want to. The Legacy Challenge can just be done for fun. Several people do it that way 🙂

Hi this is a really stupid question but does each sim that joins the household by birth etc equal one generation?

Pinstar Legacy

Only if they were produced by the previous generation. If your founder (generation 1) has a baby, that baby is generation 2. However if they have another baby, that 2nd baby is still just generation 2. It isn’t until one of those babies grows up to an adult and has children of their own that you reach the 3rd generation.

Are you allowed to remarry if a Sim spouse dies, as long as the new spouse also doesn’t bring in any money? Are you allowed to divorce and move out a spouse? A primary spouse?

Pinstar Legacy

You are allowed to remarry, though the new spouse will be a secondary spouse, even if the first one died.

Why can’t we place the knight that we purchase? Not to be a pain, I was just curious if there was a specific reason for it. I know one of the questions had an answer of raising the bills, does that not happen if the knight is placed? Just curious is all, about to start my first legacy. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Pinstar Legacy

The knight represents a title. It is a thing that isn’t tangible, thus you can’t place it. You are free to buy a 2nd knight once you get the cash and place it.

What about the lack of kids in the latter part of the game? All the kids are gone except for one or two and for the child social aspiration the last stage you have to make 5 children friends. Usually stalls out about the second and third generations. It’s hard to play the legacy challenge if you can’t make child friends for your child. Do you know if they know about this and if they will fix it? How do I let them know of issues like this?

Pinstar Legacy

There are many #LegacyLoves families that contain children for just this reason.

Can I sell the items my sim receives from getting promoted?


Yes, you can!


Re: Aspirations
Are we allowed to switch around Aspirations to maximize reward points? For instance my Sim has the Best Selling Author Aspiration. I want them to meet some other Sims so I switch to one of the Social Aspirations and ‘Greet 10 Sims’. Then back to the original Writer Aspiration.. My thought would be to make the primary goal to complete the original aspiration for scoring purposes.

Pinstar Legacy

Absolutely! My Let’s play of the challenge abuses that to great end 🙂

Hello, I was just wondering if I have to move everyone expect my next heir for the generation out of my lot when the time comes for them to take over?


Nope, previous generations can stay in the house.

If the matriarch sim has many children and some end up moving out once they reach adult hood, how do you go about getting them houses and finding them spouses? Can you alternate between their house and the main house?

Pinstar Legacy

You are not supposed to play any other house other than your Legacy house during a Legacy challenge. That said, the spares may be moved into households using the household manager. You can let the game take over them.

I read in the rules that we aren’t allowed to change Aspirations until Sims have finished their first one. 2 questions:
Can I change it for a just-moved-in Spouse (if I’m not changing their traits?)

Someone in an above question was told they can switch between aspirations to cover certain goals- is that only as long as they switch back to the main aspiration and finish that first?


Pinstar Legacy

1. Nope! You’re stuck with whatever the spouse has until you can complete it. Switching aspirations to cover several goals is fine in the Wonder Child Challenge but not the Legacy Challenge.

Oops! I just submitted a question but I realized my confusion! If you could answer this one instead and destroy that old one it’d help me save face!

Which life span should I be playing this challenge on?
Also, if I have a Strict Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, Last Born succession law in effect, how do I determine what the “last born” is? Can I just have 1 kid and if it’s a girl call it good and move on? Or should I have multiple children until I find one that I like, so long as it’s the last born female?

Sorry if that’s confusing!

Pinstar Legacy

Normal Lifespan.

And yes, with ‘last born’ you can have just 1 child who is a girl and call it done. Last born doesn’t require that you have more than 1 child, since in that case the first born is also the last born. The last born only kicks in if your sim were to have more children and a new, younger girl was born. In that case the youngest girl would become heir over her older sister(s).

Thank you for the quick reply! I was reading the rules to my friend and noticed the “Normal Lifespan” was in there, oops!

I also have another quick question.
I know that main stream Sims are off limits, but what about the children of main steam Sims?
As the children get older they develop different and random traits I’m pretty sure. Currently monitoring Alexander Goth and he’s got different traits at this point than he’s had in other games I’ve seen him in.
I asked on Sims 4 forums and they sent me here, to yooooou 🙂
So would you say yes or no?

Pinstar Legacy

I’d say they are fair game.

I’m confused with regards to the aspiration. To what extent can we switch aspirations around (or if it is allowed at all)? Am I allowed to change it around after I complete the main aspiration first? I was unsure about this as first that’s why my sims are stuck with their current aspirations as stationary, not changing them even if there are some that I can take advantage of.

Pinstar Legacy

You can only change your aspiration after a sim has completed their current one. Once you complete one, you are allowed to choose whichever new one you’d like to switch to.


What happens when a Sim in the Direct Founder Line refuses to die? I have one Elder who was in the ‘glowing’ stage when her Grandchildren (Twins) were born. The Twins will be YA in about 4 Sim days is Grandma is still tickin’. She did complete the Athletic Aspiration and gained the Long-Lived trait but this is ridiculous!
This is just the direct lineage (No Spouses/Mates)
Cordelia is the #ElderWhoWillNotDie and her daughter Zeleenah is 3rd Gen heir by the succession rules.
Cordelia’s Twin Caspian died long ago. and his daughter Anastasia married and moved out.
So what to do with Cordelia? She is blocking the family progress.
What to do in the case a direct line heir does not die?

Pinstar Legacy

Move her out and she’ll be the same as being dead, that way the title of heir can pass and the family can continue. Or just kill her in a non-natural death means and pick up a ghost color. A fun potion + a happy potion will put your sim in 100+ playful and liable to die of laughter.


Of course after all the fretting she goes ahead and dies on her own.

1) Can you kill off Sims in your Legacy Challenge? (i.e. an Heir or a spouse?)

2) If yes, does this dock a point?

Pinstar Legacy

You may kill them and there is no penalty. Sometimes the strategic killing of an heir might allow a more favorable sibiling to take the title, depending on your succession laws. Such drama is by design, and won’t penalize your score!

Thank you!

Is it allowed to ‘mooch off’ other Sims during the beginning? For example, the Legacy plot has only the basics, but my neighbours’ house has every kind of appliance you can imagine. Is it fair game to loiter around inside their house to make meals and use the computer as long as I haven’t moved in?

Pinstar Legacy

Yes, mooching is a valid tactic.

My challenge is a matriarchy (not strict), modern bloodline (not strict), with exemplar (family-oriented) heir law. I’m confused as to when my second generation heir is named. My founder has two sons and two daughters. The older son is now a young adult and has the family-oriented trait. My two daughters are still teens and don’t have the trait yet. Do I wait until the daughters are teens to see if they have the family-oriented trait before the next heir is named, or does my family-oriented son become the heir right away?

Thanks so much for this awesome challenge. I am having so much more fun now that I’m playing from this very different perspective.

I see that you answered my question on the succession laws page. Thank you!

Pinstar Legacy

The girls get priority over the sons with the exemplar trait. The exemplar is there more as a tie breaker. If your youngest daughter gets the exemplar trait, she’ll be heiress over her older sister. The boys won’t be heirs unless both girls die.

Sorry about my english
I have some doubts about my Legacy:
The primary spouse is courrently dead and there is a new one. I know he doesn’t count in the fact of Love points but can this new spouse be related to the total number of skills reaching level 10th? What about the total number of aspirations being completed?
Also I wonder if it will be considered point the fact of his death caused by laugh, for example

Pinstar Legacy

The new spouse will count.

Do spouses and children of spares count towards points as long as they are all living in the house? I’ve seen different answers to this.

What if there are no children- does the spare’s spouse still count, or not until there are children (making the spouse part of the bloodline)?

What do you mean by unique traits? I’m referring to the scoring when you say a spouse who brings in unique traits.

While doing my legacy challenge my head of household had twins that are both boys. How do I pick which sim is the Heir?


What are your succession laws?

Strict equality, modern, and first born. My first head of household was a woman.


The first twin that you named would be the heir.


Ok so my founder, a female sim named Amber Chance, is at still young adult after, like two real days. My laws are strict equality, strict traditional and first born. My Sims Mitchell and Claire (I randomly named my son after Mitchell Pritchett and his wife was a townie sim but I edited her to be Claire Dunfey from Modern Family, then i was like, “Wait! Mitchell is gay and Claire is his sister….) are married and recently had triplets, their firstborn daughter, Hunter, married some dude named Aaron.
So I’m on my almost fifth gen (Hunter is prego and in 3rd trimester) and Amber isn’t even a adult yet! What the heck? Help please. (I don’t wanna kill her, I just wanna have her age up a bit…. Her son is older then her).

I was wondering… I don’t have GTW yet but was contemplating the implications to my current Legacy when I do get it. When I do install GTW can I use the cheat to unlock the satellite dish so as to prevent incessant abductions and alien pregnancies or do I have to send one of my Sims to the science career at least until they can unlock the satellite dish invention? I’m really trying to keep my family small cause I stink at controlling large numbers of Sims, lol.

Pinstar Legacy

You must unlock the dish naturally, but unwanted alien babies can be sent back to the alien world.

What is household worth? Is it current funds + house lot value ?

Pinstar Legacy

Correct, and if you own a family business, you may add the business funds + business lot value to that number too.

I’m so confused. Here you say it’s house lot value + current funds, in the FAQ, it says it doesn’t include cash on hand. So what’s the final ruling? What is included in the household worth?

Hello everybody.
My sister and I have a question: at the 50×50 lot, can we build small linked houses, resembling a condominium?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Pinstar Legacy

You can make your Legacy Manor whatever you want!

Thank youuu!!! \o/

I’ve started my Legacy and run into a snag. For some reason my starter male was abducted. It was surprising but fine with me but now I don’t know how to generate the babies traits when she grows up. I don’t know the pollination technicians traits. Do I just use his wife’s traits as if this was an adopted child or is there some way to know the alien mom’s traits?

Pinstar Legacy

You should be able to leave the spouse’s traits blank. This will cause the child to have more random traits, but still have a *slight* affinity for the father’s traits.

Thank you, I’ll try that next time. I couldn’t stand waiting to play and she’s a teenager now. I really appreciate the reply though and will use that technique going forward. This challenge is proving to be tons of fun for me!

I have a mod from MTS that increases the bills by 7%. Do I still need to get the Knight to inflate bills?

Jamie Mugan aka Lynnwood

I have a question (so sorry if it’s been answered before, I’ve looked but I can’t find it anywhere) in regards to building. You mention that we’re allowed to import built rooms from the gallery so long as the room and all objects are paid for fairly. Does that mean we can import (and pay for) an entire house onto the lot? I REALLY suck at building, is why I’m asking, lol.


Yes you can as long as it stays on the lot that your founder moved into 🙂

I have a bit of confusion. This is my first time doing a rule-based Legacy Challenge, rather than just pushing legacies on my own. I just married my founder, Kaylee Sinister (still a YA), to Johnny Zest (who is already an elder). After eloping, the game gives me the option to merge households. Do I merge them here, or skip it and do it from Merge Households in the game menu? I read the FAQ entry and it looks like I have to do it under the game menu? He is a single member household currently, so nothing will be left behind when I merge them.

Pinstar Legacy

Merge it there if you want…unless he’s by himself (and thus would bring in 20k) then put it off, put some random people into his household and then merge him into your Legacy home…that way he joins the family but does not bring any cash.

Jamie Mugan aka Lynnwood

Another question!! (Tyvm for the speedy response on my first one btw, you guys are the best!) I’ve noticed a discrepancy with the aging . . . it seems female sims cease to age during the 3ish days of their pregnancy. Which becomes confusing when sims are supposed to age up on the same day for continuity’s sake (say, mixed gender twins for instance?) So my question is this : If you know that a sim is supposed to age up on a certain day (like with their twin sibling) is it okay to age them up together even though it’s technically before their in-game birthday? Or do we wait for the game to say so, no matter what?

Pinstar Legacy

You can age them up early in this context.

To get the point for having ten children in a single generation, can I have a male heir go around knocking up Sims all over town?

Pinstar Legacy

They have to be born on the Legacy Family lot…though they can be moved out after they are born and still count.

Hello, I just had a thought – is my legacy sim allowed to go to other people’s houses to use the computer, eat and sleep etc? Because there isn’t enough money left to buy things like computers which help to improve the attitude for work!

Hello, I just had a thought – is my legacy sim allowed to go to other people’s houses to use the computer, eat and sleep etc? Because there isn’t enough money left to buy things like computers which help to improve the attitude for work! Thanks in advance 🙂


Yes they can. You can also use the library, parks, and other community lots.

My (female) founder sim is married and they have a son. Now my founder sim has cheated on her husband and has had a son from the other guy. Can the second son become the heir?


As long as both kids live in the Legacy house they are both eligible to become heir (providing your succession laws allow for both to be heirs).

If the founder or the heir’s spouse dies are they allowed to get remarried?


Yes, but the new spouse cannot earn any points. Only the primary spouse.

Brenda Armitage

I just had a question about the love score. When it says 1 point for every 3 new traits your the primary spouse brings in, is those new traits new to the relationship, new to the lineage (line of heirs and primary spouses), or new to the entire household?


New to the household

Hi. I was wondering if it is okay to follow the same rule for aging that the 100 baby challenge has, which is when they get an A in school they can be aged up if you so wish. Or would that be considered cheating because you didn’t wait for their actual in-game birthday?

Thanks for your time, and for this amazing challenge that I can’t wait to begin!


It’s not technically Legacy legal, but you don’t need to be super strict with your rules if you don’t wish to be.

Caron Fitzgerald

I want to play the “Legacy Challenge”. However; I am unable to locate / set “Succession Laws” (Gender, Bloodline, & Heir). Can’t locate where to go, to apply. I know they have to be set-before starting the game. Where do I go to apply the laws? I have read every site, & information regarding the challenge. Nowhere does it mention where to go to set these laws. Please help!?


This challenge isn’t officially in the game so there is no where to set them in the game itself. I just keep a notepad open and write everything in there.

EA clearly knows about this challenge; there’s an achievement for playing a household for ten generations called “Legacy Player.” And then there’s my favorite, “Legendary Legacy,” which is playing a household for 100 generations. Can we get challenge rules for THAT insanity, Pinstar? XD


lol I don’t know about that. 10 is crazy enough!

Maxine Woods

Can I have more than one household in the world? Like the sims kids that have moved out?


You’d have to move them to their own save file. If you play another family aside from the Legacy family time will continue to progress for your Legacy which might mess a few things up for you.

Hey Pin and ImagMystic,
I don’t know if this question has been asked or not, but How many single birth babies can you have in the legacy house at one time? I let my first baby become a child before I got my sim pregnant again. Now she is about to become an Adult and I want her to still be able to have more children in the house before she can’t have any more.

I found the answer in the rules. Now I need to know if I can age the baby up faster or do I have to let it grow to a child within the normal days given by the game?


You need to wait until the game says it’s the baby’s birthday.

Hi, I am just wondering, (sorry if it is silly or mentioned) I am on my first gen after the founder and she is best friends with a sim she met in school and they are now both teens, can she bring this sim into the household i.e. become spouses if he is out of world or would I need to get him into the world without knowing his traits, she has learnt one but not sure if I can just bring him into the house or I would need to merge him with a legacylove one and then do it.

Thank you


It’s ok to find out their traits naturally (ie your Sim discovers them). That rule is there to prevent people from going into Manage Worlds and looking at the Sims traits before moving them in. What you did is fine.

hello i have a question. so im still at generation 1. my founder arielle is married and has 5 kids. my challenege is a strict matriarchy. the bloodline is strict. and its first born. arielle is now a adult. same for her husband. her son is now a young adult.(the first child) and her 2nd child is elena.(which is the heiress). and she is a teenager now. what im confused about is, do i start the 2nd generation with elena when arielle becomes an elder? or do i start the 2nd generation after arielle dies? or do i start it as soon as elena becomes a young adult?


I usually say that the next generation starts when the heir becomes a young adult and is old enough to start having their own kids. A lot of people have their own preferences for this though, and there really isn’t a strict rule for it, so it’s basically whatever you like best.

ohh i see thank you very much 🙂 im also acting on the wims for my sims so its more fun in the game, cus to me im doing what they wana do. and arielle is pregnant wif her 6th child. and her son. the eldest child. is engaged now 🙂 ill probably start next gen when arielle becomes an elder. cus i believe she will become an elder before elena turns into a young adult. (the heiress).

What if my founders spouse already have kids? Should I add them to my household as well?


You can add them, but they won’t count for points and can’t be considered heirs or spares.


Yes you can, but they won’t be able to earn points for challenge.

Can we have our heir be a trans-gendered, born one gender but grows up to be another? or is the original gender the one counting towards the rules?

So I never thought of this before but today when I began a new Legacy challenge my sim married the sim that happened to be level 10 in the Doctor career. I swear it wasn’t planned and I was shocked! So, would this automatically count towards that career. Or would I have to start from the beginning? Thanks for the help!

Can the founder Get a job??

Can you age up a spare in order to get them out of the house or am I stuck with her?

Will the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules be updated to reflect the release of City Living?
The recent patch has made traveling to crime scenes/arrest scenes impossible for me, so I am hoping to replace Detective with one of the new Ciiy Living careers.

Also, since the new City Native aspiration requires that the sim actually live in a San Myshuno apartment and the legacy rules don’t permit moving, may I assume that completing City Native is not required for the Athletic category?

Thank you for reading.

Should I buy the Get Together expansion pack or can I use the normal sims without expansion packs


You don’t need to buy any of the expansion packs to play the Legacy Challenge 🙂 It’s up to you if you want them or not!

Yes, you can use the normal sims without the expansion pack. Personally, I purchased every expansion. I felt it added more to my gameplay and my Legacy challenge. I really like the social aspect of Get Together. Other sims call/text my sims and invite my sim to join them at gatherings like small parties or “ghosts night” at the bar.

What is the first thing you buy in the sims 4 legacy challenge????

I believe it’s the knight of the octagon table suit of armor.

Are there any rules regarding lot traits with the new City Living expansion?


You can choose whatever traits you like.

How about how often we can change lot traits? I know nothing has been mentioned, but it seems a little OP to be changing them every few minutes.

I believe you can change them whenever you want.

I don’t have the answer, but this is a question that I would like the challenge creators’ opinion on too.

My personal opinion would be that you can make sims trans and should count them as the gender they identify with — BUT shouldn’t make a sim transgender JUST to force them into (or out of) the heir position if that change could not be made by other legal means. Examples:

1) Making the eldest male child MTF just to be heir because you’re a strict matriarchy with eldest child law: not okay because that child could never be heir otherwise
2) Making a non-geek female child FTM for their character development in a geek-examplar legacy with another geek child: okay because that child is not eligible to be heir either way
3) Making a male child with younger siblings MTF because you (the player) are MTF in a matriarchy with youngest child law: okay because that child is not eligible to be heir anyway
4) Making a male child MTF just to NOT be heir because they are set to be heir in a strict patriarchy: questionable because you could just legally kill that child anyway.. but keeping them alive as a diff. gender might provide future gains

I seem to remember there being a post talking about Clubs & Legacies and there were certain restrictions. The only one I remember is that you couldn’t make sleep one of the activities or something but I have been unable to find it. That and the Cadet branches/moving in sims still confuses the tar out of me and I find myself not searching right or something.

Could they be linked on this page maybe? Or are there no longer restrictions on club activities?

Also – Extra people. it has been said that you can move in anyone to the house as long as they don’t make money and if they can put their line back to the founder they can earn points. What if I wanted to move in a three person household. One person for spouse and the other two to create a future spouse for a spare/heir. Does this mean the extra two people don’t earn points even though they are in the house?

I remember doing this with the BFF house when I first started playing. Married Summer – let Travis and Liberty have a kid that was randomized to be gen 2 spouse. In this particular case – this means that Travis, Liberty would not earn points.. right? Or yes? or doesn’t matter. I realize any spare’s spouse + kids get points but I’m talking like.. non-related roommates.

Now, this may sound like a stupid comment lol but what do you have to do in the first generation. Like do you have to do anything specific? For example, do you have to have a certain amount of children or something like that?


No question is stupid! And you can have as many children as you want.

With the introduction of a Vampire Pack, how will it affect the challenge? Can a founder/heir be a vampire?


We’re still discussing that. Most likely yes to both, but that’s not set in stone yet.

when does the challenge end

From Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Scoring

“The challenge ends the moment the 10th generation child is born, since this child does not become a young adult, . . .”

If my spouse moves in having already maxed out a skill, does that count towards the max skills score?

Hi! I’ve been thinking about doing the Legacy Challenge, and I have already something of a story planned. Let’s assume that my founder had two children, one heir and one spare. Let’s also assume that they both stayed in the Legacy House, both got married and had one kid each. Let’s assume that this process repeated itself for a few generations. After a while, the kids from the different branches of the Legacy Family would no longer be considered related to each other. Now my question is this: a few generations down, would the cadet sim be fair game for the heir? Their traits being randomly generated, I don’t see why not, but I want to be sure before playing the challenge.

does the spouses aspiration count for anything? also if the spares did something for points… but then i move them out later, then their points still count, yes?

I’m assuming it’s a ‘yes’, but if it’s a ‘no’, then I’m in a lot of trouble as I’m now on my 4th gen, but you are allowed to buy as many reward traits with satisfaction points as you like, right?

Oh, also another question – I’ve seen it asked by someone else, but it wasn’t answered. I know we’re not allowed to bring sims back to life with a Book of Life, but are we allowed to use these books to max out needs?

Thank you 🙂


Yep! You earned those, so use them however you wish.

As for the book… I’m not sure I’ll check with Pinstar and get back to you! My guess is no though.

Thank you for such a fast response!

Okay, just one more question – with the Get Together expansion, are we allowed to utilise clubs to maximum effect to help with skill building?



Amanda J Stanley

Hi there!

Could you update the website to reflect the change to the rules re: wealth? Many places (including the FAQ on this page) still say that cash on hand should not be included when calculating wealth, however it seems like that’s outdated?

Additionally, check out this poll I made about how people play Legacies! Very interesting and a great discussion in the comments:


Hmm… I’ll look into this and run it by Pinstar and make changes where they are needed. Sorry for the confusion!


Also! Love the poll! Do you mind if I share the Reddit thread on the Legacy Challenge Twitter and my personal one?

I just need clarification because I can’t find a clear answer. The founder/heir and their spouse are allowed to work. What about the spares and their Spouses? They are also allowed to work right? Because then there wouldn’t be much point to keeping them on the lot (if you’re not playing for points).

Yes, everyone is allowed to work.

OK SO PLEASE READ THIS ITS SO IMPORTANT TO ME I NEEEED TO KNOW basically I don’t know when I take over the next spouse.. do I over onto them when either the one i’m currently on is an elder, or is dead?

The next spouse? Or the next heir? I’m confused by your question.

When a sim ages up to teen do we have to use the random generator for their aspiration or can we choose an aspiration that makes sense for their traits so far?

You need to have it randomly generated with the generator.

I hope this has not been asked before. I looked but did not see it anywhere, but I may have missed it. I know that cheating to get ahead is not allowed. But what about for a glitch? Like in the childhood aspiration social butterfly? My child has made a number of new friends since reaching that part of the aspiration but it has not counted. Are we allowed to cheat to make it count when there is a bug like that?

So for the last few days I’ve had a massive glitch where my sims wouldn’t eat, and the toddlers got taken away. As it was due to a glitch, I didn’t save. But no matter what I did, no one in the family would eat! I’ve just figured out it is their house for some reason, so I’ve had to demolish one of the 64×64 houses in Windenburg and move them in there. And alas, it worked!

Just wondering if we were able to use a house from the gallery? It’s such a big effort to make houses when you’re no good at it 🙁 a lot of effort went into my old one


Yes, you can definitely use a house from the gallery. Just make sure it doesn’t come furnished with any career rewards that your family hasn’t earned yet.

Sorry to hear that happened though. That really stinks.

I saw that we can’t age up babies early, but what about older sims? Could I age up a teen early, for example?

Nope. Every Sim must wait until the notification to buy them a birthday cake appears.

hello, i just started the sims 4 on console, i really never payed attention to traits and stuff and as there is no gallery for the sims 4 on console ( 🙁 ) can i use non townies for spouces?

Yes that’s fine. That’s a shame the gallery isn’t available for console 🙁

I having so much fun with this! Can I join clubs though?

Yes you can! You can even create them!

Can I join clubs? Thanks!

So about the no restarting after a bad event i left my game paused and went to take care of something to find that my 4 year old daughter decided to play on my computer and was messing around with my game can i restart from a previous save or am i stuck?

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